"For some reason modern medicine has itself turned a corner and entered a darkness and is now committing crimes against humanity unequalled
in the history of our race."
--Dr. Mark Sircus
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1979 Around January of that year, I went home to die.   ..cont. 
I was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, chronic bronchitis, acutely infected ovarian cysts, arthritis, sciatica, low thyroid, anemia and a heart condition. Besides that I had chronic ear infections and long-standing clinical depression. The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., known as a "naturopathic oncology pioneer" cured me in 5 weeks. It required the diagnosis (the Carroll Food Test) of digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances which most people have and few know about, and it also identified the primary tissue salt deficiency, along with treatment with glandular protomorphogens to restore glandular health, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy to bring about detoxification, to stimulate blood circulation and the activity of the vital organs and to jump-start the immune system. It turned out to be the basic foundation of the most successful healing system I've ever witnessed.
1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

This is why I research and write about alternative medicine. It's a debt.

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Breatharianism (also called 'Inedia')


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Written by Steve Torrence and edited by Lisa Hagelthorn and I (Juergen Buche, ND) agree with all of what is being said here...

Our bodies don't require physical food and they have only adapted to live on it because we have forced them to do just that. Food is not only unnecessary, but actually harmful to our health and well-being. Everything in life , including food, has an energy pattern which is influenced by the powerful transmissions of our consciousness, plus the consciousness of others around us. When we consume this food, it then mixes with the energies of our bodies and causes our energy patterns to be so distorted, that it's difficult to see clearly.

Prana, which is a very high frequency vibration (higher than visible light), is what the body was actually intended to use to sustain itself. This is an intelligent energy and brings many benefits to our lives, such as; increased consciousness and health. To receive this type of energy, our brain has very powerful energy receptors, known as the endocrine glands. These endocrine glands, specifically the pineal and pituitary glands, increase in size over several years when you stop eating. These important glands then wake up to handle their primary function of transmuting the light energy known as Prana into usable energy that our body needs for it's activities. Our lungs are also thought to assist in this process.

The injurious, life-shortening practice of eating food for pleasure forced these critical glands into retirement, as the body slowly adjusted to meet the new condition....or perish. So, instead of dropping dead in his tracks, man dies by degrees. The dying process science calls disease and aging, while futilely searching within the body for the cause.

When you restore the function of these important glands to their full capacity, the results are perfect health and an incredible increase in energy. When you really think about the harmful consequences of a physical food-based diet, you quickly see how it negatively affects our lives on a daily basis. Just think about all the time that people waste because they choose the health- destroying practice of eating physical food, by pondering these questions:

How much time do you spend working to pay for the food that you consume?
How much time do you spend buying this food at the grocery store?
How much time do you spend in preparing the food?
How much time do you spend in a day eating food?
How much time do you spend cleaning up after your meals?
How much time do you spend getting rid of this food in the bathroom?
How much time do you spend exercising to try and counteract the weight-gaining and damaging effects of food?
How much extra time do you spend sleeping because of the stress food puts on your body?
How much lost productivity do you have in a day because of the tiring effect food has on your body?

When you add up all the time that consuming food robs from your life, you will quickly see the real cost of a food-based diet.

My experience... an unfinished story (by Dr. Buche, N.D.)

When I first read about Breatharianism (also called INEDIA) in Viktoras Kulviskas’ marvelous book "Survival into the 21st Century", it took years for me to realize that the very first line of his chapter on "Breatharianism" which reads: "NOT FOR EVERYBODY" was more than ‘pregnant with meaning’.

In summer of 1993, I was slowly returning North from Miami, Florida on my yacht "Angerica II" with only me onboard. When departing Miami, I decided that I would do a fast. I certainly did not set myself a time limit but it seemed appropriate. Off and on, during the past eight years, I had fasted often, mostly a day or two at a time, but fairly often. I had developed a decent conscience regarding food but felt that I needed to detoxify more seriously than I had before. There were also certain ‘afflictions’ which I had endured for a very long time such as not being able to smell for over twenty years. My taste was naturally also severely restricted. Just hold your nose and try to taste something other than strictly salty or sweet or bitter (the primary taste sensations of the tongue).

One thing scared me a bit. Every authority on fasting advocates the essential need for rest, inactivity, calm and serenity. Life as a single-hander on a large yacht may be serene but it is anything BUT tranquil, inactive and restful!

Nevertheless, I proceeded to sail North along the Intracoastal Waterway, for over 1,000 miles, day in and day out, for three weeks, until I arrived at Elizabeth City in North Carolina. By that time I smelled whatever you placed under my nose. A miracle? Not at all. I had simply detoxified and cleared my sinus cavities. I had also lost quite a bit of weight and looked a bit drawn and haggard. The sight of me was probably not pretty because, when my wife and brother arrived to accompany me on the remaining trip to Montreal, Canada, they gave me curious looks and expressed concern over my appearance. That, of course, is to be expected if you do an uncontrolled fast. Later, in this dissertation, you will discover what I mean by ‘controlled’.

Some people think they are fasting when they take no food for 12 hours. Hogwash! Some believe they are fasting when they abstain from solids and take only juices of some kind. Hogwash! Fasting means taking no food other than water. Some people advocate not drinking ANY water. I cannot support that approach. As long as the human organism is still toxic, there is a need to eliminate dying cells (result of catabolism), cellular refuse, discharged lymph, old fecal matter and undesirable substances such as toxic mucus, liver and kidney stones and gravel and many other waste products we cannot even start defining. While the body is not eating, there is a lot of house cleaning going on, both on a physical level as well as a mental and emotional level. Only later will such house cleaning spill over to the spiritual level. As you can see, there are many theories about fasting.

To continue my narrative...
During this voyage, I continued drinking at least one quart (one liter) of water early in the morning but very little during the day. Just enough to quench my thirst when needed. Invariably, I discovered that I had a short bowel movement (usually quite liquid) about 20 minutes after my morning drink. I did not mix this drinking water with anything whatsoever. The ‘diarrhea’ served as an excellent eliminative process. Long-term fasters usually start developing bad breath, disagreeable body odors and a variety of cleansing reactions that could be a bit overpowering for some bystanders. In my case, I perspired profusely throughout the day and did not develop any disagreeable cleansing reactions. This perspiration probably also initiated large losses of salt, minerals and trace minerals and I would not be surprises if some of my haggardness was due to this very reason. Today, I would mix my drinking water with maybe 1/4 sea water and that I would count on to replenish my missing minerals.
Although I had no adverse cleansing reactions, other fasters might have many and severe ones, too. I wished I had done a few liver cleanses before starting such a fast because several liver cleanses, three months apart, should get rid of all stones, gravel and crystals in the gall bladder and liver and thus should eliminate most cleansing reactions. A kidney cleanse and parasite cleanse are also most helpful but not mandatory. I took no medication or supplementation of any kind and do not recommend that this be done during a serious fast.

The day after I arrived at Elizabeth City, I started eating again. You’ll never guess how! With Kentucky-fried chicken! Usually, authorities recommend that you start drinking orange juice, sparingly, and slowly graduate to more solid foods. I did not get sick, throw up nor did I reject such junk food! Mind you - it was just chicken - nothing else. So, at least I observed proper naturopathic food combining practices! (smile)

At that time I still had the notion that one needs protein to build muscle and to survive. Today, I know otherwise. You ARE what you THINK you are and any limitations between your ears become your very own and cry out for acceptance and expression in reality! Thought forms are VERY powerful. If you 'KNOW' you must age - well, you will! Today, I WOULD break by fast (start eating again) on fresh fruit juices and would eat fruit only for at least a week until I could eat a raw (pesticide-loaded) vegetable salads. That's if I wanted to eat again! If you feel like it you might as well become a Breatharian at that point, that's the time to do it. I didn't then - but now the picture is different!

The one and lasting impression I had from that 3-week experience was that, after the third day, all feelings of hunger and all dependencies on food utterly disappeared. The liberating feeling of knowing that Cosmic Life Essence can and did and will sustain me for undefined periods is wonderful. The clarity of mind one develops during a complete fast is awesome. The breath rate slows to under five per minute (what's yours now?) and the heart rate is well below 60 (check yourself now) - and yes, I worked hard throughout my fasting period. I noticed no diminution of strength, no headaches and no feelings of despair or anxiety. Off and on, there was a certain queasiness in the stomach area, possibly a certain adjustment of blood sugar levels and transmutations of certain elements to replenish missing trace elements and due to the liver starting to use stored fat or glycogen to convert to glucose to feed the brain. I drank my urine throughout the day to keep hormones at an acceptable level and to augment my energy. If you are wondering whether I was delirious to do that - just check out our Amaroli Page in this web site and discover an ancient health practice that is both liberating and beneficial.
During this fast, conducted in the height of summer, I lost a great deal of liquids and also a lot of minerals and trace minerals through perspiration not through urination. Drinking my urine was the only thing that saved me from demineralization. If you have the slightest queasiness about drinking your own Water of Life and you perspire at all - then you MUST supply yourself with necessary macro minerals and trace minerals until your body has acquired the ability to transmute available minerals into necessary unavailable minerals and elements. This it does eventually, mostly from the nitrogen of the air. The ideal intermediate source, for several weeks, should be from sea vegetation, not from land mineral deposits. One product has not only all of the minerals and trace elements but also all the vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids known to man. This is Kelp. One ounce a day (two teaspoons) is sufficient and it will not re-awaken the digestive processes because, being totally natural and organic, it starts being assimilated into your body as you retain it in your mouth for a minute or so. Then swallow it. Once your body knows how to transmute, under the solicited guidance of the Great Cosmic Universal Source (via affirmations), then you can slowly cut back in the intake of Kelp. Your body will tell you when it is time to cut back. Know that sustenance comes from God, not from food. Food is but the catalyst that triggers the body to conduct certain processes and actions. If in doubt about this, then read Hilton Hotema's books on Immortality. He is sooo eloquent!
Even Dr. Lovewisdom, the person who has taught me more about fasting than anyone else, will tell you that a gradual process to cleansing, fasting and diet modification is the right way to proceed.

The foregoing is not at all remarkable but, I assure you, it is quite significant to me for several reasons that will become apparent as we continue together our journey into the fascinating realm of "Breatharianism".

Oh, by the way - in case you are wondering - not more than a week after my 3-week total fast, when I started to eat like a normal 'civilized' human again, I totally lost my sense of smell again.

Update 23 August, '04:
Where am I now - how have I evolved during the past few years and what is my present outlook regarding Breatharianism?

I have my ups and downs. There are periods when I make Breatharianism my highest priority and there are other times when it is almost routine and I pay no attention to the details. At this moment, the end of another Canadian summer, every morning, I drink 3-4 glasses of tap water to properly purge my digestive system. 20 minutes later I have a small, mostly liquid, bowel movement and that elimination keeps me stay free of any fasting side effects - I think - because I don't feel that I am depriving myself of anything at all. I feel just fine! I eat a piece of fruit after my little purge and a teaspoon of kelp every mid-morning, and one soul-satisfying but very frugal meal once or twice a week, mostly on Saturday. What kind of a meal? Just about anything that is appetizing and healthy but alive and mostly raw. I would not touch junk food anyway but I have a sweet tooth. It is a nice social thing - to eat with friends and to know that my digestive system does not atrophy.
As I said before, starting in the spring, when the sun comes out and I can take sun baths, I like to eat an occasional fruit - to promote cleansing - and I TASTE small morsels of food instead of filling my gut with food. In essence, I have largely lost my addiction to food. I don't advertise this at all - even to my best friends - because everyone with whom I speak of this thinks I am crazy. So, consequently, I keep this to myself and whoever might find this page. So, do I look skinny and haggard? Hardly - I look like everyone else - and I feel fine.

Yes, I miss the companionship and pleasure that comes from human interaction during meals. I can watch people eat around me without experiencing any discomfort whatsoever, and I delight in seeing and feeling my own liberation as compared to those who eat to live and live to eat. When you have looked at all the frightening Mad Cow Disease literature, as I have, then you are not at all sorry to be in the process of giving up eating. It is really easy when you KNOW (not think) that all sustenance comes from the Great Source of All There Is. When you carry an abundant supply of love and unload it on everyone and everything you come in contact with - then eating (especially cooked and devitalized food) is such an unnecessary habit. Once you know how good it feels not having to detoxify, not having to eliminate those deadly toxins, not having to deal with choosing and preparing food and supplements, when abundant health has been achieved - then not eating, or at least eating VERY frugally, is the best ticket to liberation you could have bought for your own salvation.


For several years now, I have explored the lives of people who, according to written accounts, have ‘lived on air’. Some are historical Breatharians and others, like Dr. Barbara Moore, Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek are contemporaries.
There is also mounting evidence that biological transmutation is a fact - not only for plants but for humans as well. Kervan, often referred to in Christopher Bird's excellent book "The Secret Life of Plants", has done much to prove that plants have no trouble transmuting one element into another. If you look at the molecule of chlorophyll and that of hemoglobin, then you will see readily why the blood of plants (chlorophyll) is practically identical to human blood, with only one major difference - the nucleus. In plants it is magnesium and in humans it is iron. Is it really such an enormous stretch of an imagination to conclude that humans transmute chlorophyll into hemoglobin - practically instantly? And why is it that one can remove ALL the blood in an alley dog's body, fill it with diluted seawater and observe a healed, peppy, healthy dog just hours afterwards?
And the seawater Just a poor little alley dog in this body does not remain as seawater of course - it turns into regular but healthier blood. Consult my dog experiment page here if you are interested.

And what if transmutation can be directed and controlled by thought or affirmations? Why can we not make that quantum jump in consciousness? I tell you why - it is called brainwashing. We have been told all our life that food is ABSOLUTELY essential for life. But that is not necessarily so. If one person can go without food then all persons should be able to do this. So, what makes the difference? THINKING MAKES IT SO!

Medical giants speak on the source of life...

In the first quarter of this century, there existed a number of renowned doctor/scientists who were true humanitarians. Those were the medical giants that medicine could have built upon and learnt from but it never happened. Who, today, has heard of Dr. Henry Lindlahr, Dr. Rocine, Dr., Tilden, Dr. John Christopher, or even Dr. Bernard Jensen who was their student and is still alive today at age 88.

These illustrious giants advocated a natural approach to medicine, one tempered with patience and perseverance. They all had an excitingly fresh viewpoint of a LARGER medicine, a medicine that encompassed religion, science and humanities.
Listen to what Dr. Lindlahr had to say in his 1914 book "Natural Therapeutics - Dietetics, Volume III" page 50...

"[Our] conception regards life as the primary force of all forces coming from the great central Source of all intelligence and creative power. This force, which permeates, heats and animates the entire created universe, is the expression of the "divine will", the "Logos", the "word" of the Great Creative Intelligence. Our sun is one of the millions of power stations for the distribution of this divine energy which sets in motion the whirls the ether [vortices] the electric [vibrational] corpuscles and ions that make up the different atoms and elements of matter. ...This intelligent energy can have but one source - the one and only Source of all life, intelligence and creative will in this universe. If this supreme intelligence would withdraw its energy ... the entire universe would disappear in a flash of a moment.

From this it appears that crude matter, instead of being the source of life and of all its complicated mental and psychical phenomena is but an expression of the Life Force, itself a manifestation of the Great Creative Intelligence which some call God, others Nature, the Oversoul, Brahma, Prana, the Great Spirit, and so forth, each according to his best understanding. It is this Supreme Intelligence and power, acting in and through every atom, molecule and cell in the human body, which is the true healer, the vis mediatrix naturae, which always endeavors to repair, to heal, and to restore [perfection]. All that the physician can do is to remove obstructions and establish normal conditions within and around the patient, so that the "healer within" can do His work to the best advantage.

This life force is the primary source of all energy - that from which all other kinds and forms of energy are derived. It is independent of the body and of food and drink [just] as the electric current is independent of the glass bulb and the carbon thread through which it manifests as heat and light."

As you can see, the true historical doctors all had a healthy respect for a higher source of life. They were not tired prescription writers. They needed no referral to other 'specialists' who never knew the patient. The likes of Lindlahr knew how to assist the body and mind to normalize with a minimum of interference. I, Dr. Buche, have learned immensely from those medical giants!!!


As Kulviskas says: "There is a beautiful simplicity in this [Breatharian] approach. It enables one to get away from the gross and intoxicating nature of food which leads the average person to spend at least one third of his or her lifetime in the unconscious state of sleep and the rest of it in a stupor of unproductive, demoralizing labor."

This seems only too true. Have you watched TV lately, specially in the morning? The whole spiel is geared to cooking, food preparation and eating while pushing dietary products, all of which are processed and adulterated. In almost 15 years of Naturopathic praxis I have had only a handful of SERIOUS patients who have undertaken conscientious changes in diet and life style - for a while. None so far have expressed even remote interest in undertaking a practice such as Breatharianism in order to achieve a worthwhile goal. As a matter of fact, most patients visit me only to see what bad habits they can get away with while keeping their present illusionary life style. As Ponce de Leon was looking in vain for the Fountain of Youth, my patients, almost without exception, are forever looking for a silver bullet, the proverbial snake oil, that will cure all their ills but, if you please, without any effort on their part!!!

I have come to the conclusion that a therapist, a doctor, a practitioner can advise anything - and patients will follow blindly - as long as he/she does not impinge on the patient's dietary habits. EATING is so engrained, so pleasantly intoxicating, seemingly so NECESSARY in the eyes of everybody you see around you, that the mere reference to Breatharianism evokes smiles of pity and raises eyebrows of consternation if not outright condemnation and ridicule. And all that is easily provoked without the slightest hint at study or learning or - heaven forbid - practicing a day of fasting - on the part of the one who raises those eyebrows in wonder at your evident insanity.

It is not enough to try to go without food. You must have a pretty good idea about the underlying reasons why you want to do without food. Are you doing this to gain notoriety or fame? Are you doing this because you are ill and want to heal, to regenerate, to rejuvenate? Are you properly prepared to actually draw from the great Universal Source the required sustenance to not only stay alive but to thrive in exquisite health and abundance?

I found that daily affirmations are an absolute necessity in order to reinforce the paradigm of self-sufficiency with the SELF being the almighty I AM resident within you. I affirm, with my heart center firmly engaged: "I AM limitless Love. I am the perfect manifestation of the omnipotent and benevolent power of the universe that sustains me from day to day regardless of whether I eat or not. I AM continually renewed in all respects, spiritually and emotionally balanced, and I AM protected from all negative influences. I AM the perfect expression of divine and limitless Love."

It is my opinion that above affirmation will sustain you and protect you and actually draw from the limitless supply of the Universe the necessary sustenance you require. It might seem a little simplistic but it seems to work - for me. Have no fear and dare to be different.

One other important ingredient, in my opinion, is to practice 'Inspirational Pranayama' in conjunction with the above affirmations. This is a simple breathing exercise that allows you to consciously tune into the Universal Cosmic Supply and withdraw, at will, all the sustenance you wish. I call it 'square breathing'. It is extremely powerful to tune into the Universal Substance, prana, and consciously utilize this invisible, all-pervading, life-preserving, rejuvenating, primordial substance.

1. Sit comfortably, straighten you back and empty your lungs completely
2. Start by inhaling completely to the count of four (seconds)
3. Retain your breath to the count of four
4. Exhale completely to the count of four
5. Keep your lungs empty to the count of four
6. Repeat 2-6 ten times once a day or more often if desired.
7. Increase the count by 1second each week (don't be in a rush even if this appears simple)
8. When the going gets rough (maybe at 10 seconds a leg) stay at that level until it is easy
9. When taking a breath chant "Sooooo"
10. When exhaling, chant "Hummmmmm"

So, now you are on your way to become an accomplished Breatharian. Good for you! Can you estimate how much time, effort and money is wasted day in and day out - on eating and preparing food? Hardly! It almost feels like Eating is a very bad habit. People simply eat themselves to death. Experiments with rats have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that halving their food intake doubles their life span.

Some interesting questions for aspiring Breatharians...

Some interesting questions an aspiring Breatharian needs to find answers for are these:

"Can a person live without any food? For weeks, months, years? Is this for me?"
"Is nutrition derived from food or does it really come from the Universal Essence?"
"Is a radical departure of traditional 'religious' spiritual values a necessity?"

Other questions are secondary but stimulating just the same...
"How long can a detoxified person stay under water? 4 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour?
It has never been tried - why not experiment a bit, or maybe a lot?"

Naturally, there will be a long period of transition. The length of transition to true Breatharianism depends on the faster's belief system, his/her prime intent to become a Breatharian, his/her inherent constitution, his/her will to follow through with the required discipline, the amount of outside interference and his/her resistance to it, availability of sunshine and tranquility, the company he/she keeps and the amount of spiritual assistance that can be called upon and be sustained from the heavenly realms. Eventually, the Breatharian must learn to live with him/herself without support from society and re-learn certain concepts (and I quote from Leonard Orr's book: "The Common Sense of Physical Immortality"...)

"Why not have your laugh last and last?"
"Death is a useless custom, a bad habit."
"Death is a grave mistake."
"Visionary ideas may seem strange at first but they may save your live!"
"People value their bad habits more than their bodies/"
"People value their false religions more than the living temple of God [their bodies]."
"Achieving physical immortality may be easier and more fun than your think."
"If you can't take it with you - don't go!"
"Death and taxes are no longer certain in life - they are now negotiable."
"Those who think they know what is right are particularly irritating to those of us who do!"

...and finally, the one I like a lot: "Dying is no way to live!"

If you wish to acquire more knowledge about Breatharianism, I can refer you to some books I have in my Health Library...
Diet, Health and Living on Air - by Morris Krok
The Common Sense of Physical Immortality - by Leonard Orr
Pranic Nourishment or Living on Light
Breatharianism, Breathe and Live Forever - by Wiley Brooks and Nancy Foss
Man's Higher Consciousness - by Hilton Hotema
Perfect Creation - by Hilton Hotema
Survival into the 21st Century - by Viktoras Kulvinskas

Thank you for writing.
The first thing to do is to stop listening to all the food ads and hype 'out there'. Everybody is into cooking this or that and it is society's major addiction and vice. Regardless of how good something tastes, eat it only if it is alive and uncooked. Alive means purchased from a market or health food store that has clean and raw food, preferably not in a package. Start eating only fruit in the morning and large salads in the EARLY evening. Cut down on food portions until you eat only when you are actually hungry.

So, let's say you eat only raw and alive for a while until meat and processed food becomes somewhat disgusting to you. Then, you can become a fruitarian - eating only ripe and succulent fruit. This you can do when living in the sun, when you can expose your skin to the sun and live in fresh air. When in Northern climates, you need vegetables in this phase - in addition to all the sun energy you can get.
After a while, you can graduate to drinking your food, either a couple of glasses of vegetable juice, freshly made, or diluted fruit juices and a few sprouts. At that point you will not be hungry very often.
From then on, have only one meal a day or every second day, at any rate not unless you are hungry. Fasting can be done off or on but it is not absolutely necessary. Your body will be in a transitional stage and needs to constantly and continually adapt to less and less but better and better food. Eventually, the body will transmute any missing elements directly from the air. This is not an idle statement - there is abundant proof of this. Dr. Alexis Carrel has done much experimental work on this subject.
Supplements should be powdered kelp, barley green and Amaroli. Water should be pure spring water, exposed to the sun for a couple of hours. Exercise is essential and very desirable. Certain healing or cleansing crises can be expected.

Certain people will try to 'graduate' through different eating habits, such as Western, Kosher, Macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian and certain in-between states. The essence is to PROGRESSIVELY condition the body to accept less and less food while consciously demanding sustenance from the all-pervading cosmic supply. It can be done but one needs to largely shut up and keep this strange behavior pattern to oneself. People around you have never fasted for a single day but always know what's best for you, especially your family!

I hope to have answered your questions. In my opinion, the 3-week Jasmuheen program is somewhat of a joke. To abstain from water for a week, when the body is in high cleansing gear seems inadvisable. Please don't go that route - it will be a failure because this program does not obey the body's needs for a lengthy transition. The above transitional steps from a typical Western diet to a cosmic non-food diet can take years - so, don't overdo this but keep at it until your succeed. It can be fun and it certainly is good for your health.

Best regards,

Juergen Buche, ND, MI, NHC, Phy.D.

"Vision without Action is merely a dream.
Action without Vision is passing the time.
Vision with Action can change the world!"

In Service - I AM

Juergen Buche , N.D., MI, N.H.C., Phy.D.


NASA to study man who survives on liquids and sunlight

June 30 2003

An Indian man, who claims to have survived only on liquids and sunlight for eight years, has been invited by NASA to show them how he does it.

Hira Ratan Manek - also known as Hirachand - a 64-year-old mechanical engineer who lives in the southern state of Kerala, apparently started disliking food in 1992, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported.

In 1995, he went on a pilgrimage to the Himalayas and stopped eating completely on his return.

His wife, Vimla, said: "Every evening he looks at the sun for one hour without batting an eyelid. It is his main food. Occasionally he takes coffee, tea or some other liquid."

Last June, scientists from the US space agency verified that Manek spent 130 days surviving only on water, the report said.

They even named this subsistence on water and solar energy after him: The HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) Phenomenon.

Mr Manek is now in the US to show NASA's scientists how he survives without food.

The US space agency hopes to use the technique to solve food storage and preservation problems on its expeditions, the report said.

Mr Manek said he "eats through his eyes" in the evening, when the sun's ultraviolet rays are least harmful. He and his wife claim the technique is totally scientific. However, doctors warn that staring at the sun can make you blind.

His wife said: "He has a special taste for sun energy. He believes only 5 per cent of human brain cells are used by most people. The other 95 per cent can be activated through solar energy."




Seven years of ' Living on Light' is a fine testimony to the fact that we live on cosmic energy - not ordinary food!
Jasmuheen is the most outspoken and best-known of Breatharians on this planet - at this time.


Long Term Resource Sustainability

One of the main concerns of the work of the M.A.P.S. Light Ambassadors regarding the health of our planet, has been to do with long term resource sustainability. In my book "Ambassadors of Light - World Health - World Hunger Project" we discussed the factor of an increasing population that will be between 9 - 11 billion in 2050. We also discovered that even if all resources were equitably distributed then there will simply not be enough in 2050 to feed everyone unless radical dietary changes are made today.

After being very active on the global stage and with the media for the last four years, I have come to realize that being nourished by prana power is hard for people to grasp and hard for me to quantify. For true understanding to occur, people must have had an experience of the power of the Absolute - or God. No one that I know of has yet been able to adequately quantify the Supreme Force of Creation, so little wonder that trying to prove the prana game is a tough one.

So, having discovered a positive proposal to redistribute resources for long term sustainability, I am now focused on the process of bridging and refining.

If people, for whatever reason, don’t yet trust prana power, then, I began to ask the Masters of Alchemy (the MA), can we inspire them personally, to make enough comfortable change to support resource sustainability, beginning now?

Obviously yes, for a 10% reduction in meat consumption will feed an extra 60 million people. Switching to a vegetarian diet will definitely ensure we have enough resources to last a long, long time. Plus the immediate health and karma benefits are also too obvious too ignore.

Then, it’s an easy jump to vegan, then raw, then fruitarian, then on liquids ....IF.... people can maintain optimum health. When they have achieved that then prana power is the final step in what I know to be a superior nourishment game.

Superior nourishment for me is not just getting our resources under control for the good of all people.

Superior nourishment to me is about what’s good for the planet, for the animal kingdom, and for our holistic selves.

Yes it’s true planet earth would benefit magnificently from the world going vegan, particularly re. pollution. But commercial farming would still be dominant which is not good for us, or the earth, when pesticides etc. come into play. Yes, farming practices have changed, as the previous articles have shared and yes, we would still suffer from ingesting pollutants.

So let’s take it to another level.

As a species we begin the conversion to vegetarianism immediately. We still have to look at crops and resources, health and farming practices. We still need to address effective waste disposal methods, recycling and the like.

After we have adopted this and felt the global benefits, then we may like to look at being pollution free.

Questions like :-

If you could take all your nourishment via pills with no need to eat except for fun - would you?

If you knew that to do this could end starvation and poverty on the planet - would you?

If you knew that going vego was the first step to end all global starvation and poverty would you do it?

Or if you are already a vegetarian/vegan/raw food person - would you keep refining your diet, getting all you need via pills, till you only eat for social pleasure maybe once or twice a week, is this something you would entertain eventually doing?

Just think for a minute...being free from the need to eat food, just take a handful of pills every day, save lots of money and get more time while you feel great and no you are protected from the 7 deadly diseases....

Just what would the results of a society "who took nourishment via pills and eat only for pleasure now and then" be on our environment and resources????

Obviously, the trick is to make sure that these pills provided everything in the right dosage and were manufactured according to the highest professional standards.

Yes I know that even becoming vegetarian is a radical step for many but we as a society cannot ignore the facts any longer.

As a futuristic visionary, I have finally found a bridge. For the living on light / prana power game was never about getting the world to give up food. It was about creating an awareness of why we eat, the effects of what we eat, and looking at what effect the current trends around food consumption are having now on two thirds of our population, and also what our current trends will have on our future.

As a M.A.P.S. Ambassador I choose to have a voice on this planet and to provide inspirational information that will create positive change. That’s my job. Finding bridges makes this easy. Watching the Divine magnetize to me another piece of the recipe, is wonderful.

This is food for thought.... if you want to know more then contact Jeff at jeff@selfempowermentacademy.com.au and he can introduce you to the MAPS get Healthy, Get Wealthy Agenda...

...with love light and laughter - Jasmuheen

Here are a few observations by Jasmuheen...

Goodness is the only investment that never fails.
Henry David Thoreau - US Author and naturalist

If you wish to undergo the 21 day process, and have researched all you can on the matter, and read my book Living on Light (also titled Pranic Nourishment) then the next step is to ask yourself:

Are you Physically fit?
Are you able to do at least one solid hour of exercise each day without problem?
I recommend a cross training program for strength, grace, flexibility and stamina such as:
weight lifting, walking, yoga, isometrics, swimming, dance, marital arts etc
Have you been a vegetarian for at least a few years?
Prior to the process are you prepared to become vegan for 6 months, then raw food, then liquids for up to another 6 months before beginning the 21 day process?
Have you done all you can do to detox your physical body system?
Have you learnt about fasting and fasted on juice and/or water for over 7 days before?
Over the years have you learnt to listen to the voice of your body and treat it like a temple?
Are you Emotionally fit?
Do you have positive relationships with family and friends, do you feel content in life and happy with who you are?
Have you worked through your personal agendas and are now wishing to only serve and have your life here make a positive difference to the planet?
Have you sat down and asked yourself why you wish to do this?
Have you looked at your emotional attachments to food?
Are you disciplined enough to slowly eliminate everything but raw food from your diet?
If so are you disciplined enough to then eliminate everything but fruit?
Then everything but liquids?
Then perhaps even liquids?
Are you aware how this will impact on your social life? Does it matter?
Are you Mentally fit?
Do you KNOW and experience that you create your own reality?
Do you exercise mind mastery and thus feel the benefits of applied positive thoughts and programming in manifestation?
Do you have a strong mind body connection?
Do you listen to your body's guidance?
Are you Spiritually fit?
Have you been meditating regularly

So, this is Jasmuheen - she has not eaten since 1993.
Look up her site. It changes quite often and there is no point to reproduce all that practical information here. I don't totally agree with her physiological approach and I think the human body does need a longer period of adaptation than just 21 days - but that's my idea, not hers. Go, have fun! JB


Kelp - Inexpensive Superfood of the finest kind


What it contains
Preparation and Dosage


Kelp is one of the richest natural sources of all major minerals, most vitamins, living enzymes, all amino acids and most trace elements.
The powdered kelp I use is The finest kelp money can buy. It comes from Newfoundland, the icy waters of the Canadian Labrador current, and it is harvested by hand, sun-dried and processed (ground) under strict control. The product is certified organic. This kelp is called (Laminaria Digitata), and it is in very fine granules, not exactly a powder. It comes packaged in 1 pound aluminized paper sacs. I swallow a heaping teaspoon of kelp every day and a glass of water to wash down the kelp. Sometimes I take two teaspoons a day, depending whether this is my only food or not. Kelp in this form is not a supplement - it is FOOD - and as such you need not worry about its potency - your body chooses what it needs from its ingredients. As a matter of fact, you might not need any supplements when you use kelp. Kelp is the finest supplement not only for humans but for pets as well.

... and here is some additional info...

Rich in macro minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, silicon and iron.
High in some B-complex vitamins and iodine,
Moderate amounts of phosphorus, selenium, manganese and zinc.
Small amounts of vitamins A, C, E and G and all trace minerals in totally assimiable plant form - the top of the food chain, not the bottom!
Contains also anti-sterility vitamin S as well as vitamin K. It is rich in algin and mannitol, carotene and zeaxantin. Bromine is present. 2

Anti-hypothyroid, anti-rheumatic, others.

Has proved most useful in the treatment of underactive thyroid glands and goiters.

Additional specific uses are:
Nerves, brain, kidneys and bladder, eliminates waste and toxic metals, regulates metabolism, helps glands to function properly, very nourishing, regulates metabolism, detoxifies intestines, relieves nervous disorders, prevents falling hair, strengthens tissues in the brain and heart.

Through the regulation of thyroid function there is an improvement in all associated symptoms. Where obesity is associated is associated with thyroid trouble, this herb may be very helpful in reducing the excess weight. It has a reputation in helping the relief of rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, both used internally and as an external application upon the inflamed joints.

Other specific ailments that have traditionally responded to this herb are:
Adrenal glands, Arteries (cleans), Asthma, Birth defects (prevents), Colitis, Complexion, Crohn's, Colitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, Digestion, Eczema, Fingernails, Gallbladder, Gas, Hair loss, Headaches, High blood pressure, Kidneys, Lead poisoning, Liver, Morning sickness, Nervous disorders, Neuritis, Obesity, Pancreas, Pituitary gland, Pregnancy, Prostate gland (tones), Radiation (neutralizes effects of), Skin, Tumors, Uterus (weak), Vitality (low), Water retention, Worms, Wrinkles.

Preparation and Dosage:

The powdered or granulated kelp is taken dry, one teaspoon in the morning and possibly another one in the evening. Take a sip of water and let sit for one minute in the mouth and then wash down with spring water. You can also stir the powder into a glass of water and drink it down.

Kelp may also be taken in tablet or capsule form as a dietary supplement or as an infusion by pouring a cup of boiling water onto 2-3 teaspoons of the dried herb or one teaspoon of the dried powder and leaving it steep for 10 minutes. This should be drunk three times a day.
Kelp has a slightly fishy taste that is not for everyone.


You might consider ordering kelp products from:
Newfoundland Aqua Products
P.O. Box 26120, St. John's, NL, Canada, A1C 5T9
Phone: 709-738-3435 ; Toll Free: 1-877-738-3435 ; Fax: 709-579-0399

1. The Holistic Herbal by David Hoffman, Page 176, 1983, The Findhorn Press
2. Health Handbook by Louise Trenny, M.H., 1987 Woodland Books

Further recommended reading:

'Solved: The Riddle of Illness' by Dr. Stephen E. Langer, M.D. with James F. Scheer, 1984 Keats Publishing

Last modified: 30/09/05


Barbara Moore, M.D.

The fascinating story of Barbara Moore, M.D. of London, a modern-day "Breatharian", is a prime example of a person who had the conviction that Breatharianism is a fact and not fiction. Her tale is not a unique one. There are others!

At any rate, here is her story, as quoted from Viktoras Kulvinskas’ hard-to-find 1975 book "Survival into the 21st Century"... Recently, I discovered that he borrowed this passage from the book "Man's Higher Consciousness" by Professor Hilton Hotema, published by Health Research in 1962 and available through Nature's First Law 1-800-205-2350. Updates were furnished by J. Buche, ND.

"A heroic figure is Barbara Moore, M.D. of London. A news release by the London Sunday Chronicle dated 17 June 1951 reads:
A woman of 50, who looks like she was only 30, claimed yesterday that she hates food, has beaten old age, and expects to live at least 150 years. She has set out to do it by giving up food.
Twenty years ago she ate three normal meals a day. Slowly for 12 years she reduced her eating until she was keeping fit on one meal a day of grass, chickweed, clover, dandelion and an occasional glass of fruit juice.
Five years ago she switched entirely to juices and raw tomatoes, oranges, grasses and herbs. Now she drinks nothing but a glass of water flavored with a few drops of lemon juice.
She says, ‘There is much more in sunlight and air than can be seen by the naked eye or with scientific instruments. The secret is to find the way to absorb that extra - that cosmic radiation - and turn it into food’.
Each year she goes to Switzerland for the better air and climbs mountains on a diet of water from the streams. ‘You see’, she explains, ‘my body cells and blood have changed considerably in composition. I’m impervious to heat or hunger or fatigue.’
She continued:
‘Winter or Summer, even in Switzerland, I wear only a short sleeved jumper and skirt. In cold weather people stare at me. While they shiver in furs, I am warm. I’m as strong as a man and need only 3 hours sleep for mental relaxation. As my body is free of toxins, I’m never ill.
I had to advance slowly from vegetarianism to uncooked fruit and then to liquid. Now I’m working towards Cosmic Food (Air). I’ve passed the eating stage and could not eat if I desired as my alimentary canal has changed considerably. It is no longer a filthy tube and is unable to handle any fiber.
Instead of thinking my life will end in ten years, I’m growing younger. Anyone can do the same if they try. The tragedy is that eating is one of the great pleasures of life. To stop eating is to experience discomfort only when the body is adjusting itself to the new course which was the original course. I now find even the odor of food nauseating.’"

Viktoras Kulviskas continues writing in "...21st Century" but there appear a few inconsistencies which I have been able to correct by writing to the author as you can see a little further down this page.

Kulvinskas writes...

"In 1961, Dr. Morris Krok of Durban South Africa, published "Conquest of Disease," where he reproduced a part of a speech by Dr. Moore, which was written up in: "Life Natural, Ganeshganar, Padukottai, S. Ry, India. Nov. 1960".

This is an extract:

‘By experimenting on myself, I’ve found that neither energy nor body heat come[s] from food. It’s a fact, paradoxical, yet true, that I spent three months in the mountains of Switzerland and Italy eating nothing but snow and drinking only snow water.
‘I was climbing mountains daily, not just fasting and sitting down and reading a book or gazing at the sky. No, I was hiking daily from my hotel to the mountains, often 15 miles, climbing up to seven or eight thousand feet, then coming down and walking another 15 to 20 miles to my hotel.
‘During my fasting, I climbed mountains daily; and if I could not on account of bad weather, I’d walk 30 to 40 miles. That proved it to me. Year after year I’ve done the same thing to find out whether it is true or not. For one year it may work and the next it may not work with the same body. So, I’ve done it year after year and find that neither energy nor heat of the body comes from physical food.
'When I discovered this, I went a step further; I wanted to see whether I could live without food at all; not for two or three months, but for a longer period. I found this also possible, but not quite on an ordinary level, as it were. I can do that in the mountains, but it is more difficult when I come down to an ordinary level [sea level? J.B.]. I find the air is different. I hope in time to live entirely on air... I’m a very busy person and have little time to sleep. I’m never tired or hungry."

After reading her story above, you might be wondering what happened to her. I did too, until I received a note from a reader...

Dear Dr. Buche,
According to my father (who read in newspaper long ago), Barbara Moore died (was hit by a car) while walking coast-to-coast in the USA.

Best wishes,
Rui Fragassi Souza

...and here is a picture of Dr. Moore walking across America before her dreadful accident...

Barbara Moore walking across America in 89 days

Famous long-distance walker Dr. Barbara Moore pictured at Penrith, halfway point on her
John O'Groats to Land's End marathon in 1960. She completed this walk on 07/06/1960.
3,207 miles from LA to NYC across US in 86 days.

Here is a further update to Kulviskas’ report...

I (Dr. Buche) wrote to Mr. Krok in Africa the following letter...

Greetings, Dr. Krok:

Since 1975, the monumental book by Viktoras Kulvinskas "Survival into the 21st Century" has been my personal 'bible' that followed me wherever I went. One particular story had me spellbound and is still influencing my thinking: Dr. Barbara Moore's effort to become a breatharian. Since your name was mentioned on page 117 of the above-named book, may I please ask you to give me a short résumé on the status of Dr. Moore today. Is she still alive? Is she still a breatharian? Have you some updated news concerning her experience? I would give my eye teeth to know some of these answers !!!

Your help in this matter, Dr. Krok, would be immensely appreciated.

In anticipation of your most valued reply, I remain,
Sincerely yours,

Dr. Juergen Buche, ND, NHC, MI, Phy.D.

He graciously replied...

Dear Juergen Buche,

I do not think Barbara Moore is still alive. The article which appears in Kulvinskas’ book first appeared in late 1950's or early 1960's. The path to a healthy life or breatharianism is first to learn to live on one meal a day - sometime around midday but not later than 4.pm. But if one is not hungry then this one meal can also be skipped. In place of the evening meal drink only water so as to ensure that one goes to sleep on a clean, empty stomach. Replace breakfast with more water. The meal that is eaten can include some of the more concentrated foods such as nuts, a little dried fruit and some sprouted grains; fruit can be eaten half an hour before eating the concentrates, some green leafy vegetables and root vegetables such as carrots. One must experiment with this meal by reducing the number of items eaten; for instance by just having nuts with some grated carrots. But what is eaten is a personal matter as there is no magic in any food. The magic is in the vitality and inherent intelligence of the body and mind which knows how to process and convert what is eaten in its own time and way.

It is my belief that more nonsense is spoken about health and nutrition than religion and the rituals one should follow. When one realizes that persons have attained long lives on a variety of foods, one can only infer from this that food is only a catalyst to stimulate the body's energy which never becomes part of tissue and bone. But too much food can deplete one's energy.

I have written the following books:

Diary of a Health and Truth Seeker
Amazing New Health System - Inner Clean Way
Diet Health and Living on Air
Formula for Long Life
Fruit the Food and Medicine for Man
Golden Path to Rejuvenation
Kindred Soul
Health Truths Eternal
Pathway to Truth

Also published Yoga Gave Me Superior Health (Heaven Lies Within Us) which I highly recommend because it may supply the answers to the questions that you are seeking. It is not like the normal book on yoga as it reveals its hidden teaching. Theos Bernard, the author shows how he was able to stand on his head for three hours or hold his breath for ten minutes. The ancient yogis were very strict what they ate and the need to internally purify the system because they learned over three thousand years that illness and the premature aging of the body is caused by the fermentation and putrefaction caused by the wrong foods remaining in the system too long. Medical science has not yet realized this simple truth - if they did, they would not use antiseptics, antibiotics and the thousand and one drugs. Health shops with all their hundreds of supplements and magic herbs are also duping and misleading the public.

To realize the truth, cleanse the entire digestive tract so that the purified mind can be forever inspired.

All the above books are available from my daughter Susan Krok, 4068 Park Blvd., Palo Alto Ca 94306.

To put the records right. I am not a doctor and have never been to university but have been reading about these subjects since the age of 19 or so. Furthermore I do not expect that one should accept what I have stated here as infallible. They are only my views as everyone has the right to follow and believe what he likes.

With regards,

Morris Krok
P.O.Box 1129
Wandsbeck 3631
South Africa
Phone 31 864521
Fax 31 2670600

I ordered his book "Diet Health and living on Air" and "Yoga gave me Superior Health" by Theos Bernard but neither book shed any light on "Breatharianism" as it is explored in these pages. If anyone knows of a breatharian - a real one, not a fake, I'd like very much to interview him/her. J.B.

If you wish to find out exactly how to go about changing your diet to a health-supporting one instead of a health-depleting one - please check out the excellent web site "Living and Raw Foods". This is the first step to becoming a real-life breatharian.


Historical Breatharians

In the press and in esoteric publications, we can find reports of quite a few examples of breatharians:

According to the Rosicrucian Digest, June 1959, a person by the name of Balayogini Sarasvati of Amma, India, lived on water only for a period of more than three years.

It was reported by Hilton Hotema of Health Research that Marie Frutner, a Bavarian girl, lived on water without food for 40 years and was under observation for a time in Munich in 1835.

Judah Mehler, Grand Rabbi, 1660-1751, ate and drank sparingly one day a week, broke his ‘fast’ about twelve times a year on Jewish holidays, led a busy life as Rabbi of three communities and lived to be 91, according to Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Dr. T.Y. Gan, according to Jones H. B. et al, Am. J. Cancer, 40:243-50, 1940, gave the following report on Yand Mel, age 20, who hasn’t eaten for the last 9 years: She shows no signs of starvation, leads a perfectly normal life except for having lost [the] desire for food. Her alimentary tract has become dormant and rudimentary; she takes no water.

Caribala Dassi, sister of Babulamboxer, pleader of Purillia, has been living for the past 40 years without taking any food or water and has done regular household duties with no apparent injury to her health, as per India’s Message, 1932.

Danalak Shumi of Marcara, India, age 18, for over one year took no food or water. She leads a normal healthy life. At age 14, her appetite diminished until she could not assimilate anything. The Indian Government sent her to be examined at the Bangalore General Hospital according to the Bombay Press. August 1953.

Teresa Avila, a Bavarian peasant, born 1898, has taken no food nor water and does not sleep since 1926. She is not thin nor sickly, works in her garden and is described by "Aberee 1960" as one of the happiest persons.

Therese Neumann, a German nun, who passed away in 1952, did not eat for 40 years, no food, no water, and lived a contented life.

Paramhansa Yogananda, in his book "Autobiography of a Yogi" describes an woman named Giri Bala of Bahar, West Bengal, now over 70 years old, who, as a child, had an insatiable appetite but has taken no food nor fluid since she was 12. She has never been sick, is an expert in pranayama (breathing exercises) and yoga, is always happy, looks like a child, does normal housework and has no bodily excretions. Her case was investigated by the late Sri Bijali Chand Mahtab, Maharajah of Burdwan, India.

Dianne Jacobs Thompson  Est. 2003
Also http://legaljustice4john.com
The Misdiagnosis of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" --an unproven theory without scientific support, now in disrepute and wreaking legal and medical havoc world-wide
Author publication: NEXUS MAGAZINE "Seawater--A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute?"

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