"For some reason modern medicine has itself turned a corner and entered a darkness and is now committing crimes against humanity unequalled
in the history of our race."
--Dr. Mark Sircus
Alternative Cancer Treatments

1979 Around January of that year, I went home to die.   ..cont. 
I was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, chronic bronchitis, acutely infected ovarian cysts, arthritis, sciatica, low thyroid, anemia and a heart condition. Besides that I had chronic ear infections and long-standing clinical depression. The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., known as a "naturopathic oncology pioneer" cured me in 5 weeks. It required the diagnosis (the Carroll Food Test) of digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances which most people have and few know about, and it also identified the primary tissue salt deficiency, along with treatment with glandular protomorphogens to restore glandular health, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy to bring about detoxification, to stimulate blood circulation and the activity of the vital organs and to jump-start the immune system. It turned out to be the basic foundation of the most successful healing system I've ever witnessed.
1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

This is why I research and write about alternative medicine. It's a debt.

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I spent 2 1/2 years studying as a lay student with a doctor who could cure or arrest virtually any disease, although obviously not in every patient. Sometimes it was just too late, but often people were pulled back from the brink of death to an astonding recovery. His great healing ability appeared to be part gift, part one-of-a-kind training after graduation from naturopathic college with natural healing pioneer, Dr. O.G. Carroll, N.D.

Dr. Carroll had his own program, not available in any school of naturopathy, part personal innovation, part healing practices from the recent past clear back to antiquity, which makes the telling of this story an important task. See also:

Dr. Dick is recognized as the "co-founder of Constitutional Hydrotherapy" according to his daughter, Dr. Letitia Watrous, N.D.--a powerful healing modality part of which can be done at home by those unable to undergo treatment at a clinic or office. Information and instructions are provided on the hydrotherapy page.

Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., of Spokane, Washington
(The story of my experience as Dr. Dick's patient in 1980--DJT)

By a strange and perhaps providential set of events, around 1979 I found myself 200 miles from home at the modest little clinic of the late Dr. Harold Dick. I was in my 20's, close to broke, despondent, and very, very ill.

While I was sitting in the waiting room, prior to my first appointment, I fell into conversation with another patient there. That I even initiated a conversation with her foreshadowed something unusual--like many seriously ill people I was enveloped in a fog of self-absorbed pain and misery that drew me up inside myself with little awareness of others.

The lady described how she had come to Dr. Dick several years earlier in a wheelchair after having been advised to put her affairs in order and prepare for death from the progressive and relentless disease of late-stage multiple sclerosis. Instead, someone took this Canadian patient to see Dr. Dick. Instead of dying, she got well--except for one last muscle in her thigh she was still working on. She said after the initial course of diagnostic work and treatments, she now came down from Canada once a year to take a few treatments, and was working on that last affected muscle now. She lived alone, gardened, and in short had reclaimed her life and health with his assistance.

Whoa!!!! That woke me up. Someone cured of M.S.? I'd never heard of such a thing. In fact, at that moment in time I didn't really know what this doctor was about, or even what a naturopath was, other than some vague association with "herbs."

On different visits, after I started taking daily treatments for almost five weeks, I talked to more and more patients, or former patients bringing their friends and family to this doctor. Recovered cancer patients, arthritis, and many other diseases presumed to be incurable in most cases. I even spoke to a man who had diabetes and was scheduled to have his rotted, gangrenous leg amputated. He insisted on talking off his workboot and showing me his toeless but otherwise healthy foot and leg right there in the waiting room of the clinic. He claimed he got up out of the hospital bed, out of the hospital, got to Dr. Dick against his family's wishes, and the leg was saved. The toes had already fallen off. Actually, there was one remaining stub that looked like a petrified raison, but the foot and leg looked pink and healthy. He had resumed his life as an independent farmer/rancher in a matter of weeks.

Another older lady was there being treated for Renaud's Disease, which in particular affects circulation of the fingers and toes. But that wasn't the interesting part--years earlier she had been bitten by a rodent and contracted BUBONIC PLAGUE. Doc knew he had an unusual infection on his hands, so he sent a culture to a medical lab for analysis. When the diagnosis came, they panicked and sent him a box of antibiotics to use, probably exactly the same box sent to the medical doctors with the 7 other cases in Spokane that year. The other 7 patients died. Dr. Dick tossed the box and went about treating the disease his own way. Number 8 sat before me in the waiting room, talking about the improved circulation in her hands. My mind was still reeling...he cured Bubonic Plague?

The stories could go on and on, particularly since I went back later and spent 21/2 years in the clinic doing directed research on the doctor's work and personal methods, and on the principles and practices of naturopathy, with the intention of writing for publication.

I owed Dr. Dick everything, and the weight of obligation rather than becoming a burden had instead transformed into a "magnificent obsession." How does one repay such a debt? By "paying it forward" to others waiting for the same miracle of splendid life gifted to me.

It would be impossible to give information applicable to every person, because diagnosis for each person is unique. But I will describe my own experience, just to give an overview of Dr. Dick's program--what he did and by what means. DIAGNOSIS

Dr. Dick didn't take much in the way of a medical history, preferring to make his own determinations. So he didn't know what was wrong with me before starting his evaluation.

He put me on an examination table, and drew down this "thing: from above the table. It was a large magnifying glass surrounded by a tube of light, similar to a neon light or rounded fluorescent light. He used it to peer into my eyes.

Dr. Dick was a certified iridologist (and also a licensed homeopath, which was considered a medical license in some states, a chiropractor, and had studied acupuncture from Oriental masters, which he didn't use in his practice). I soon learned that the colored part of my eye--the iris--was actually a collection of nerve endings connected to every part of my body, reflecting the condition of the organ or tissue or system at the other end.

He looked at my eyes through the lens and started describing what he saw: "You have a "hot" (acute) infection" in the ovaries, congested lungs, a lot of mucus throughout your body, and arthritis. But these are all being fed by a chronic infection of the stomach. Pre-cancerous (stage 2) stomach ulcers. He nailed it--the terrible, knawing persistent stomach pain, chronic bronchitis and the beginning of asthma, ovarian cysts that had already been diagnosed by a medical doctor years before, and the pain in my joints, bones and muscles. He could also tell from the pattern of fibers my overall condition of vitality--whether I had a strong physical constitution or a weak one. Since that would be a prediction of life span, he may have chosen to keep that information to himself, and I didn't know to ask at the time. I never did--some things need to remain a mystery to some people.

In fact, when I sat up, he put his hand on my spine between my shoulder blades and said, "There, that's the worst of it, right there." I sat in stunned silence, hardly believing what I heard. Then he put his hand on my thigh, and said, "You've also got an unhealed injury right here." How did he know? Nobody knew about the soft tissue injury I'd gotten several years earlier that hurt when he touched it. (See the Cancer Salve Photo page)

He then used a stethoscope to listen to my heart and described hearing a "lisp." That shook me up--I knew something went wrong there earlier, because of uneven beats and sometimes feeling my heart stopped and I needed to jolt myself to get it going again. It made me afraid to sleep sometimes, but I ignored it otherwise in a state of denial, apprehension, poverty, and whatever else kept me from seeking conventional medical attention.

That described my medical condition to a "T" other than missing the sciatica which also plagued me to the point of desperation--the pain-- which probably never shows like infection or disease. It feels like a "burn" on the nerves, and I've discovered later comes when

The next step moved to finding out what caused all of this devastation?--This represents the part where conventional medical science operates in the dark, or attributes everything to the erroneous "Germ Theory of Disease."

To do that, Dr. Dick made a quick, painless prick on the lob of my ear and gathered a drop or two of blood on a white card. I wondered why the card? One would have expected it to go on smear between glass, but this wasn't a medical lab or a conventional medical procedure. Instead, he put the card under a camera mounted on a microscope (I think--or this may have been a procedure done by his daughter, Dr. Leticia Watrous, years later) and took a picture of it to look at the blood pattern.

I don't remember what he said about the actual pattern of my blood that afternoon. But he tested the blood that night and had the results the next morning. It was very specific. I was allergic to eggs and the combination of fruit and sugar.* I could eat them separately, but not within 4 hours of each other. That's how long it took my digestive system to process one food before I could safely ingest the other one. Together, processed sugar (white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, corn syrup, etc.) and fruit created something chemically that was toxic to my system. Both food "intolerances" were poisoning me, but in different ways, and were creating different sets of symptoms.

(I soon came to realize that's all disease is--a condition of toxemia resulting in a set of symptoms, then designated with a specific, descriptive name.)

As well as determining food, food group, and food combination intolerances, the test also determined the rate of digestion, and primary tissue salt (also known as mineral salts or cell salts) deficiency, which was an important matter to resolve with homeopathic tissue salts by tablet. (Read the definitive book on the subject--How To Use The 12 Tissue Salts, by Esther Chapman. Schussler Homeopathic Tissue Salts are often available in health food stores individually, or all-in-one known as Bio-Plasma.)

Mine happened to show up then as Ferrum Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Iron) which made sense, since I'd been diagnosed as being anemic as a child and dosed with iron, which upset my stomach terribly. I obviously suffered from an iron deficiency caused by a malabsorbtion problem. That would make taking iron supplements even more harmful. They don't even give children iron supplements anymore. Oral homeopathic remedies bypass absorption problems by going from under the tongue directly into the bloodstream in a form immediately utilized by the body. 20 years later, a new stress-related illness came about and my primary tissue salt deficiency had changed.

Many patients, according to how the glandular systems of their bodies are functioning, may need glandular support. This is NEVER in the form of hormone replacement, unless a gland is dead, dead, dead. Hormone replacement causes atrophy of the gland--making it lazy and eventually causing it to shrivel up and die from lack of stimulation. Instead, you want to feed the gland, and make it well. That comes from glandular protomorphogens, made by world-renowned Standard Processing Labs, who hold the secret to it's production. Protomorphogens are the part of the cell that heal it and make it work. They can potentially heal overactive as well as underactive glands. Hormone production then normalizes, one way or the other. I don't remember if I was given protomorphogens then or not. I was 20 years later, and so were members of my family and other people I took to Dr. Dick, and his predecessor, Dr. Watrous.

I did get some herbal preparations, most notably a concoction called "42's"--I think because they were a combination of that many herbs, primarily wormwood, which is being studied now as a cancer medicine. You can empty two capsules in warm water and take them for digestion or for digestive upset. (I've heard they work great on hangovers, also). If you take one capsule, they dissolve in the bowel and clean out a congested or otherwise impaired bowel. Take two capsules at your own risk.*

*In my home they are known as "gut bombs." When I got married a couple of years after my recovery, a condition of marriage was a visit to Dr. Dick for my new husband. It was the day after the wedding and we were on our way from Washington state to Alaska. My new husband, who it turned out was allergic to dairy and the same fruit/sugar allergy (intolerance) I had, decided to take a couple of 42's because of his chronic constipation. Big mistake on a road trip! It was the middle of winter, traveling through Canada. When it "hit" he jerked the wheel and plowed into a snow bank, grabbed a role of toilet paper, and went running into the woods, britches already at half-mast. This same "event" happened 4 times in the same day. He never again took two capsules at the same time, and never again while traveling. Give them up?--never. He embraced "gut-bombs" with moderation, as a life-style choice.

There were many other herbal preparations, salves, and other natural medicines. But I was only given what was specifically called for in my case at that time.

When the findings were read the next morning, I also received the usual nutritional counseling on how to deal with a revised diet, and what other changes needed to be made. Dr. Dick described a "healing" and maintenance diet as containing whole, natural foods. At least 7 raw vegetables a day. We know now those should also be organically-grown, since the commercial soils are depleted of minerals and only a primary 3 out of 60-70 needed are replaced through fertilization.

Also, raw, in-season fruits--the whole thing--not concentrated, refined fruit juices, or at least any more than could be squeezed from the amount of fruit you would normally eat whole. (I can still hear him saying EAT THE WHOLE THING. He would eat an apple right down to the stem. That was the only part he threw away.) That means a very small part-glass of orange juice, not a whopping big one, and preferably from locally-grown fruit. He explained that the electromagnetic fields of the earth that produce a fruit are also necessary to digest it, and that any fruits transported more than 200 miles away do not digest as they would in the area of origin. He said in particular that BANANAS should be avoided because they are picked green, transported from too far away, and even though rich in nutrients, were capable of sitting in the stomach for several weeks, fermenting and feeding toxins into your body, particularly anyone with compromised digestion, which describes most of us. While whole fruits are nutrient-rich, especially when organically-grown, he warned that fruit should be eaten sparingly because it is "harsh" on the system and best used for cleansing and detoxifying purposes.

He had a list of other "hard-to-digest" foods that were highly nutritious, but hard for the body to process--peanut butter, whole corn, oatmeal, cheese, salmon, etc.

He made a point of mentioning the danger of "all things white"--white flour, white rice, white sugar, white salt, and other highly processed, denatured, ruined foods. He described white flour as "wall-paper paste" and told a story about his mentor, Dr. O. G. Carroll (I think) taking a piece of white bread, rolling it into a ball, and throwing it at a wall. It's an easy image to remember when tormented by yummy white flour concoctions. These are "non-foods" which yield little or no nutrition, no fiber, and serve to gum up the works and deplete our finite digestive enzyme stores as well as over-taxing our systems of digestion, assimilation and elimination in dealing with these man-made atrocities. In fact, even cooking has a ruinous effect on foods. You lose those all-important enzymes, much vitamin content, and other contents. Not that eating grains, (other than soaked an sprouted) and meat raw is advised.

He told me about sprouts. Reportedly, the energy of a plant in the sprouting stage is 10 times that of the full-grown plant. So I started sprouting seeds, mostly alfalfa. Later, I discovered "barley green" and "wheat green" powdered drinks at the health food stores. These SUPERFOODS should be part of every healing and maintenance diet. Now they have added other superfood ingredients, like chlorella, spirulina, and other things in these commercial preparations, which are taken as juice and blown through specially designed wind tunnels to preserve the enzymes and other contents of the fresh juices in a drying process that makes the powder.

And of course, whole grain cereals--breads, breakfast cereals, etc. The doctor's family even made whole grain donuts. I don't tolerate grains well, especially refined grains, so my grain consumption is very limited. Also, in this day of insulin-resistant conditions, hypoglycemic and diabetic problems and many other conditions needing low carb diets, cutting down and using ONLY whole, unrefined grains has become even more important. Refined grains--even the likes of corn and white flour tortillas--are body killers. (Some sources claim that Indian tribes who became dependent on corn farming died out as a result of high grain consumption, and that our "cave-man" digestive systems have not adapted to modern grains such as corn and wheat.) Dr. Dick did say to avoid a certain breakfast cereal (barley) GRAPE NUT FLAKES. He said the barley flakes adhered to the intestinal wall where they would eat into and ulcerate the tissues. I don't know if that applies to all breakfast cereals in flake form, but we avoid them all, just in case.

The usual things were to be avoided. No foods with preservatives or color additives. No light beer (too many additives) or instant coffee (too many chemicals, also). No artificial sweeteners--man-made chemicals bad for the body. Avoid sugar--another unhealthy man-made production linked to diabetes and other conditions. Keep the acid/alkaline balance correct with 80% alkaline-forming foods and 20% acid-forming foods except in cases of unusually physically active individuals. Avoid drugs--harmful to the body, even aspirins.

Surprisingly, and in contrast to most "alternative" healers, Dr. Dick was adamantly AGAINST PROCESSED VITAMINS, with one exception. He kept one single brand of Vitamin C available for use in rare cases of unusual stress, like that following an auto accident, etc. Otherwise, he considered vitamins to be "dangerous drugs" because they are too concentrated, and used without the components they occur with naturally in foods. Vitamins are "synergistic"--they work in tandem with other food elements. Isolated, in pill form, he claimed that first of all, they are hard to digest, and otherwise can upset the balance of the body by being too potent. When vitamins are obtained in foods--and they are created through photosynthesis, and not dependent on elements missing from soils--the body takes what it needs and has all of the other food components that work together for proper assimilation. In pill form, he believed they were unfit for human consumption, which recent research is beginning to prove out.

I asked him, "What about mental stress" as a cause of disease? He told me, "when a person is in good physical health, they can handle lots of mental stress and get over it." As far as "emotional distress" his advice was to "take it to THE CROSS and hang it there." I shook my head over the "mental stress" explanation and wasn't buying it at the time. I learned better later. As for the general meaning of "THE CROSS"--I already knew the soundness of that advice. (Applicable for any spiritual belief--just substitute "THE CREATOR.")

Many people were put on at least a complete 3-day fast, at the least. Something happens on the third day of a fast. For the first two days, the blood is still putting things into the tissues. However, If all food has been avoided, at the end of the third day the body is triggered into picking up toxic settlements held in tissue repositories and dumping them into the bloodstream for elimination. The three days not only relieves stress by giving your body a rest, but it sets in motion the beginning of a major detoxification process. Most of my family in subsequent treatment had to do so. For some reason, I didn't. I don't know why.

So, this information and more was given in the nutritional counseling session that came with the test results. (An hour of his time the next morning--imagine a medical doctor doing that.) For many people this would be enough. A new, revised diet avoiding foods that poison the body, adding foods for healing and staying well, glandular medicines, homeopathic tissue salts, healing/cleansing herbs, supplements, and whatever else was needed to bring the body back into balance and proper functioning. But if they were able to take treatments as explained below, he said that in the old days he could give them treatments for 3 weeks and do what the diet alone would do in one year.

That changed later on, when the general health of the people declined substantially. He said that it now took 5 weeks to get the same results. He mentioned that nowadays, even morticians were having a hard time embalming bodies because as soon as they applied any pressure to the embalming fluids being injected, that a body would spring leaks all over, indicating a state of deterioration of the entire vascular system, as with the health in general. He blamed bad modern diets, pharmaceutical drugs that mask symptoms without curing diseases, environmental poisons, poor soils, wrong farming practices, and other damaging practices of "modern life."

But not for me. In my case, my heart had been weakened by the toxic load and he informed me that I would need help in recovering. That meant either having homeopathic treatments, which was offered to those needing treatment who couldn't stay in town, or coming into the clinic 5 days a week for treatment.

Homeopathy has been affected by the use of pharmaceutical drugs (and probably street drugs also) that mask symptoms and make proper analysis for homeopathic remedies difficult if not impossible. Constitutional Homeopathy is a lengthy, difficult process to use. It's success depends on being able to so precisely discern the specific symptoms of the individual that anything distorting or masking the symptoms can throw the analysis off. My mother opted for a homeopathic analysis when suffering from shingles so severe that even codeine failed to manage the pain. The process was set up on a distant computer at the time. She spent an entire morning filling out forms with over 500 questions on symptoms, right down to arm position during sleep, the color of nose buggers, the effects of wind on her mental state, and so many questions one would never associate with a "symptom." After that, the answers were fed into the computer, and several remedies were suggested. The one Dr. Dick chose for her worked. Shortly after, the pain stopped completely. And by the end of the day, her lesions were already beginning to dry up and scab over. After that she fasted, and still took treatment for 3 weeks to completely heal after a 6-month ordeal of the most intense pain.

I opted for the daily treatments. Homeopathy proved to be marginally effective because it often didn't work in cases where a clear presentation of the symptoms had been altered by past medical "intervention." Besides that, it was time-consuming and more expensive, and required a re-analysis every few months as the symptoms changed in the healing process. The other type of treatment program basically helped everybody no matter what the problem. It had the added benefit of helping to direct toxic elimination through the bowels rather than through others channels of elimination. Other "channels" included any orifice of the body--eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin as an organ of elimination, or through menstruation--a common channel for the elimination of toxins--which could result in difficult and painful periods, as well as through the bowels. "Skin elimination" was particularly unpleasant. Bad odors, pimples, acne, sores, and boils were common toxic outlets and not a pleasant way to detoxify--as if any process of detoxification is "pleasant." At least a bowel outlet is more normal and not as discernable as other means.

"Daily treatments" meant a 45 minute combined treatment of hydrotherapy and electrotherapy. Hydrotherapy--the scientific application of alternating, timed, hot and cold towels on the trunk of the body to stimulate blood circulation, along with electrotherapy--pulsing, deep-reaching electrical massage to stimulate the activity of the vital organs, both of which pump up the immune system and kick it into high gear.

I took treatments for one day short of 5 weeks. On that day, Dr. Dick came in, listened to my heart and told me to "go home." He said my heart was good and I could heal on my own from there on out. He wouldn't even let me finish out the week.

Of course, what went on during that five week period is another story. I went into a "healing crisis" (a good thing) also known as "a reaction," or "a cleansing crisis," or "detoxification." I thought I was going to die. I was absolutely SURE I was going to die. So, instead of thanking the doctor for the process that eventually healed me, I was ready to shoot him.

*It's extremely important to understand that someone could have the same disease symptoms as I did, and have completely different food intolerances, tissue salt deficiencies, and other factors. Or someone could share the same food intolerances and have completely different symptoms. "One man's food is another man's poison." Each diagnosis and set of findings are unique to that person and can't necessarily be applied to another, although Dr. Dick did find that certain foods had an increased frequency of being associated with certain symptoms. Unfortunately, that isn't true consistently, so there are no personal allergy assumptions one can make from my story.

However, he did determine or otherwise learn that all minority races--with the exception of a couple of African tribes--as well as many Caucasians, lack digestive enzymes for dairy foods, particularly milk. Those who can tolerate milk should still avoid pasteurized milk because the heat renders most of the calcium "bio-unavailable" and damages other factors in milk, and the process of homogenization coats a certain enzyme with fat that protects it from digestion, after which it can potentially enter the blood stream and "eat" holes in one's vascular system. Goat's milk is a more suitable drink, although milk itself is designed for that period of rapid growth in babies that lasts only from birth through the first few months, after which time milk may be a fuel food which "burns" too hot for the human body. Mankind is the only creature in the animal kingdom which refuses to follow nature and become weaned at a particular age.

* Those are my specific food intolerances. Everyone has their own, and could have the same illnesses caused by different foods and deficiencies, or the same allergies and completely different symptoms.

This page is about my experience with Dr. Dick and what he did that was different from other naturopaths. Read his story on the Dr. Harold Dick page.

He went through traditional schooling as required to become a licensed naturopathic physician, but followed that with 3 years of private internship with his mentor, "old master" Dr. O.G. Carroll, N.D. That changed everything.

What he learned from Dr. Carroll was not taught in naturopathic college. In fact, the all-important food intolerance test--a complex analysis of blood reactions to different foods (such as eggs or potatoes), food groups (such as dairy or fruit) and food combinations (such as fruit/sugar or dairy/cereal that run in our family)--was developed by Dr. Carroll himself to help his own ill son Robert, after all known methods at the time had failed to cure him. Dr. Carroll suspected something new had come on the scene.

It seemed to surface around the time of World War II when our eating habits changed from organically-grown garden-fresh vegetables and fruits, grass-fed meats, and other natural foods...to processed, canned, frozen, and otherwise unnatural, denatured dead foods, as well as our lifestyles from physically active to more passive, sedentary jobs and activities. Many other changes took place--commercial fertilizers and other unhealthy farming methods, chemical poisoning of the environment, additives in the water, and all the other harmful drawbacks of "modern" life.

A new class of food allergies--intolerances--emerged, involving digestion and basic body chemistry instead of the immune system. What Dr. O.G. Carroll did was to develop his own test to determine food intolerances of a new and different nature. This type of test is unknown to the medical profession. The closest thing now is Dr. D'Adamo's "blood type diets" which came from his and other people's research on the destructive abilities of some foods on different types of blood, where actual "lysing" (dissolving) of blood cells was observed.

Dr. D'Adamo has written several "best sellers" on the subject of blood type diets, but the information as provided in the books is necessarily very general, where the O.G. Carroll test is very specific. Still, we found the blood type diets helpful for overall diet guidance and the personality summaries per blood type to be dead-on accurate, at least in the case of family members.

Dr. O.G. Carroll taught Dr. Harold Dick and Dr. Leo Scott of Spokane, WA, as well as Dr. John Bastyr, after whom the famous naturopathic college in Seattle was named. Dr. Bastyr came from a medical background and was reportedly more "pill oriented" and went in a different direction from Drs. Dick and Scott--I believe he focused more on homeopathy for diagnosis and treatment--but gained an international reputation in his field.

In his day homeopathy was more viable because symptoms were less obscured by conventional drug interference or suppression than today. Homeopathy depends on a "clear picture" of the symptoms, seldom possible after drug-based medical treatment. Unfortunately, many people pursue alternative healing solutions only after the failure of conventional medicine to cure their ailments ...after the damage has been done. That leaves alternative practitioners with not only a more complicated ailment to treat, but the poisoning caused by drug therapies to deal with--a kind of "double whammy." --DJT


All of the known medical tests for food allergies involve reactions of the immune system. You eat strawberries, or peanuts, or shellfish and break out in hives or go into anaphylactic shock. There are a lot of good tests out there for immune system allergies, and in many cases diagnosis is life-saving. However, there is a whole class of food intolerances virtually unknown to the medical community which come from digestion and basic incompatibility with one's body chemistry. Immune system food allergies can often be treated with medication or by improving immune function. They come and go, they change, they can be altered. Constitutional food intolerances are different in nature. You are born with them. You die with them. They are not amenable to cure, but through avoidance, their devastating affects on some bodies can be avoided.

The closest thing now known in medicine is Dr. d'Adamo's "blood type diets" He is a naturopath who found that certain blood types have specific foods most adapted to that type, and foods that are so incompatible that they actually lyse (destroy) tissue cells. He provides very general information in the several books he has written, which the O.G. Carroll food intolerance test pinpoints foods very specifically. Not only food allergies, but food combination allergies and how long one food must be separated from another food in a combination food intolerance to be digested properly--usually anywhere from 4 to 10 hours, depending on the rate of individual digestion. No other test in the world can determine these factors.

Not only that, but as mentioned, the test also reveals primary tissue salt deficiencies--a critical shortage of which can have catastrophic health consequences. In the above-mentioned book, How To Use the 12 Tissue Salts, the list of illnesses, conditions or diseases arising from any deficiency or extreme imbalance will shock most people who have heard nothing of "tissue salt deficiencies."


After getting my test results and nutritional counseling, I went back home for a few days, and could tell the difference with just diet and digestive herbs, especially the "42's" right away. But I was still terribly ill, and so as soon as I was able, I moved to a terrible housekeeping room in Spokane (the kind you rented in those days for $20 a month) where I shared a dirty bathroom down the hall with prostitutes, drug addicts and winos, and thanks to the doctor's wife Ruby taking some artwork in trade, started my therapy.

The hydrotherapy involved a scientific, timed application of hot and cold packs on both stomach and back. I've since seen a report from the famous Loma Linda hospital explaining the effects of alternating hot and cold on blood circulation--how it pumps up circulatory activity throughout the body, and the effects of increased circulation, which is easy to imagine. Improved blood circulation helps almost any condition.

The electrotherapy works on the vital organs. Pads are placed over the organs, and electric current pulses are set by the patient at the highest tolerable level. No, you don't get shocked. It feels like a vibration that goes deep inside, to the liver, kidneys, etc. There may be two parts to this, starting with a constant pulse, then an alternating one set by the patient with a dial--it's been a long time since I went through it. It isn't painful--just a little uncomfortable if you set it higher than your comfort level. These 45 minute sessions usually put me to sleep or close to it. It created some kind of altered state, for sure.

See HYDROTHERAPY for more information and instructions on home treatments you can do for yourself and others.


About two weeks into this wonderful combined treatment, my long awaited "reaction" began. That's what treatment aims for--detoxification to clean out a sick body as a key component of the healing process.

I got so sick I was certain the doctor was killing me somehow. I started throwing up. My eyes, ears, and nose drained constantly. All I had to do was lean over and watch the drip from my nose hit the ground. My bowels emptied seemingly more than humanly possible, sometimes in the form of diarrhea. I hurt and ached all over. Truly, I wanted to hurt the doctor. Tip: do not kill the healer that leads you into a healing crisis. Thank him. Thank nature. And if you're smart, you will also thank the Creator who endowed the human body with a powerful healing ability that almost defies human comprehension.

It lasted 21/2 miserable weeks. If I had access to suppressive, palliative drugs I probably would have taken them, but luckily I did not. It did make me more understanding of the "feel better faster" cult of medicine destroying so many lives, however. The temptation for an "easy out" even temporarily overwhelmed my better sense. Thank God I was broke, alone, and had a doctor who every day said, "Hang in there. Hang in there," with enough force of conviction to stay my hand from the bullet with his name on it.


One day I woke up on the treatment table and the pain was gone. It happened so gradually, I hardly noticed. The acute healing crisis had ended, the pain throughout my body disappeared, the arthritis was gone, and the chronic bronchitis cleared up. I could breathe again because the lung congestion was gone, and even my nose quit running. It took longer for my stomach to heal up completely, and the soft tissue injury in my leg never healed, but took twenty-five years to take a turn for the worse. Aside from that, I made a complete recovery from illness and disease so severe that I had gone home to die while still in my twenties.

It was more than the healing of physical conditions. I suffered from terrible depressions, bad dreams, and phobias for years. I required all the lights on to sleep at night. A spider in the house brought on a panic attack. Pathological shyness and feelings of inferiority crippled my social and professional activities. My often morose nature put people off and made me appear negative--a "downer." Chronic lateness arising from insecurities infuriated others. I harbored a myriad of emotional and mental disorders. But when my body healed, so did my mind. However, I had to experience first-hand this transformation to believe that one's basic personality could undergo such an upheaval and cleansing, and to believe Dr. Dick's claim that "a healthy body can tolerate a great degree of mental stress." As the poisons oozed out of my body, it became an inhospitable host to a legion of "personal demons." Out they crept into the long, dark night and I awakened from the nightmare into a new day.

A great, miraculous implosion had shaken my life to its foundation. When the dust settled, everything was different, even the direction of my future.


Grandma: Later, I took my grandmother to Dr. Dick. She and her family had gone through several years of hell from an illness that went through one diagnosis after another, and was finally lumped into the catch-all of "Alzheimer's Disease." Her mind went, and she was briefly institutionalized, but it wasn't typical. She was scream and yell, become combative, and looked at things without understanding what they were are how they worked. We brought her home and tried everything from psychotic drugs to spiking her orange juice with vodka to calm her down. My little teetotaler granny got to liking that "bitter" juice, but in her right mind would have been horrified at what Grandpa and I did to make her more manageable in the days before Dr. Dick. I finally convinced someone to at least have a hair analysis done, and she was found to have nearly fatal levels of heavy metal poisoning--cadmium, and to a lesser degree aluminum, which is characteristic of Alzheimer's brains. I think we did that because I was able to just send a hair sample to the most famous mineral analysis lab in the world (Dr. Paul Eck's ARL--Analytical Research Laboratories) without trying to take her anyplace.

After that, an agreement was made to take her to Dr. Dick. She had a potato allergy with a combination involving fruit and cereal, I believe, or fruit, with a potato/cereal combo. Luckily she had a strong constitution and didn't need treatment. Besides the diet, she was given her specific tissue salts, 3 different glandular protomorphogens (an extremely important facet of treatment), and the herbal digestive aids that also clean house on the bowel.

She quickly went into a healing crisis that lasted two weeks. Her skin stunk of drug and heavy metal eliminations, her eyes dripped matter the whole time, and her bowel movements looked like "horse manure" according to my mother, who kept track of such things.

But what a change afterwards! She went from being an agitated, sometimes physically violent person in constant, unrelenting mental agony one can only imagine to a quiet, passive, peaceful person. She never regained her mental faculties completely, probably due to some amount of brain damage, but the misery was gone, and we were able to take care of her without the daily nightmare of her wretched unhappiness tearing at her caretakers also. She lived several years more, until the age of 83, and passed quietly away.

Daughter Michelle: We had Michelle tested when she was just a few weeks old. She turned out to be allergic to eggs and a fruit/sugar combination like many other family members. But it became apparent in time that there was still something wrong, because she would break out in pimples, get a rashy bottom, lung congestion and a runny nose. So, she was retested again at 4 months, and turned out to be one of the rare people who had two combination allergies--the second one being dairy/cereal (no regular cheese sandwiches, pizza, or many other American staples.) In her case, we had simply had her tested too early, before her digestive system was fully developed, and missed the full picture.

After that, she never got sick. Never. (Except for the occasional diet goofs.) No infection ever took hold, no childhood illness, no "cold" ever caught from another child...until she was 5 years old and we were bullied into submitting to a tetanus shot--over our strenuous objections--after a minor injury occurred on a military base in San Antonio, Texas.

The reaction came almost immediately. She was injected in the afternoon. By that night, the fevers started. In the next day or two the "screaming syndrome" started, and then came the skin sores. The first one erupted on the bridge of her food, looking like a striped greed grape pushing through unbroken skin--unlike anything we had ever seen. She screamed with pain and had to be carried to the bathroom to relieve herself. I already suspected the worst--vaccine poisoning. Dr. Dick advised us from the beginning to avoid vaccination, but only only know what, and not "why?" at that point.

I started hydrotherapy on Michelle as soon as she got out of the bathroom, and by the time I finished the alternating hot and cold pack treatment on her back and chest, the pain was gone and she was up and running again.

Then, the other sores started coming--on her hands, arms, legs. They seemed to be following pathways of the lymph system, I think. Since that is a filtering system, I figured her body was throwing off vaccine poisons along these routes.

The eruptions opened up into awful, suppurating encrusted sores that stunk like something dead. I spent part of a desperate night in prayer before it came to me to swab her with vinegar. By the next day, the smell of necrosis was gone. Then, it occurred to us to do what we should have done immediately--we called Dr. Dick. His first response after listening to the story was, "damn shots!"

His primary instructions were to normalize her system with the right foods (alkaline-forming foods--fruits and vegetables) and continue giving her hydrotherapy at home. Most of all, NO ANTIBIOTICS. He told us earlier that bacteria serve a function--that they are nature's "undertakers" that clean up internal toxic waste, and that killing them was tantamount to swatting flies while leaving the pile of manure they were breeding in. A futile task (although he said that in cases of life-threatening bacterial infections, that antibiotics were useful) unless one was able to "clean house" and get rid of the filth that caused the infection or disease to start with. But he had described many cases where antibiotics had suppressed an infection instead of healing it, and he had to "bring back the infection to the acute stage" before it could be healed completely.

So, we focused her diet on being more alkaline-forming and very sparing on grains, sugar, fat, meat, and other acid-forming foods, continued the hydrotherapy, and she began to heal. When the crisis stage had passed and her lesions were visibly healing, I took her back to Lackland Air Force Base hospital to show them their handiwork and demand a signed medical exemption for school so no repeats of this vaccination disaster would be forthcoming. That's when all hell broke loose!

Dr. Dick takes on Col. Mark Danney, M.D., Head of Pediatrics, L.A.F.B. (Lackland Air Force Base) NEXT

Dianne Jacobs Thompson  Est. 2003
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The Misdiagnosis of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" --an unproven theory without scientific support, now in disrepute and wreaking legal and medical havoc world-wide
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