"For some reason modern medicine has itself turned a corner and entered a darkness and is now committing crimes against humanity unequalled
in the history of our race."
--Dr. Mark Sircus
Alternative Cancer Treatments

1979 Around January of that year, I went home to die.   ..cont. 
I was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, chronic bronchitis, acutely infected ovarian cysts, arthritis, sciatica, low thyroid, anemia and a heart condition. Besides that I had chronic ear infections and long-standing clinical depression. The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., known as a "naturopathic oncology pioneer" cured me in 5 weeks. It required the diagnosis (the Carroll Food Test) of digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances which most people have and few know about, and it also identified the primary tissue salt deficiency, along with treatment with glandular protomorphogens to restore glandular health, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy to bring about detoxification, to stimulate blood circulation and the activity of the vital organs and to jump-start the immune system. It turned out to be the basic foundation of the most successful healing system I've ever witnessed.
1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

This is why I research and write about alternative medicine. It's a debt.

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Warning: graphic photos
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Photos of a documented case of neck cancer, treated 8 years unsuccessfully with "orthodox" medicine, then effectively with a bloodroot salve slightly different than our older formula--from the excellent Dan Raber website: http://cancerx.org

Documented neck cancer
Cancer forms into an eschar (scab)
Cancerous scab detaches
Neck healed, no cancer

The first part of a review from the Eclectic Medicine International (EMI) staff at http://www.holistic
Read the rest of the review on the Cancer Salves page:

"Escharotic salves and pastes represent a botanical approach to cancer treatment. They are mostly applied topically, but can also be taken internally. The efficacy of a well-prepared cancer salve is 100%. This doesn't mean that it is the appropriate treatment for all cancers, but when applied, it always works. What is this medication, and what does it do?..."

"BOTANICAL SURGERY" This treatment is a two-salve modality. It reportedly only reacts in the presence of cancerous tissue, but my experience suggests it works on any abnormal or diseased tissue, though not on healthy tissue. More information is provided on the Cancer Salves page.

Two other cancer salve treatment stories:
http://www.catalystmagazine.net/issues/story.cfm?story=719 (Sarcoma)

http://www.jessekoochin.com/ (Medulablastoma of the brain
with metastasis to the brain and spine, salves used along with other protocols)


The following photo journal begins on May 14th, 2004. The developing eschar should detach within 21 days.The subject is me. I suffered a severe soft tissue injury in the left thigh around 1975. I was hospitalized overnight and unable to walk for over a week. The bruising went from the knee to the hip. In 2000, a period of extreme stress starting that summer with a bad business deal resulted in adrenal and then thyroid deficiency, which can give rise to tumor formation. Iin the last few months, I could feel a lump growing inside my thigh, which became more and more painful, then with radiating pains shooting out in different directions from it, and I feared a tumor with roots, leading to cancer and metastisis, if it wasn't at that point already.

May, 2004: Progressive photos of "Botanical Surgery" on a painful lump in my left thigh that suddenly developed in the location of a soft tissue injury that incurred around 1975. Other photos have been added and some "borrowed" from other important sites.

The photos with the green borders can be enlarged.

1Thigh with outline
2Black Salve Day 1
Underside of Eschar
Thigh after eschar detaches
17Healed over June 15th
18New salve treatment to get roots
22Second eschar with light salve
Eschar with thick root formation
Small eschar detaches

Sept. 5, 2005

The first eschar shown here (14) loosened and came out on June 2nd. Unfortunately, it broke off instead of detaching itself. Most of the process was photographed as it happened. It had to be repeated (18).

According to information on another Dan Raber's http://www.cancerx.org/directions.htm--the "leaders" (13, 25) showing under the eschar are actual cancerous roots that need to be removed to avoid regrowth. Once the eschar comes out naturally, no such tentacle-like roots or white spots should be visible unless they have broken off inside. I broke broke several roots in the process of photographing the procedure and through too much physical activity during a crucial period, and will reapply the black salve again after the lesion heals over somewhat. One doesn't usually apply black salve to raw flesh without "pain management" supplies on hand.

Mucus and pus will seep out as diseased tissue liquefies and drains from the lesion (16). The light salve (22) is applied every day until the lesion heals completely. There should be no infection nor complications if the diseased tissue has been expelled. The red area (8, 9) around the eschar is completely normal and always occurs. It may cause some scarring. Like most scars, it will usually fade with time. Anti-scarring agents can be used, such as emu oil, good quality vitamin E oil, etc.

One photo shows a broken root at 1:00 and possibly at 11:00, and attached roots at the 4:00 and 5:00 positions (13). The broken one (s) at the top occurred when an attempt was made to lift the eschar enough to photograph underneath. The largest one broke when the eschar was hanging from it. When a root breaks, it causes a distinctive deep, throbbing, sickening pain which continues for some time afterwards.

The look of the eschar changes (12) because I attempted to scrape off the light salve to photograph the eschar, but apparently took the top thin layer of the eschar with the salve. What showed underneath shocked me when I saw the photo. This shot of the interior of a live, attached eschar may be the first ever seen in a photograph.

May 29th: The first 10 days were unexpectedly painful. I don't know if the injury turned into a tumor or is malignant, but after 30 years without healing, it is certainly abnormal. The pain eased up on the 14th day, even though it looked gross and terrible.

June 3rd:The eschar came out sooner than expected (15) without any good, clear photos of the attachment by the roots immediately before it came off. In fact, it was hanging by one big root (15, at the 1:00 o'clock position) and I foolishly walked across the house with it like that, unsupported, to get a camera, and it broke off. That means trouble. Normally, the roots absorb up into the scab or just dissolve (?), allowing the eschar to detach without pain and clean tissue is left underneath. Now I have to go back after the roots left inside my leg.

An immediate application of light salve in the open wound caused some stinging for about 30 minutes, which then eased up some, but has continued intermittently. It draws pus from the tissues and probably will continue to do so until the hole closes up. There is an odd knob of flesh on the top side. Some researchers think the salve is a "caustic" which just indiscriminately burns whatever tissue it is applied to. However, it appears more discriminating than that.

A sick friend of mine did a salve treatment and only the slightest reaction on the skin was seen and it never developed into an eschar. I gave her some of my salve to use, so that wasn't a factor. Also, the salve was applied to a large mole on my granddaughter, and didn't even redden the skin, while the same salve on a mole her grandfather had that looked like melanoma caused an immediate and severe reaction. (See photos on second salve photo journal page.)

As soon as the wound heals up enough, another application of black salve (18) followed by the light salve is made. The second process goes much more quickly. A whole new mature eschar forms under the black salve in less than ten hours (19). The first time around, that process took a full week and two applications of black salve seven days apart. (Photos 1-6) Yes, there was pain, but I got through it with nothing more than an herb (Kava Kava, purchased cheaply at Walmart) for pain.

In my observations and experience, the body responds to the salve as it will. A perfectly round application of salve doesn't necessarily mean a round eschar of the same size (14), as is also demonstrated in photo 20, when a small, new eschar appears separately from the main one in an area that was all covered by black salve.

The eschar is thick and rubbery/crumbly in texture. The bloody-looking photo shows the eschar after it was bumped by the family dog jumping up on my leg. Normally there is no bleeding involved. After the eschar detaches, there is very little pain no matter how deep the hole is.

June 15th: The black salve is reapplied (18). The pain was far more intense this time and I had some sleepless nights. When the bandaging was removed the next morning, an eschar had formed in just a matter of hours, indicating the renewed treatment had been badly needed to go after the roots. Next to the newly formed eschar was a second small spot (19, 20).

June 20th: This has been a rough go-around with the second black salve treatment. I started using higher quality (more expensive than the Walmart variety) Kava Kava--an herb remedy from the health food store--for pain management, which has helped, but the pain comes intermittently and has been intense at times, mostly at night. I could feel the salve clawing deep into my thigh and a pulling sensation and spasms in the thigh muscle going from the knee to the groin--the exact area where extreme bruising manifested after the injury. It must have been a mess in there. I hate to think where this would have gone if left untreated much longer. Also, there was a lot more drainage of watery, bloody pus this time around. The instructions say to make a second application of black salve a week after the first, but when the eschar forms so solidly right away it isn't necessary.

July 5th: When the treatment was done a second time, it brought up a small new eschar (28,29,30). While the larger area resolved quickly, detached and healed, the smaller area went through the whole process more slowly and independently. When the small one was first starting to detach, one large root mass was observed underneath, which separated into several hair-like roots. It appeared to have come off clean, with no sign of breakage. It was much more shallow than the main eschar. The beginning of it shows in photo 20 on the right, and in photo 21 at the top. Oddly enough, the other eschars came up yellowish. The last one was black, like in the Dan Raber wrist cancer photos on the next page.

*I learned the hard way to be much more careful with the matured eschar . One needs to become "bedridden" when the treatment goes into the last few days of the critical eschar detachment stage to avoid breaking a single root from the eschar, or the process will have to be repeated. In the normal process, the roots dissolve into nothing and the eschar then falls off. Broken roots stay alive in the tissues. Live roots grow. Sometimes the treatment needs to be repeated anyway. It's always best to test the site with black salve again later. One needs to listen to the "wisdom of the body" and mine is telling me that because of all the broken roots, treatment number 3 needs to happen in the near future.


Dianne Jacobs Thompson  Est. 2003
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The Misdiagnosis of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" --an unproven theory without scientific support, now in disrepute and wreaking legal and medical havoc world-wide
Author publication: NEXUS MAGAZINE "Seawater--A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute?"

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