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Alternative Cancer Treatments

1979 Around January of that year, I went home to die.   ..cont. 
I was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, chronic bronchitis, acutely infected ovarian cysts, arthritis, sciatica, low thyroid, anemia and a heart condition. Besides that I had chronic ear infections and long-standing clinical depression. The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., known as a "naturopathic oncology pioneer" cured me in 5 weeks. It required the diagnosis (the Carroll Food Test) of digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances which most people have and few know about, and it also identified the primary tissue salt deficiency, along with treatment with glandular protomorphogens to restore glandular health, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy to bring about detoxification, to stimulate blood circulation and the activity of the vital organs and to jump-start the immune system. It turned out to be the basic foundation of the most successful healing system I've ever witnessed.
1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

This is why I research and write about alternative medicine. It's a debt.

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SUBJECT: BE SET FREE FAST--emotional freedom

BE SET FREE FAST by Larry Nims
A powerful technique for eliminating disturbing thoughts & feelings

There are 2 documents here. The long one is a summary of the research done by one Larry Nims and it goes under the name of BSFF (Be Set Free Fast). This is based on the quite well-known emotional freedom techniques (EFT), but BSFF is much simpler.

EFT-- http://www.truthquest2.com/eftmanual.htm

The essence is this: Hypnosis has proven that the sub-conscious mind never forgets and stores (somehow) everything we ever did, and will do. It remembers in detail what you experienced 10 years ago, at 7:30 in the evening of a Friday the 31st of March 1997.

In Doc1 you will see a list of human emotions that we either respond to or we don't. If we experience some anxiety pangs or fear at the mere mention of a certain word, I imagine that the psyche still dwells on such a buried emotional experience (DHS). I run this by a patient and underline anything he/she responds to, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being sheer panic or hysteria or great concern.

Doc1 explains this. Then we undertake step 2. Read Doc2 and take note that this is an agreement with your subconscious mind. Since it never forgets anything you can take for granted that it will remember this paper even if you read it only once. By establishing a key word, you set up a sort of post-hypnotic suggestion, a trigger word for your sub-conscious mind so that whenever you get disturbed by a thought, a word by someone else, a scene of some kind - anything that triggers unpleasant thoughts or memories, then you say inwardly the trigger (key) word, do the simple associated hand motion and voilà another layer of the emotional onion has been peeled away, never to return. It might though, and those are tracks that need to be worked on, again and again. Eventually you get to a point where you are stable and emotionally a virgin again - without hang-ups, phobias or fear. You might get new ones, but that's fine too. Now you have a tool to combat emotional baggage.

Getting Started With BE SET FREE FAST (BSFF)

Most uses of the well-known psychological “defense mechanisms” and our various “coping strategies” are designed to protect us from the consequences of consciously experiencing, expressing, or “acting out” our negative thoughts and emotions. Traumatic experiences tend to make us “hide out” from our feelings even more.

But, now we can eliminate these negative thoughts, memories, emotions and traumas without going through them again or being traumatized by them again. BE SET FREE FAST (BSFF) is a simple, gentle, yet very powerful and efficient method for doing this.

In BSFF, a “problem” is defined as a set of unresolved negative feelings that arise from a long series of traumatic and emotionally painful experiences. An “issue” is a set of problems, which occur together. These experiences begin in the early months of life, even before we can verbalize them.

I refer to these experiences and to the associated accumulated negative feelings simply as “emotional roots,” which eventually have gotten locked together with a belief system.

The belief system then makes the “problem” occur at a specific time, for a specific duration, with a specific intensity, for a very specific purpose, and to assure a precise and specific outcome. It makes no difference that you consciously and logically might prefer a different outcome. Your subconscious mind does this on “automatic pilot.”

That is, the belief system essentially says to your subconscious mind: “Do this, at this time, and make this happen in my experience. That is, in my mind (or in my body/emotions/spirit/work/finances/success/skill development/athletic performance/achievement/relationships, etc.)”

Whenever the triggering situation occurs in your experience, your subconscious mind, as your neutral “faithful servant,” immediately recreates the unpleasant problem or personal limitation.

There can be many layers or levels of secondary, tertiary, and even deeper sets of problems that accompany any problem that we consciously notice. These hidden problems indirectly help to set up or feed into the consciously detected or identified problem.

With just one use of your cue word, all levels of roots and beliefs involved with each treated problem are eliminated simultaneously, along with the identified problem that you intend to treat. No matter how many emotional roots are involved, your “faithful servant” (your subconscious, psychological mind) will eliminate all of the roots and the belief system at all levels for each individual problem that you treat.

Amazingly, this constitutes the entire BSFF treatment. Notice that your subconscious mind does all of the actual treatment work. You just cue it to do so by using your word(s) and by your intention to eliminate the problem.”

Now, choose a word or short phrase that you want to use for your cue to your subconscious mind.

The BSFF Instructions To Your Subconscious Mind

Give this instruction only one time (ever) to your subconscious mind. It will always agree to do everything that you have told it to do for you from then on. You will never need to give these instructions again. They will continue to be operative for years, unless you tell your “faithful servant” not to do this for you anymore. (But I can’t imagine why anyone would cancel it.) Now, here is the entire set of instructions to give to your subconscious mind.

These instructions are to my subconscious mind. Whenever I consciously notice any problem that I intend for you to eliminate and I just think or speak my chosen cue/trigger word/phrase you will do the entire BSFF treatment for me for that problem. The cue that I choose to use is _________.

This means that you, my subconscious mind, will eliminate all of the negative emotional roots and all beliefs involved in each problem that I choose and intend for you to treat. You will also, simultaneously, eliminate every Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) factor that is associated with and has been triggered in each emotional root experience involved in every problem that I treat.

You will thoroughly resolve these PTS effects so that they no longer cause me any sort of discomfort. The PTS factors that you will eliminate include all seven of the following negative effects on my entire human system and being.

Shock to my system
Trauma to my system
Stress to my system
Distress to my system
Upset to my system
Disturbance to my system
Bother to my system

You will do all this for me whether or not I consciously know what the problem is, and even when I cannot identify, describe or label the problem with words. I need only consciously notice the problem that you will treat.

You will simultaneously treat and eliminate any and all other problems, at all levels of my entire life, experience and being, and at all levels of my mind, which may directly or indirectly in any way contribute to, feed into, help cause, or in any way maintain this problem that I have noticed and intend for you to treat.

You will do all of this for me no matter what combination of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual experiences that I may have been having at the time each of these related problems were being established or re-experienced.

You will completely and permanently eliminate each and every problem that I treat-- whether or not I have been programmed subconsciously to keep them, to take them back, to allow them to come back, to permit them to return, or, to passively accept or receive them back in any way, shape or form.

You will simultaneously also eliminate each and every problem that would make me vulnerable to any treated problem returning in any way or at any time in the future.

You will do all of this for me from now on, for any problem that I ever consciously notice and intend to treat, whenever I initiate the treatment with any one of my cues. You will do this for me with any and all cues that I ever tell you that I want to use. I simply need only to notice a problem and initiate the treatment with my thought or with my voice by using any one of my cues.

You will include, in every treatment, the very first to the last time that I ever experienced any and all parts of whatever problem that I am signaling you to eliminate.

Whenever I treat for any anger, judgment, criticism and unforgiveness or any other negative attitudes that I may have toward myself you will include in each of these treatments every anger and unforgiveness toward myself that I may not have treated in previous treatment sessions. You will do this update treatment work no matter how long ago I did the previous treatments.

Subconscious mind, you will always do all of these things for me from now on, no matter what condition, circumstance or situation that I am in or what problem I may be imagining or remembering. And I thank you for being my faithful servant.”

This is the entire instruction to your subconscious mind. Yes, it is a long statement, and it is meant to be thoroughly comprehensive. It is crucial to eliminate everything that is in any way contributing to each problem, and leave nothing to be triggered that might signal the subconscious mind to rebuild the problem or issue.

The important point is to be thorough in treating every related problem involved in the issue that you have noticed. Many situations are often a mixture of many different issues and/or individual problems.

Be alert for this possibility and treat everything! Don’t leave any problems untreated that may be involved in whatever situation you are in.

If any problem in an issue is left untreated, it can be a “hook” for the whole issue to be reconstructed. This has been a major limitation of all conventional psychotherapies for the past fifty years. We did not have the tools for totally and permanently eliminating all the problems involved in the person’s life. Now we do.

These treatments always eliminate each problem. And they do so instantly. While it is possible for a problem to return, it is not very likely because of the thoroughness of this work. Of course, any problem can be readily treated again, as needed.

There are other things to learn about using BSFF that can deepen this work, for example, the "Fail-Safe" treatment sequence. But, you can do far more with just this simple method than you ever could before. Study the BSFF Manual. You will discover many ideas, strategies, examples and methods for being set free and for creating your new life of freedom and choice.

How do I know what to treat?

This is so simple that it is easy to make it too complex, because we have been trained to complicate things so much. With BSFF you simply notice that you are, in some way, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually functioning well or optimally feeling, doing or being your best, feeling in balance or equilibrium in some dimension, comfortable or at peace in yourself, or with someone else.

You simply notice these things and use your cue for your subconscious mind to treat each one of them for you. Even most physical symptoms have a psychological source, so they typically respond well to BSFF treatments.

For relationship issues the page with three columns of negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes can be a helpful guide for recognizing problems to treat.

However, you do not even need to know what the problem is or be able to describe the problem or symptom. It is fine to describe it or try to understand it. But this is not necessary for your subconscious mind to treat it fully and effectively. You can eliminate the problem without knowing what it actually is and without understanding it. Just keep using your cue. Your faithful servant will take care of most all problems for you.

As my father would often say “I don’t understand all I know about this.” Thankfully, we do not have to understand the “what, how, or why” of our problems, or of the way BSFF works, in order to BE SET FREE. The new freedom we all are seeking here does not, and cannot, come from intellectual understanding. It comes from skillfully utilizing the amazing resources of our amazing subconscious mind, our faithful servant.

Your subconscious mind is monitoring and recording everything that you are thinking, feeling, doing and experiencing. It knows the whole history of the problem that you are consciously noticing. So, when you use your cue word(s) for whatever you notice, your faithful servant will know exactly what you intend for it to do. It will immediately eliminate the problem. Always.

Yet, it is possible for a problem to return. This does not happen a lot, but sometime it does. See the BSFF Manual for ways to help prevent this from happening. Of course, you can always eliminate the problem again just as easily as before. You don’t have to put up with keeping a problem just because there may have been some “hook” to set it up to return.

It is your intention combined with your cue that activates your subconscious mind to faithfully treat the problem that you consciously noticed. And every time that you use your cue for a problem, that problem will be treated instantly.

Of course, sometimes there are issues (multiple problems going on simultaneously) so you need to treat each problem successively until you return to balance, harmony and peace in the area that you are treating. Just keep noticing and treating until you are feeling or doing just fine.

Also, watch for the fail-safe system. If you have treated something ten or twelve times and you still don’t feel free of it, or if you don’t seem to be making progress with it, then do all ten of the fail-safe steps as if they each were a separate problem. That will often get you the break-through that you are after.

If you have experience with using various energy psychology methods that require tapping procedures and affirmations, you can now simply use your cue for each problem that you would have used tapping for previously. The subconscious mind does all of the treatment for you, without any tapping or statements at all.

Meridians may well be activated by the subconscious mind during these BSFF treatments, but it is the subconscious mind that is actually controlling the treatment process and effectiveness.

Use BSFF for everything. Keep using it. You will be delighted with what you can do with it to help yourself and others. Now, with BSFF, you can eliminate unresolved problems quickly and thoroughly.

God bless you. At last, you can take charge of your life in wonderful new ways. Now, you can BE SET FREE FAST. God bless you with new freedom!

Larry Nims

BE SET FREE FAST Treatment Steps

Here is the exact process of doing BSFF work. This is all you do after you have given the one-time treatment instructions to your subconscious mind. Please do all ten steps in this sequential order to get the fully effective results that are possible with BSFF. If you still have questions about the procedure, please ask me. I do want you to learn to use BSFF skillfully so that you, too, will get the wonderful results and freedom that it gives.

1) Notice the problem with your conscious mind. You do not have to describe, identify, or label the problem. If you have words or labels for the problem, fine, but it is not necessary for totally effective treatment. You only need consciously to notice that you have a problem. Just notice and treat. And, remember-- treat everything!

2) Treat each problem. That is, think, whisper, speak, visualize, write, etc. your cue word to treat that problem. Your subconscious mind does the actual treatment work--immediately and instantly--for you. It thoroughly eliminates each specific problem with just one use of your cue.

Remember, your subconscious mind is always monitoring everything that you experience, including what your conscious mind is noticing and doing. It knows the entire history and purpose of each problem you are noticing, and it will faithfully respond to your intention to treat each problem when you signal your “faithful servant” by using your cue word(s).

3) Treat all angers and unforgiveness that you may have toward another person at the time that you are working on problems with that relationship. Likewise, treat any anger at God, the world, or life as it arises.

4) Treat each problem involved in every issue until you feel a sense of peace and comfort in relationship to the problem/issue you are working on. That is, keep treating until, when you attune (tune in to) it again, you have no more negative experience of any kind about it at all (in your mind, emotions, body and spirit) as you think about each problem or issue on which you are working.

5) Treat all problems that you have time for in your session, whether working with yourself or a client. Be sure to treat every problem involved in each issue that you work on during your session. This includes treating for any anger and unforgiveness (as it comes up) toward each person that you are working on.

6) Treat for these common problems. They appear for everyone, due to old subconscious programming in all of us. Treat all possible variations of these “stoppers” that you or your client may have.

“I am afraid that these treatments won’t work for me.”

“I am afraid that these treatments won’t last.”

“ I doubt that they will work.”

“I doubt that they will last.”

“I don’t trust myself to do things effectively in these new ways”

“I doubt my ability to live these changes out in my life.”

Notice that self-doubt and self-distrust are extremely common problems in everyone. So, treat every instance of these that you can discover.

Very Important: Always treat for vulnerability to taking problems back. This virtually always is operating for every treated problem. Test for a statement such as “I am vulnerable to taking back one or more of the problems that I have treated during this session.” Then treat for all vulnerabilities to taking back any of the problems you have just been treating in your session. Yes, you can combine them like this at the end of your session, or treat for vulnerability after each treatment during your session.

7) Then, at the end of each treatment session it is imperative to clear up all anger and unforgiveness toward yourself that is related to the problems you have been working on in that session.

Do one treatment (use your cue once) for all angers at yourself about all of the problems that you have treated during that session. That is, you do only one treatment for the combined total of every problem that you have just been working on in that entire session.

8) Forgive yourself for all of the problems that you have been working on in that session. Again, just do one forgiveness treatment for the combined total of unforgivenesses toward yourself in all the problems you have been working on in that session. Your subconscious mind has been instructed to treat all angers and unforgiveness toward yourself each time that you treat for them.

9) Use whatever spiritual method you have to clear up (in your relationship to your Creator/God) the negative spiritual effects of the judgmental, critical and unforgiving attitudes you have been holding with the problems you have just treated. This is crucial in order to help insure that treated problems do not return.

10) "Dust yourself off," get up and go enjoy your new freedom! :-) Zap anything else that comes up as you go on in your life of new freedom and personal effectiveness.

That’s it. BSFF is deceptively simple, yet very profound in its effectiveness. Just do the treatments thoroughly for each issue and you will get wonderful results for most every type of problem, including many physical symptoms and illnesses.

Keep in mind that you do not have to believe that BSFF works in order to be hugely successful with it. It does work—because we are all made this way by our Creator. We simply did not know how to use these concepts before in such elegant and effective ways.

So, go for it! You do not have to settle for the vast majority of psychological and physical problems, post-traumatic stresses, and personal limitations that have been programmed into your subconscious mind. Now you can do the thorough treatment work that you have always wanted to do—with yourself and for others. At last, you can BE SET FREE.

My best wishes for your new freedom and enjoyment of life.

Warmly, Larry Nims

Forgiveness Procedures

You must treat your anger at each person, but you may simultaneously treat all of your anger toward any specific person for all of the perceived hurts, offenses, betrayal, failures, etc. that you addressed in each session. Do this by simply using just one BSFF treatment. You could treat all of the angers toward that person separately, but it is not necessary to do so.

Likewise, you can combine, in just one treatment, all of your unforgiveness toward any one person for all of the problems you have just treated regarding that person.

First treat any form of anger toward another person, or toward God. Treat anger toward yourself last. Assume that you are angry with yourself for having the problem you have just treated or for not handling it better. Most of us have been highly trained to be hard on ourselves (and/or on others), and, also to be unforgiving toward others or ourselves—even toward God.

So, treat anger toward self and toward others—one person at a time. You will almost always have anger (along with a judgmental, critical attitude) and unforgiveness to clear up. First, treat any hurt involved.

For each person, after the anger is completely acknowledged and treated, do the simple forgiveness procedure. That is, while tapping anywhere, with any finger or any object continuously, say or think this sentence three times:

“I forgive myself and I know that I am/was doing the best that I can/could.”

Or, “I forgive you (Mom, Dad, Jim, Sally, etc.) and I know that you are or were doing the best that you can/could.”

For God say, “I forgive you God (Lord, Father) and I know that you are/were always here/there and doing the best and right thing for me.”

For the world or for life say, “I forgive you world/life and I know that you are just being what you are.”

Remember, as with the treatments for any problem, you don’t have to believe this statement for it to work. You are not saying this to convince or to deceive yourself or anyone else. You are saying it to BE SET FREE FAST! It works because we are made this way.

As discussed in your training sessions or in the BSFF Manual, if you know how to clear up the spiritual components involved in the judgmental, critical, condemning, vengeance and unforgiving attitudes you were drawn into, this is the time to do it. God Bless you!

If any problem ever returns, simply treat it again with these same simple steps. It is quite easy to BE SET FREE FAST again, any time, any place. Typically, when you treat a returning problem, you will rarely have to treat it a third time.

I treat myself every day for stresses and distresses that “blow their cover” and reveal themselves to my conscious awareness. I look forward to finding them because I want to be completely free of all the old hindrances and limitations that were put upon me long before I could protect myself.

You can have that freedom, too! There are only two rules to follow.

Treat Everything!
Treat Thoroughly!

Some Feelings, Attitudes & Perceptions to Treat with BSFF

*At a loss
*Blame (of self
or others)
Doubt (of self
or other)
Extended (or
*Loss & grief
On edge
Out of control
Put down
Put upon
Rejected (or
*Rejected (or
Sadness (or
deep sadness)
Shut down
Sorrow (or
deep sorrow)
Suspicious (of
self or others)
Washed up
Worn out

*These words are especially common when dealing with loss issues such as the death of a loved one or loss of a job. But any of these items in this list can show up in a variety of situations. Sometimes a person may have the feeling toward someone else, and also feel it toward themselves, e.g. feeling rejected or disgusted and also feeling disgusted and rejecting toward the (perceived) rejecter at the same time.

Subconscious Fail-Safe System for Staying Stuck
(A Common Pattern in Resistant Problems)

Many issues will have most of these ten problems operating simultaneously, especially in chronic patterns and with extremely resistant, recurring, cyclical or very persistent issues. I call this sequence a “Fail-Safe System.”

Fail-Safe is a term that is used for back-up systems that must protect against critical incidents that would endanger life, or endanger a critical mission, e.g., space flight, antiballistic missile systems, or high level intergovernmental communications systems. Your personal freedom certainly is just as important!

Each of these Fail-Safe problems do operate like Psychological Reversals, but as with all PRs, they are simply problems easily eliminated with the same single Instant BE SET FREE FAST treatments. You usually need treat only once to eliminate each of these fail-safe problems for any issue. In other words, you just use your cue word(s) for each of these ten problems in the Fail-Safe system sequence.

These problems appear to operate in a hierarchy. Therefore, I recommend treating each of them in the following sequence, using these (or similar) statements. Of course, if you don’t use muscle testing, you can treat each problem as if it is there. That is, you treat each statement (problem) as if it were stated in the negative form as an existing problem.

If any of these problems are not actually operating in the issue you are treating, there is nothing is lost except a few seconds to do the treatment. The original issue will usually be gone after treating this sequence of problems, without further treatments. Here is the sequence.

1) “I want to be free of this problem.”

2) “I am willing to be free of this problem.”

3) “I am willing to be free of this problem now and continually from now on (permanently, forever, etc.).”

4) “I give myself permission to be free of this problem continually from now on.”

5) "It's okay for me to be completely free of this problem continually from now on."

6) “I deserve to be permanently free of this problem continually from now on.”

7) “I will do everything necessary to see to it that I am free, and remain continually free of this problem from now on.”

After treating for each of these seven problems, treat these final three, more global, catchall issues. Sometimes one, both or none of these statements will muscle-test negative. But, if they do show up, treat for the whole bunch in one treatment for each of these three catchall issues. You do not have to know how many there are.

”There are still one or more problems that will make me keep or take back this problem.”
“There is still something in me that will make me keep or take back this problem.”
10) “I am still vulnerable to taking this problem back sometime.”

I frequently find one to three or more “still a problem’s” (sometimes up to in the 40s) and 1-4 “something” to treat for the issue that is being addressed. Now I just treat each entire set with one treatment. Most clients do not care what, or how many, there were. They just want to be set free.

This problem of vulnerability is virtually universal for every problem treated with BSFF—not just in this Fail-Safe sequence. I include it at the end of every treatment session with BSFF as a single treatment of all vulnerabilities to taking back any of the problems that were treated in the session.

There are many variations in the ways to state these ten steps, depending on the problem you are addressing. For, example, “ I want to have a good marriage, I want to be in charge of my life, I want to be successful at ____, I want to be humble before my God, I want to hear clearly from God, etc. They can be framed for any problem area. And, they can show up in any area of human experience.

Here is another very recent finding (June 2001). When treating for emotional roots of a physical symptom (headache, any body pain, anything that involves the body in any way) it is a good idea to test for the body as well as for the person on all of these Fail-Safe items.

That is, the body has to have permission, be in agreement, and feel deserving, etc. as well as the person. You simply test and treat for such statements as “I give my body permission to be free of this problem.” “It’s OK for my body to…” “My body deserves to…,” etc.

Watch for these Fail-Safe sequences in everyone. If a problem or issue does not seem to be clearing after 8-10 treatments it may well be a signal that the Fail-Safe System is operating. Do this sequence. Then, if the F-S sequence does not clear the entire issue, you may need to just keep treating for the original problems until they are completely cleared. Sometimes, although quite rarely, as many as 30-40 problems are involved in an issue, without there being a F-S system operating.

Do note that there can still be other problems surrounding the larger issue that may still need to be treated, e.g., frustration about having this stuckness, irritation or impatience, and, of course, anger at self about it. But, this Fail-Safe sequence will get you through a lot of major stuck places in treatment.


I am very excited and deeply gratified to bring this wonderful treatment method to you. It is a gift from God to you and to me. It is my fervent desire that you will use BSFF and BE SET FREE FAST. May you be as blessed as I am with it.

Some Clarifications of the BSFF Treatment Procedure

A few people have asked whether the procedure could be so simple. Because it is so simple they have a hard time believing the simplicity of the directions in the BSFF Manual. So I am clarifying the procedure to help be sure that you can enter into the BSFF treatment process quickly. I welcome these questions because they let me know how I can make BSFF more usable for you.

The procedure is deceptively simple. A few others have raised the same question. I will make it clearer in subsequent versions of the Manual. If you have any more questions, please ask. I dearly want you to get all of the wonderful help you can from BSFF. It is an amazing method and you can do it, too.

So, here is all you have to do. When you use your cue word your subconscious mind will instantly do the treatment work for you. So, when I say "treat it" I am simply saying use your cue to treat the problem that you have noticed and want to eliminate.

Your "faithful servant" will always do this for you. It does all of the actual treatment work. You just cue it to do so by using your word(s). Your subconscious mind knows exactly what you have noticed that prompted you to use your cue. It has the whole history of the problem and will simply neutralize/eliminate it so that it is no longer operating within you.

Basically, your subconscious mind is faithfully responding to your cue combined with your intention for it to treat the problem that you have consciously noticed. You don’t even have to be able to identify or label the problem. You only need to notice it with your conscious mind and use your cue. That is all there is to the treatment procedure.

I know. This sounds too simple - too easy - too good to be true. It can’t possibly work for every problem. But BSFF is all of those wonderful things. Simple, true, easy, and it will always work for each individual problem. Just keep treating until all problems are cleared for whatever issues you are treating.

When you include the full instructions (once only is needed), including the iSt 9X9 instructions and the tenth step of the Fail-Safe System, you will have a very thorough treatment process to help you be set free in every area.

Study the “Stopping Stoppers” section in the BSFF Manual and get a good handle on this idea that often there are problems behind problems that prevent us from even using the BSFF treatments for some problems. If you don’t treat those you will never get to some problems that you do notice and want to eliminate.

This is not to say that there may not be some major issues that you cannot completely eliminate on your own. Such things as addictions or major medical problems may well require some other interventions, medical or spiritual. But, it may be that with some work with a BSFF counselor you can get through these barriers far easier. Professional experience and expertise can be quite helpful here.

I may be able to help you find someone who has good BSFF skills and experience, or I can help you by telephone. I do lots of effective telephone consultation and training with people worldwide. Have fun, and BE SET FREE FAST!


Here are my responses to someone’s email inquiries about using BSFF. He was confused by the simplicity of BSFF—which often happens when people are first exposed to such a straightforward and simple method of resolving complex problems. I have used these questions as a way to tell everyone about some exciting new understandings that greatly enhance our treatment effectiveness in the energy therapies.

Question: I just finished studying the manual I received via email from you. I have being working heavily with different techniques (EFT, tBSFF, etc.) with good results in many problems, but some of them keep coming back. From your manual I understand that the reason may be that I've not gone through the whole number of issues involved.

Answer: Yes, thoroughness is crucial. There are frequently multiple problems associated with some issue, especially in relationship issues. Also, thorough forgiveness is essential.

Question: I'm eager to start using iBSFF but I have some doubts about the procedure.
Is it just to describe the problem (in negative or positive form?) and say the cue word after the instruction to the subconscious mind has been set? That's it? I’d appreciate your answers as soon as possible since I'm eager to start my work with iBSFF.

Answer: Yes. That is all there is to it. The BSFF treatment procedure really is that simple, and yet so profoundly simple and powerful. All you need to do is consciously notice that you have some problem and use your cue for it. You may or may not know what the problem is or have any labels to identify it. No matter. Just notice it and treat it. Your subconscious will faithfully respond to your cue word(s) and your intention to eliminate the problem.

Your subconscious mind does the actual treatment work. You simply cue it to do so. You give the overall instructions to the subconscious just once. You never have to give them again--unless you tell your subconscious mind to stop using your word for treatments. Then it would stop working immediately.

However, if you wanted to use the treatments again, you would simply tell your subconscious mind something like, "my subconscious mind, I instruct you to reestablished the BSFF treatments just as we did before I told you to cancel them." You would not have to repeat the instructions all over again. Your subconscious mind would remember what they were and immediately implement them for you again. It truly is a faithful servant in a great many ways.

I appreciate your kind remarks about the help you have gained from BSFF. I, too, consider it a total gift from God. I merely get to be the joyful messenger to share it with the world. I am so blessed to do this work.


BSFF, June-July 2001 updates. There is a wonderful new breakthrough that can greatly enhance our treatment results, no matter what therapy method we may be using. Here it is for you to add to your treatment instructions to your faithful servant, your subconscious mind.

These concepts may seem a bit confusing at first, but they are very important to understand. Start by reviewing these additional subconscious mind instructions. They are stated somewhat differently in the complete instructions, above. As always, these instructions are given only one time to the subconscious mind.

"Subconscious mind, whenever you treat any problem that I notice and cue you to treat, you will also automatically include in the treatment:
every related problem that is in any way associated in my experience with the problem I am treating and,
including all problems that have ever been established or can be triggered in all possible positions and combinations of head and eye and any other body parts or body functions that I was in or experiencing when each of those problems was either being created or actually occurring at any time in my life."

THE iSt 9X9 GRID: Another really important piece to all this has just been offered by Don Elium, who manages the BSFF email discussion list. Don is a brilliant student of the Energy Therapies and BSFF in particular. Through discoveries that he and his eight-member iSt research team have made, he has given us an extremely significant new understanding of why some problems may recur or may not be completely eliminated.

Don presented the team’s findings on this “iSt 9X9 grid” at the Energy Psychology Conference in San Diego on May 11th 2001. He then graciously presented and demonstrated it for two hours at my post-conference BSFF training seminar. Don is not only brilliant; he is a superb caring and compassionate counselor. I was very impressed while watching him work with several people.

Don and his team have discovered that head and eye positions, in all of their possible combinations, can hold (be anchored to) different aspects of our problems/issues. It is routine practice in the energy therapies (myself included) to muscle test with the person's head and eyes in the same position for all testing. Don has discovered that this will typically cause us to miss detecting and treating some problems without our realizing it.

Conceptually this idea fits in well with Roger Callahan’s “eye roll” procedure. The idea being to roll the eyes in a full circle in each direction while treating the presenting problem to assure treating every eye position where a problem may occur. Callahan’s “floor to ceiling” eye movement is in the same category, I think. But, the iSt research tem is showing us that this is only part of the story.

Not treating for all possible eye-, head- and other body positions may well explain why some treated problems return. We have always thought, according to our muscle testing, that we were finished treating some issue, especially when we had treated many problems around some issue; but we may well not have been as thorough as we thought.

In fact, my early application of the iSt 9X9 process indicates that I may have almost never been completely finished with an issue. Given this discovery, I am somewhat puzzled that so few problems have returned with my BSFF work in the way I had been doing it all these years.

Don and his team have made a brilliant discovery, I think. I am very thankful that the team chose to share this discovery with us now. They are still systematically exploring these things, but we are ahead of the game by having this discovery revealed now.

I hate to think how my work would have remained so incomplete if I had not learned this from Don now. I have always emphasized the importance of thoroughness of treatment in order to limit the likelihood of problems returning. The iSt 9X9 finding is a quantum improvement in assuring greater thoroughness. Whew! I am so thankful to have this new understanding.

In Don’s conceptualization there are 81 possible combinations of head and eye positions. He views the head positions, and also the eye positions, as if they were on a grid that looks like a tic-tac-toe game board. Each position on this grid could be a head position, and/or an eye position.

Therefore there are 9X9=81 possibilities where hidden problems could be anchored. That is 81 possible combinations, any one of which could have a problem related to the one we have identified, but which we would probably miss detecting and treating if we restrict ourselves to our usual muscle testing strategy. Ouch!

I think that it could even be more complex than this. Don agrees that perhaps the head being tilted to the right or left could add many other possible head-eye combinations as well. Let’s see. The math gets tricky for me here. Adding two sides of head tilting (right or left), does that make 9X9X two more head positions? No, I guess it just adds 9X2 more head-eye possibilities for problems to be anchored and triggered. That would make 89 possibilities in Don’s schema.

And, of course, we do not know if just conceiving of this as head-eye positions within each grid is finely tuned enough. There could be even more gradations of positions within each grid. The nervous system is so finely tuned that even very small changes in head or eye position might be anchored to the development and triggering of problems. This means that the problem may be triggered when only a very slight change of head-eye position occurs.

That is, perhaps a specific problem would be triggered in a very specific and precise position and never in any other head-eye position—even one that is in the same head-eye grid. Or possibly, any combination of head-eye positions could be anchored to one specific problem whether or not there are other related problems in other head-eye positions. And what about other body part’s many possible positions?

We do know that the subconscious mind is very literal, specific and precise about word meanings. So, it seems plausible that it will react equally as precisely to minute changes in any combination of head-eye and other body part positions as the triggers for our psychological problems. Any combination could be a trigger.

(The math is getting really outrageous now. And probably irrelevant.) There seem to be an almost infinite number of possible head-eye-body position combinations—right down to cell-by-cell possibilities. Fortunately, Don and his research team are doing some very systematic, methodical work on these things. It will be fascinating to see what they uncover next with all this stuff. They are making some fantastic contributions to our knowledge in energy psychology.

As I understand it, Don usually tests and treats many or most of the 81 (89?) possible combinations of the various eye and head positions. He does collapse them into one instant treatment sometimes, as well. And he has discovered other ways to shorten this procedure, as well. But I am not inclined to using the slower multiple position testing and treatment. So, I just go for the instant procedure and combine all possibilities into the same treatment.

Warmly, Larry

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File name: EFT.doc 2|

These instructions are to my subconscious mind.

Whenever I consciously strike or touch the right side of my temple with my fingertips, just above the right ear, and when I simultaneously think or speak the words "Treat this now" while rolling my eyes in a full circle in each direction, you, my valued subconscious mind, will immediately work on the following challenges simultaneously:

1.) …eliminate all of the negative emotional root experiences and all beliefs that might interfere with the problem at hand that I notice. You will also simultaneously eliminate every Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) effects that are associated with, and have been triggered by, each emotional root experience involved in every problem that is associated with the task before you.

You will thoroughly resolve these PTS effects so that they no longer cause me any sort of discomfort or interference. The PTS factors that you will eliminate include all seven of the following negative effects on my entire human system and being...

* Shock or trauma to my system
* Stress or distress to my system
* Upset to my system - like remembering past unpleasant happenings
* Bother, impatience or disturbance to my system
* Resurgence of past failures or regrets
* Prejudice and preconceived notions
* Greed and obsessive compulsions.

You will do all this for me whether or not I consciously know what the underlying problem is, and even when I cannot identify, describe or label the problem with words. I only need to consciously trigger my intentional non-verbal and mental or spoken clue for you to treat any problems that still persist within me.

2.) Simultaneously treat and eliminate any and all other problems, at all levels of my entire life, experience and being, and at all levels of my mind, which may directly or indirectly contribute to, feed into, help cause, or in any way maintain interference with the challenge at hand.

You will do all of this for me no matter what combination of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual experiences that I might have harbored at the time each of these related problems were being established or re-experienced.

You will completely and permanently eliminate each and every problem that I treat this way - whether or not I have been programmed subconsciously to keep them, to take them back, to allow them to come back, to permit them to return, or to passively accept or receive them back in any way, shape or form.

You will simultaneously also eliminate each and every problem that would make me vulnerable to any treated problem returning in any way or at any time in the future.

You will do all of this for me from now on, no matter what condition, circumstance or situation that I am in or what problem I may be imagining or remembering, every time I initiate the treatment of a problem with my intentional non-verbal and mental or spoken clue that is given in the first paragraph of this directive.

A new reading and conditioning of my subconscious mind will completely replace all previous conditionings.

Subconscious mind, I thank you for being my faithful and valued collaborator. End.

Dianne Jacobs Thompson  Est. 2003
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