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1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

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1.) Interview with Dr. Sneed, MD

2.) Sneed Article, "AIDS--Immunization Related Syndrome


Interview of Dr. Eva Lee Snead by Laura Lee on September 19th 1992.

Eva Snead is the author of the book Some Call it Aids – I Call it Murder in which she links Aids to vaccines.

LAURA LEE: Right now we going to talk to Dr. Eva Snead. Hi and thanks for joining us.

DR SNEAD: Hi and thank you for having me.

Tell me a little bit about how you got into this line of enquiry.

Well I used to be in the practice of holistic medicine and chelation therapy and to those activities and dealing with vitamins and alternative methods I learned to know the wrath of the establishment. After a while I fought against fluoridation of our water supply and we succeeded to the point that we forced a referendum by gathering 72,000 signatures in San Antonio, Texas.

Do you think it could be done in Seattle…?

Anything can be done, anything must be done because if you have cyanide in your water you wouldn’t like it but you have something much more dangerous. Fluoride is much more dangerous, no doubt and after that I really leaned to know that the establishment was not to be trusted. You just had a wonderful presenter before me and you see to what extremes they will go, I mean they have the bull by the horns. They are running a monopoly and they will lie cheat and steal to keep it that way.

And your basic premise on Aids and then we’ll get to some of the details is?

Well, the basic premise of the book is that those diseases that are caused by viruses which are cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma, aids being a form of leukaemia and not anything all that exciting. I mean it’s been around in other variants before called Tcell leukaemia are all contained in the cells in which vaccines are grown and they are spread through vaccines. When we vaccinate a person or sue biologic products we not only inject the vaccine or the anti-biotic or the insulin but we inject a host of viruses that come with it. These viruses do cause these diseases.

Is this an intentional or an unknown by-product because vaccination has been around for how many years – a couple of decades at least.

Well vaccination has been around as much as two hundred years and where as we may presume and you know I’m not necessarily saying for sure because we don’t have all the data, but those some of those were not known up until the turn of the century. It is worth mentioning that the Nobel Prize of 1911 was given for the description of the first cancer producing virus.

Two hundred years ago we had the observation that milkmaids didn’t get cow pox is that what you’re…

We have a form of legend carried down as to how the so-called smallpox vaccine developed and because you know of the length of time it is kind of academic to dispute all of the facts, though it’s very peculiar that this was developed in a time when smallpox in England was practically unknown because it had disappeared to the point that Jenner had three years time to test his vaccine on a little boy against some people who then came down with the disease so there was a tremendous lag’ there was no interest in the disease and it was fiercely combated by the English people and the legend says that we were given cowpox because it has cross defence with smallpox. However, when the specimens of vaccine are investigated today that were made with the original virus, the peculiar thing is that the studies yield neither smallpox nor cowpox but a separate virus which has now been called vaccinia. And that nobody has the vaguest clue whence it came from excepting that we may assume that it’s a mutant or some changes occurred but actually it is still a puzzle to the medical profession. It is not the virus of cowpox and it is not the virus of smallpox.

So when we started playing around with vaccines we were dealing unknown quantities.

That is correct.

OK we just didn’t know, don’t know enough about these fine units of bio-chemistry to really know what we’re doing. We shouldn’t even be entering into this field because it’s brought us nothing but problems?

We cannot vaccinate as we do with animal products or even recombinant products because these are contaminated and the source of our chronic degenerative ills. No matter what the alleged purported benefits would be, if there were, the fact is that it’s so unsafe that it is in no way permissible. I think that no person would permit anybody to get close to them with an inoculation if they would really know how they are made, what they carry, what has been lied to them about and what the real percent of danger is of contracting such a disease which is minimal.

Do they still require inoculations in grade school. I know when I was a kid they did.

They’re fierce about it. They require more and more and then now they also trying to get children inoculated against hepatitis and they’re trying to get children under the age of two or three months, before they use to wait till then, inoculated,which presents extra new dangers of which we can talk in a minute.

Polio. I think the first chapter of your book as I am reading the table of contents deals with the polio connection. That fits in here somewhere, I’m sure.

That’s correct. The polio vaccine represented the very, very serious step of deterioration in American health and in world health. Whereas until then vaccines were made with the cells of animals that were just rodents or cows etc. when we stepped up the polio we entered a field which was totally unknown which was that of the primates, of the apes and monkeys. Whereas men had had contact for millennia with cattle and farm animals and rodents that live close to him very few men had been exposed to monkeys.

Eva, you were just telling us how when mankind started using, started making polio vaccine they turned to the monkey for the raw material and why while the monkey is certainly more related genetically to humans it’s not an animal we were in contact with over many centuries. You were telling us why that was so dangerous.

Well you can start for instance with monkey protein which, of course, is a contaminant in the vaccine. Monkey protein is extremely similar to human protein. When you become allergic to monkey protein because it was injected into you and you make antibodies, you tend then to attack your own tissues, a process that is otherwise known as, you know, arthritis, well I don’t know if the public would know the term, auto-immune diseases such as connective tissue diseases, arthritis and there are many variants. So number one that is a danger. Number two, the cells of monkeys used to make vaccines are the kidney cells. They are snipped off the kidneys and let grow to cover the bottom of the glass dishes, they are called Petrie dishes and these are seeded then with the desired virus, in this case polio. Now to make these monkey cells grow better they were laced with human cancer cells called. This is the substrate or basis of dirt on which the vaccines grow. Now when you purify them, sift them etc. you know, the manufacturer will strain it and guarantee a product which is maybe 99.5%, something pure. But a zero point five percent of several billion viruses is still an awful lots of viruses.

Because they are very small?

They are very small and they are very quantitative, not to mention the protein, not to mention the anti-biotics and not to mention the various juices used to feed this growth such as calf embryo and others. Now whatever virus is in the cancer cells, whatever virus is in the monkey cells, whatever virus is in the solutions that they use to make these cells grow, will pass in part together with genetic material from the monkey and genetic material from the cancer cells, there are pieces of chromosome, some genes etc. into the brew we call vaccine. When you go to the doctor you may see a very clear liquid in an injection or the pink brew that was given to us on sugar cubes. And we may think it is very sterile and very purified but it’s not. It’s just a bunch of dirty monkey soup.

That kind of material had never entered into human bloodstream before in history I mean it would seem to me.

No. Man does not live close to these animals and does not have the opportunity of being that closely interlinked and so the end result of such an unlikely marriage was unpredictable.

What do you think was the result then in your own speculation?

Well the result was something that they called the polio vaccine and within a few years of the polio vaccine we started seeing some strange phenomena like the year before the first 300,000 does were given in the United States childhood leukaemia had never struck in children under the age of two. One year after the first onslaught they had the first cases of children under the age of two that died of leukaemia.

Were children under two given the polio vaccine?

Yes children then gradually the problem progress, in Illinois, for instance in the early sixties Dr Herbert Radnor observed that in a small area of this little town, in an area where no cases of leukaemia had been expected or at the most one in 4 years according to previous statistics, they suddenly had a rash like an epidemic within a few blocks. He communicated this to the journal of the American Medical Association, it was his duty because he was the County Health Officer, and he also communicated certain information to that service about contaminants in the polio vaccine. The magazine did publish it, which is rather unusual, but apparently were severely reprimanded by those with a vested interest in the product and Dr Radnor was ridiculed, the magazine wrote an apology a month later and nothing else was heard about it. In 1960 the first public article surfaced in which Dr Hillerman, Maurice Hillerman, published that an theretofore unknown monkey virus which they dubbed SV40, had been found in the cells of the monkeys used to make vaccines. Now he also wrote extensively about some of the findings of what this monkey virus might do. According to Austrian pathologist Bernice Eddy, who did an extensive study on it, if she inoculated little hamsters for a very similar immune system virus with this virus they would develop a disease that abnormal white blood cells, tumours, all of which were sarcomas, low grade temperatures that were prolonged, swollen lymph glands. They had infections, they hadopportunistic infections and they died finally of an immuno-deficient state. Now have you ever heard of something that sounds a little like it?

I’d say aids but my question would be, if that’s a basis for aids how come only certain segments of the population would get it when most have been inoculated?

Oh I’m not saying that that’s the only basis. There are several viruses that came in various vaccines that have similar characteristics. Fortunately the fact that we are sprayed with a virus in one way or another does not mean that we become automatically ill. For instance, when somebody has the flu and sneezes at a party it may be only one or two people get sick. The rest do not. For a viral disease to take and cause anywhere from illness to malignancy or cancer, because viruses do cause cancer, despite fervent denials by the establishment, certain conditions have to be met. The first of all of them of course is that the virus has to exist and to have the primary capacity. Then it has to have entered the human body and have to become part of the chromosomes. You know the chromosomes are little strands of genetic material……these strands are very firm, just like a hair is a very firm fibre basically but the occasionally a person has a brittle hair and the same way these strands can be made brittle by the presence of certain weak links. We used to jokingly refer to these as the missing link. Now the virus SV40 is one of these that has the capacity of establishing such a weak missing link. It is a very small particle that is naked, it doesn’t have a protein capsule of its own when it enters the cell it wraps itself in the capsule of the cell. And the body can no longer distinguish it from its own material it can assume the body. It can become just like a spy that wears anAmerican uniform although maybe he belongs to another army.

Like the Trojan Horse?

That’s correct. Now the Trojan Horse wouldn’t remove the cell that carries the virus. The virus itself is just one of the intruders. It can attach itself on certain sites of these forty six chromosomes. These sites are fairly well mapped. Scientists know today which characteristics exist, they have mapped many thousands of them. The virus SV40 in particular, and I talk about this because it was the first one covered in the studies. Virus SV40 is the definitive for three or four different sites and you can see it on a picture. One of the primary ones that is important to us is Chromosome 14. Now the reason that this is important is the place where it attaches is the place where the T cells, the famous white blood cells called T cells that are so highly touted in aids, the T cell receptors start on the cells.

It’s a very vulnerable point, The body doesn’t just automatically just fall apart from one step, thank God. But it is like a thread in a zipper. Wherever the thread is you will have a stoppage in the progress in the zipper, you can’t zip up, you can’t zip down. Now usually for a certain process to happen normally in a chromosome, this is a logical sequence of events. If there is a stoppage the events may not happen, or happen partially and a disorder we call disease may occur. Now you know of course nobody has bothered to tell the public any of these things. You have to dig them up from carefully never-opened books or books that have never been communicated to the average public. This is just the first step. Why do people get sick? So number one you have to have a vulnerable spot. Number two then you have to have like the match that strikes, you know, the rocket or the bomb and most viruses in vaccines are in an incompleted form and we call them defective viruses they are incomplete in the sense that they can not fully function or invite reproduction as a full virus would. Now I refuse to use the word alive because viruses are neither alive nor dead, they are messages encoded in the form of a protein and something that is dead will never come back to life. If a person has died that particular person, I mean to our present day knowledge, can not just be resuscitated into a functional unit. But a virus that is defective when combined with a helper virus can undergo what is known as viral rescue. It’s like taking Lego’s of one colour and Lego’s of another and making a full figure. So then you have the second step and the pollutants and contamination and radiation etc. and depending on conditions disease may occur. I didn’t say that SV40 causes the disease but certainly it was the first step in causing these weak spots where disease may manifest.

And it got there through vaccination?

It got there through vaccination with viral productions and animal cells.

Alright talk about the T cells for a minute. If these same people who came down with Aids later on in their life, after they were inoculated lets assume as children with something that then placed these viruses to make that weak link there, if that had not happened, if they had not gotten inoculated and they went through the same triggers, say, environmental pollutants or other assaults on their immune system and health, would they, in your mind, have developed those same progression of symptoms?

From all information I’m garnering it does take that first step of creating the weak link to incorporate the cell either other viruses or even lead or pollutants. That the cell in its pristine condition with unbroken chromosomes that are strong strands does not invite the penetration of such viruses. Now there are other viruses that are weakeners such as other monkey viruses. For it’s not just SV40 but this became the most famous because of the publicity. The only one that got any publicity.

Can we assume that everyone in childhood got similar vaccines, now they may obviously have been made from different batches but are we all latently walking around with weak links in our T cell receptor sites or does some of the same vaccination or virus particles go and make weak links in .. it just depends on how it was shaken, where maybe it’s not Chromosome 14, it’s Chromosome 28?

There are certain sites, Chromosome 7 and 3 and so on. All of us, potentially and we can’t study everybody’s cells, but it is quite obvious that when groups have studied abnormal enzyme processes abnormal biologic processes that didn’t exist before these vaccines have started occurring. And abnormal symptoms, the passage of abnormal chromosomes that existed before only in blacks, for instance, have occurred to whites. What happened is the other cells with which they grew these vaccines were human cancer cells. The black population has one enzyme defect that does not occur in other ethnic groups, the same way as for instance Jewish people may have a problem that does not occur in black. Now this particular problem is called glucose6 phosphate……and is an enzyme abnormality But it just means that it’s different step in the energy processes that functions differently in the people who have the abnormality and which makes them vulnerable to certain things such as malaria drugs and…… the basic drug of things such as Tylenol etc and this existed only in the black population but one fourth of the population after the polio vaccine, whites that have leukaemia, a disease that has been strongly associated with of course the passage of some of these viruses also often have this enzyme deficiency previously only encounters in the black ethnic group. This means that other chromosomes have passed, undesired chromosomes together with the leukaemia causing virus.

I see, so you get a mixed bag and if it shows that there’s leukaemia that’s just the luck of the draw. I mean it might have shown up as something else.

That’s correct. Some people who have other birth defects etc. have a higher affinity for developing the leukaemia form of the condition. So like I said there are numerous viruses. When the media suddenly glamorises something like HIV it’s not because it’s an earth shattering event that somebody discovers a virus. Those are discovered on a daily basis in laboratories that do this work. But because the media get releases from the US Public Health Service or some other agency for the publication. The media doesn’t usually publish medical news unless they get a release from one of these established agencies.

Right, they rely on those agencies to let then know …

Of course. How should they know about such a highly technical deal.

What can mother do today if they would prefer that there infants or their children who have not been vaccinated don’t get vaccinated. Do you have a legal recourse to prevent your kids ….

I don’t know about the law in your state. They seem to be more lenient than in other states on the eastern side of the country, from what I’ve heard from people. First of all you have a constitutional right for the pursuit of happiness and certainly the selection of medical approach is included in that amendment. Also religious belief would exclude you. Now usually schools will come after the pursuit of happiness, they ignore the religion they tell you that the government says that you have to belong to the Christian Scientists or some other established religion which of course is false but most people fall for it because they don’t know the law. And basically the schools can become very difficult when they deny your child access to school. Now in other states like in Texas there is one law that says if the vaccine would cause harm to the child in any way or manner. Well we used to write that the family had obtained information about potential dangers and that severe mental stress would result if vaccinated and this used to work. In other states you don’t have that leeway you have to request the public law… I would go and go to your school principle and say OK now you are demanding that I do this please show me the law. For the first thing they are going to do is show you the regulation assuming that that’s the law. Well this is false.

This is the regulation..:

This is the regulation, the law is the public law of your state. And it usually has anywhere from one to two to three exclusions. You can find something suitable. Now you may get an excuse from a doctor if you find somebody courageous enough there’s less and less of those because the doctor get persecuted.

I see. Also all of us who have been inoculated as children, I mean I remember going to school and they stick you with this thing in the shoulder and it made this awful mark and that was an inoculation with the vaccine correct?

That was just smallpox.

Oh, just smallpox? So I was just wondering how many of us who had that experience a couple of decades ago. I mean what are we walking around with in our bloodstream? Are chromosomes…?

That is correct not only do we have these blister forming viruses in us which now we call vaccinia and are neither smallpox nor cowpox and only God knows where they came from. Nobody knows, it’s a mystery. But see do you have any idea how you make smallpox vaccines?

I think that they take a cow and they pull back its skin and then they put something on it and then they scrape it off that’s what I’ve heard.

That’s correct they shave the belly and feed it with pus and scabs, I’m being deliberately gross, if it bothers you please tell me but I want the public to know what they do. And so they feed it with body fluids of the first creature and then they let it grow like you say and let it become purulent and they harvest the pus. It’s called pus harvest and you mix it with glycerine and store it in little glass tubes for instance and now you have vaccine. That vaccine contains skin shavings of the cow, it contains cow protein, it contains vaccinia, whatever vaccinia may be, it contains cow leukaemia virus, it contains whatever horrid viruses that cow was just vaccinated with including recombinants. What ever you find in the cow you find in the vaccine and that gets indiscriminately put into t o your skin where now your body can grow antibodies to the cow protein and become allergic to meat, can become sensitive to body fluids. I mean you know the process is endless and this is by the words of the manufacturers. This is not from our words.

Are there any benefits to vaccine. Do they actually do that they are supposed to do, which is give you a head start on immunity to something else you are later going to run into?

Well the first benefit of vaccines of course is for the manufacturer. It makes money every time he sells a tube of that brew. Now do they benefit the vaccinee? You have to understand that the assumption that vaccines are good for your health was that. An assumption. People had observed in olden times that those who suffered from certain communicable diseases at least once, seemed not to get it again during life. That includes smallpox, chickenpox, measles but other communicable diseases such as flu, herpes, gland fever which now we call epstein barr, suffer from it rather recurrently. So the first premise that infection with a communicable disease causes permanent freedom from that disease didn’t hold true unless you arbitrarily selected the diseases.

Right. So you may not get one but you’re just inviting in a whole host? Like opening your door to kick one person out but then a whole flood of undesirables are coming in at the same time.

Dr Snead we’re going to go to our first phone call which is Darren who is on a car phone. Hi and thanks for calling.

I find your show very interesting because it brings forth a lot of things that don’t get talked about. I have a question for the doctor. I’m a member of the military and through the years have received many, many vaccinations from the plague vaccines to everything else and I’m wondering why there isn’t a higher incidence of bizarre disease showing up in the military.

But there is for instance I Corps has four times as many cases of leukaemia, lymphoma and associated diseases. There’s a constant increase and if you look, if you just run your own statistics on ages at death of people who have been in the military you will find that a lot of them die in their sixties. Now for instance the group that went to the Pacific, has an eleven fold incidence of leukaemia and lymphoma and this is important for the following reason. When the virus contaminating the polio vaccine, the first one not that it’s the only one, but when SV40 was first described one of the arguments used in a publication in 1963 is that great comfort, that was the words, can be taken from the fact that in 1942 40,000 men who went to the Pacific were accidentally inoculated with chicken leukaemia and rat leukaemia when a yellow fever vaccine was found to be contaminated with these viruses. And these men have suffered no harm. This was a common statistic. However the men who went to the Pacific are precisely that group with this extremely high leukaemia and lymphoma incidence. People have not yet been trained to understand that since what we are talking about is changes in the genetic system, disease such as cardio-vascular thought to be just simple degeneration due to nutritional disorders also have a chromosome change component and that the herpes viruses in particular can generate those changes in the connective tissue identical to those found in cardio-vascular disease. Military in particular have an extremely higher incidence of danger because they have been given and they are the only group in the world that received a vaccine called adena virus vaccine. This is, they call it gland fever vaccine, they also call it flu vaccine and cold vaccine improperly called because adena virus. This vaccine was found to be so highly leukaemia producing that it was de-licensed for human use in 1962 but it continues to have been used in all the armed forces.

Obviously Darren is having a sinking feeling in the seat of his stomach and he is thinking so what can I do to head off the…What you are describing is a major genetic experiment and we were all the guinea pigs.

Those were the words used in a 1977 article in Atlantic Monthly. They referred to that as the unprecedented genetic experiment in which 500,000,000 people the world over were given an until then unknown monkey virus. I mean that was the words of the Atlantic Monthly. But like I say it doesn’t just take one vaccine and one virus to automatically kill you. What happens is that you introduce changes that eventually result in disorders that shorten your lifespan. They are usually not acute death sentences.

Right but you’re still living in the twentieth century which in these days is introducing a multitude of changes.

That’s correct. But like I say the seed is in the changes in the chromosomes. The way to prevent these things from manifesting usually is through proper nutrition, adequate use of supplements, chelation therapy, DMSO, EDTA, oxygen therapy, depending what stage of illness or what stage of prevention you are at. This is a completely different area and I have done books on this but that is not as unknown to the public as the fact of what vaccines can do, what this government, what these corporations are doing. How they are doing it with full knowledge of the crime they are committing, how they are getting away with it. The saddest part is the full knowledge. There is always somebody or some bodies, a few of them, that not only know that what they are doing is not safe but it can be lethal and maiming etc. and often do it deliberately.

For the mere purpose of making money?

Well it could be money, power, politics, genocide. You name it, it depends on the circumstances.

Another question. Do you believe that the increase in mystery symptoms that veterans are showing up with and are so varied might be caused by some of these vaccinations?

I am so glad you asked that because I predicted it. Look, I think I used a headline like Which Army Wages Bio-Warfare Against Its Own People? And as you may well know these soldiers were offered, not offered that’s a mild way of putting it, were threatened and forcefully inoculated with all manner of experimental vaccines with the alleged purpose of protecting them against alleged bio-warfare that never happened excepting it happened with the shots we gave them. I mean if you think that the shots from the enemy are lethal just wait for the shots from your own people.

One’s a rifle, one’s a needle.

Well we are waging a nuclear war it’s in the nucleus of the cell, you’ve got to realise. I mean when you give these recombinant vaccines most of the seed cultures on which they grow are seeded with viruses to make them grow faster. Now the people would not tell you they are contaminating the cell so that they grow like mad. They are telling you they are "immortalising" the cells. "Immortalised", that sounds awfully nice but what they are not telling you is the virus most commonly used to immortalise these cells is Epstein Barre, yuppy disease disease virus . So any time that you are making a recombinant vaccine you are going to have the combined side effects not only of the yuppy disease virus but whatever goes with it.

What about the shots you get to go overseas and they tell you you can’t go into this country unless you’ve gotten these shots?

There are many different ones and I have not done any studies on them at this point because of the subject matter of the book I wound up studying the viral vaccines and there’s enough problems already ….

How many other books do you have that you say that you’ve written on some of these alternative therapies…

I wrote one called How To Win Against Herpes and Aids and I am upgrading it now and hope that I will have it upgraded in about six months and I have written a cookbook just simply for dietary purposes. Before that it was not my aim to get fully into the talking and writing till I wrote this massive production and there really was so much more I had to stop. So one day I said this is the last thing that goes in here. And I just had to stop because the information is so overwhelming. There’s no knowledge among the public it’s very difficult to introduce a series of ideas for which they've no language and no concept.

Darren you’re getting this aren’t you? Yes. I think you doing real well introducing these concepts to Dr Snead’ tonight. Any last question Darren?

Well I hope it doesn’t affect me because I’ve never had choices in getting inoculated.

Q: Good morning ladies. I’m trying to corral my thoughts here …..and asking some question. As far as the legality of the immunisation of children in school, I have already come up against this for my twelve year old and in sixth grade they wanted then re-immunised for measles and I disapproved of that. The only way that you can get around it is you have to sign a disclaimer form for the school based upon religious preference and then you don’t have to have them inoculated.

So you’re letting us know that for mothers out there that don’t want this to happen to their children how you were successful.

Absolutely. I know it’s legal in Washington, I’m not sure about the other states but I’m pretty sure it’s the same.

OK anything else?

The other thing was as far as the immunisations are concerned Dr. Snead is there any correlation between the immunisations and possible auto-immune degeneration..

There is massive correlation. At the beginning we were talking about measles. The measles virus is has very much found in the plaques of people with multiple sclerosis for instance.

How about for lupus?

In general you can find viral problems in any and all of these diseases. The virus itself. One of the points of the affinity of the virus and not only the virus but the cell it’s growing on which is fibrblasts which are connective tissue cells, of course go into the body and the body starts reacting against them. Now the connective tissue changes when you study the chemical constitution of the abnormal connective tissue you can induce exactly the same change in experimental animals by giving them herpes viruses of various types. Of which, of course, the smallpox family is one of the herpes viruses. And there is one of chickens called Merrick’s Disease Virus which is very definitely been associated with hypertension. The gentleman before was saying, well, you know how come the military doesn’t have any more cases of this or that?. For instance they have an extremely high incidence of hypertension.

This is kept very quiet?

Yes and then most people do not associate something like that with viral disease because the do not know about these changes in the chromosomes.

Well the reason that I was asking is because my family, the biologic history of my family is extremely steeped in cancer. Adrenal cancer, small colon, large colon cancer, my sister has lupus. They are treating her for it prescription-wise but they aren’t coming right out and saying that she has lupus but it was a possibility. They have been treating her for the last eight years and she’s had the symptoms since she was ten and I’ve been a nurse for eighteen years. I finally went to a doctor with her. She was so frustrated and I said I really think that you need to rule out the possibility of lupus because it appears that there is an auto-immune deficiency or degeneration in our family history on the maternal side.

You can have, already a change in the chromosome that has now been transmitted for a generation. The changes in chromosomes are genetic changes and can occur either because they are inherited or because you have acquired them. I mean you see that in the so-called Aids phenomena whatever it maybe. They use the word acquired immune deficiency. What they are clearly stating is the person was not born with particular characteristic which also seem prophetic. When they first put this name to it how did they know?

Well also that means that all of us who got inoculated if we have children we are passing this genetic alteration on to them right?

Unquestionably and for instance children of mothers who received the original batches of Salk vaccine have a high incidence of brain tumours and in those tumours, if examined, the researchers have found the SV40 virus.

Wouldn’t environmental degradation also add to the complexity and the encouragement of auto-immune deficiency?

Oh, absolutely. The moment that you have a weak point and then you have this vulnerability for lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury above everything, the mercury in silver amalgam fillings, pollution of all kinds, light changes you know you can go through a vast number and array but despite the fact that the establishment like to capitalise on all these poisonings which of course are very important they wouldn’t be important if we wouldn’t have deteriorated the genetic system first.

Well you’ve been very enlightening and I thank both of you ladies.

Before we go to our next caller I want to ask you Dr Snead. Oxygen therapy has been touted as being a way to actually eradicate viruses within the system. Do you agree with that, yes or no?

And if so, it can take a virus out of your system but it can’t go in and alter back any genetic alteration that that virus has done in the first place. Is that correct?

You’re very perceptive. Of course oxygen therapies are wonderful in arresting many kinds of viral condition but you ….. frequencies with some kind of electronic device or another may permit by resonance to remove the false messages….

How can we return it back to its underlying…..

The only way you could do it if you could target that particular frequency and you know flip it out but so far that’s the only way.

My personal feeling is that subtle energy therapy is the way that the future, I think that that’s the only place we have left to go.

We’ll go back to the phone calls and we’ll talk next with William who is in Tacoma. Hi William. You’re on now with Dr Eva Snead on 570KVI thanks for joining us.

How about the seasonal flu shot that they programme for particularly older senior citizens, is that to get rid of the retired personnel?

You know I don’t know where you have these wonderful people from that call you but I find all of your listeners to be very perceptive and very enlightened and understand a lot of things I didn’t realise the public out there understood. I cannot say that that is what it’s for categorically but certain have my very strong suspicions. By the way these are marketed and by certain correspondence I’ve received, for instance last year, where they were talking is a subtle way of doing experiments. They didn’t call them that they said that they set up a model of elderly Latin American females to demonstrate the effectiveness of the vaccine. And of course what they’re saying is they have a new batch of vaccine, they haven’t tried it out on anybody and so they may have some people that by nature of their financial status and lack of understanding of the language are good patsies for it.

Right, because they’re not saying effectiveness of what, what do they….

If you are uncertain how effective it is it means you don’t know which means you’re experimenting we go right back to Nuremberg and we are paying for less than that.

My point was the effectiveness of the vaccine to be what. I mean that seems to be the question.

I love the way you talk because that’s the way I talk. I always say you know the question as far as what. Effective as far as what? I mean we leave all these ends open and one person means one thing and another person means another.

Yes. We are assuming they’re there for our best interests but after what you are telling us I’m going to assess those assumptions in another way. William anything else?

Well they’ve a tremendous job of brainwashing the basic public to believing that this is absolutely necessary every fall when the season comes around you got to go and get your flu shot.

You see you have a captive audience. Imagine the benefit to an industry that can produce a product and know approximately how many they are going to sell with insured money because not only can they sell it but they know it’s going to get paid for because it’s going to be paid for by insurance companies or Medicaid. And so the benefit for the manufacturer is tremendous. He say OK I am going to make 20,000,000 shots and I’m going to make $3 a shot or $5 on each shot and them I’m going to buy some interest in these clinics that in themselves are going to make money in running tests afterwards and of course after each flu shot you know onslaught and people get pneumonia and things like that so their hospital shares are going to go up we are going to sell more of this anti-biotic, I mean you can calculate all that very callously.

William thanks for your call I appreciate it. That leaves the line open at 751 5757 if you’re in Pearce County lets go to Margaret in Bellevue. Hi Margaret thanks for joining us.

Thank you. I wanted to say that you don’t need a religious exemption to keep your child from needing to take vaccines in school. Personal exemption is fine and I signed it for my daughter both in Seattle public school and Bellevue public schools and they didn’t bat an eyelash and I’ve had no problems at all. The only problem I’ve had was summer camp and I just forged the doctor’s signature on that.

Clever mother OK.

Yeah now the other question I have and this is called a personal exemption and I expected and argument nothing even in sixth grade for measles she whatever was find in fifth grade is fine in sixth grade too. The question I had was I seem to recall reading some time back in Mothering Magazine. They had a big deal about immunisations and I can’t remember the details but I haven’t heard anywhere else and my memories kind of hazy I remember reading something that said to the effect that people are born with a certain finite number of white blood cells and when we bypass the normal immune system which is first of all the skin and then the digestive system and the lungs and we go directly into the bloodstream which is supposed to be an emergency back up part of our defence system we shoot viruses either alive or dead directly into the bloodstream what ends up happening is we end up locking up an abnormally high percentage of these finite resource white blood cells into one disease and that’s a mechanism for weakening our whole immune system. I’m wondering if, is my memory correct, is that true?

To my knowledge most of it is correct. What happens is that we get little troops within the white blood cells that become immune against this or that virus and you just can have so many becoming immune at the same time. If you zap the kid with several vaccines at the same time it confuses the immune system. They say it enhances it of course. That’s false like everything else they tell us. But it’s not so much a finite number of cells it’s a finite number of points at which they can become immune. And when you bypass the first barrier which is the skin or the mucus membrane you prevent the production from something called compliment, a protein necessary to the development of a full immune process. The body can defend itself against the normal route but was not programmed to defend itself by penetration through skin. So of course you run into a different kettle of fish and you get sick.

Margaret thank you for your call I appreciate it. Wilma in port Orchard hi and thanks for calling.

Hi and Dr Snead I was wondering are you familiar with the work of Gaston Naessens and his 714X

I knew one person who was taking that. It is camphor. You know camphor is an old time medicine I remember my grandmother taking camphor

it’s injecting in the subcutaneous level and the lymph nodes and I just finished a book which was written by Christopher Bird who wrote Secret Life of plants and I never been so excited about a book in my life. He’s got this microscope where he can tell before a disease every happens and this takes care of things like multiple sclerosis and cancer and Aids and all kinds of other things and I spoke about this to Larry King and Dr Stephen Rosenburg last Monday and this man had written a book Transform Cells – Unlocking the Mysteries of Cancer and he had never heard of 7i4x and he had never heard of oxygen therapy or ozone for cancer,, anything like that but I just about got him to give his word that if this information was presented to the cancer hotline back there and I got the address and I’m having the information sent and I pray to God that they start listening.

Your comments doctor..

You have to understand that there’s the same thing as asking one drug dealer on one corner to step aside and let another drug dealer deal. I mean these people are into it for the money. They have a monopoly going. And they like it just fine the way it is. Now most of these therapies are extremely well known to the hierarchy in the cancer Mafia to the point where they severely persecute those who practice them. Believe it or not there are certain sheets that are surveillance sheets that are given to your oncologist by an association called National Institute Against Health Fraud. It’s in California and they are out there to get rid of every alternative practitioner. They keep tabs just like Hitler would have on anybody who may use alternative therapies, both patients and doctors. And they put them in jail, they accuse them of fraud they raid their offices etc. And they certainly have no interest in promoting or disclosing any of this information excepting the interest they have in keeping it quiet because that is how they make money.

Oh I see and so they don’t want anybody coming on their turf…

Absolutely. Imagine that Jesus came down and said all you have to do is say be healed and here comes whoever’s in charge of all the money of the National Cancer Institute and says, wait a moment we are making seven hundred billion dollars out of this.

You’re going to put us out of business JC

Get out of there!

I see your point. Can you spend another hour with us? We’ll talk next with Sean in Tacoma. Hi Sean and thanks for joining us.

Yes thanks I have two questions to ask her. One is about the swine flu vaccine that ran panicked all over the country a few years ago and the other one is that I read a report a couple of years ago right after Aids came out and it was about the smallpox vaccine that was given ..the World Health Organisation they went on a crusade where they were going to wipe out smallpox all over the world and they went on this thing, just smallpoedx everybody in Africa and everything and I was wondering if this is one of the reasons why in Africa there is such a large number of Aids cases popping up.

Well the smallpox I think he did finish the question but the flu vaccine I didn’t fully hear it. But in 1972 the World Health Organisation announced that they were going to get rid of smallpox in Africa. Totally and completely. And that they were going to do so by vaccinating every person who had not been vaccinated. They never said which percentage that was. Being a tropical country where most people were vaccinated we say it was five or ten percent, who knows they didn’t say. But anyhow later on an article was published on the first page of the London times, that was in ’87, talking about this experience and where the World health Organisation admitted reluctantly that they had used the same needle in passing this vaccine from one person to another.

Not very smart protocol was it?

No but you see that’s their own words but in their own words they also announced how many people they had allegedly inoculated, that they had supplied. And according to those figures as compared to those from the Encyclopaedia Britannica for that same year they had inoculated according to their statement, twenty million people more that the total population, every man woman and child of the countries in question. Now if you can lie so crassly and have enough people to back you up about lying about how many you inoculate the question may arise of have you inoculated any at all? Did you use the same …..what did you do? We don’t know anything they are saying be cause they are lying from the moment go. So you know you really have very little frame of reference excepting that there’s something very fishy in the whole process.

So what is your own personal thoughts on this issue.

Well my own personal thought is that one way or another and you are being constantly given vaccinations, and they probably did something to these people and put the needles in. If you would pass needles from one person to another without putting any lymph on it, I mean vaccine, you would still incur severe problems because the best way to immuno-suppress a person is to insult them with tissue from another person. That’s how it works so there is a big swathe cut through Africa to our understanding and I wasn’t there… sometimes you wonder whether you can believe what you read where people are dying, And this swathe coincides with the swathe marked by the first inoculations series of the Salk vaccine before it came to the United States. There were special strains that were used there and were proven to be contaminated. There’s a very interesting abstract in my book written by somebody who graciously permitted me to use it who had done a very intensive study about the strains of vaccines used in Africa.

So OK we don’t know what happened but…

We know that something happened. There is another issue to this. In 1959 the water of the Congo river was deliberately contaminated with a virus by admission of those who did it if we can believe them. We go right back to the same thing. In the hearings on covert activities by Senator Frank Church, these were hearings in 1975, there was confession that in late ‘50s Prince Baudoin from Belgium requested the help of the Central Intelligence Agency to get rid of what was known as Freedom fighters in the Belgian Congo. The groups were called the Mau Mau. People of those parts would remember them and their leaders were Casa Bubu and Lamumba. Now since they were causing a lot of problems for the people there a requested was made to the National Cancer Institute to produce a virus and/or drug to severely maim or kill these people by an apparently native illness. The agent of the CIA and then the doctor confessed at the Senator’s meeting that they had dumped the virus into the Congo River.

You know I was just recently reading an experiment that was done with a "Harmless virus" that they wanted to see the dispersion rate of it so they put this coded tag, so they could pick it up again, virus on chairs of one airport gate and I think within three weeks they were finding it all over the United States. So it doesn’t take a lot to disperse a virus.


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