"For some reason modern medicine has itself turned a corner and entered a darkness and is now committing crimes against humanity unequalled
in the history of our race."
--Dr. Mark Sircus
Alternative Cancer Treatments

1979 Around January of that year, I went home to die.   ..cont. 
I was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, chronic bronchitis, acutely infected ovarian cysts, arthritis, sciatica, low thyroid, anemia and a heart condition. Besides that I had chronic ear infections and long-standing clinical depression. The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., known as a "naturopathic oncology pioneer" cured me in 5 weeks. It required the diagnosis (the Carroll Food Test) of digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances which most people have and few know about, and it also identified the primary tissue salt deficiency, along with treatment with glandular protomorphogens to restore glandular health, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy to bring about detoxification, to stimulate blood circulation and the activity of the vital organs and to jump-start the immune system. It turned out to be the basic foundation of the most successful healing system I've ever witnessed.
1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

This is why I research and write about alternative medicine. It's a debt.

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2003 (The vaccination story takes place in San Antonio, Texas, USA in 1986)

Sick to Death of Life
This part of my story started around 1979 after I progressively became terribly ill over about a 3 year period. By "ill" I mean I went home to die in my early thirties at a time when I had stage 2 stomach cancer, ovarian cysts, chronic bronchitis, arthritis, sciatica, and a heart condition caused by the acute raging infection in my ovaries that was poisoning my entire system. After a long period of intense suffering and sometimes unmanageable pain, the vague thought of death was comforting and not unwelcome.

The last few days in wintry Spokane, Washington where I lived and worked as a free-lance artist remain burned into my memory like a white-hot acid engraving on stone. My income depended on my work output, and it now took me 24 hours of working and sleeping for moments at a time to produce an hour or two of product. The money was gone, and so was the heating fuel. I had nothing left but electricity which hadn't been turned off yet--they generously hesitated doing that in the middle of winter when the bill hadn't been paid. Mine was about 2 months behind.

The only heat left came from my cooking stove, so I moved a work table in by the oven, turned all the burners on and opened the oven door. That's where I stayed most of the day and night, wrapped in a blanket, trying to squeeze out just a little more effort, not ready to give up. But the pain overwhelmed me and several times during the day I went to take hot showers followed by cold ones, which I discovered made me feel better for a while, and I sipped on homemade margaritas to remain slightly anesthetized. Alcohol doesn't stop the pain--you just don't care as much when slightly under the influence. I didn't over-indulge or it would be gone too soon, but just "took the edge off" throughout the day. Food was easy. My former companion of several years, whose own over-indulgence ended our relationship had cooked extensively with eggs. After a life-time aversion to eggs they began to taste good, to the point where I was addicted and ate only an omelet or two during the day.

But, the alcohol was gone, the food was gone and there was only the cash left for one last tank of gas. Something horrible clawed at my stomach, fevers came and went, and the sciatic pain in my back and legs made me understand why some sufferers chose suicide as a way to end it. The same with the arthritic pain in my neck, shoulders and spine as I tried to bend over my work for only a minute or two at a time. It wore at me day and night until I was physically and mentally exhausted. Sometimes I could barely breath--inhaling deeply caused pain--and I coughed up mucus constantly. Finally, the fight was gone. Without much thought I started gathering up what I couldn't leave behind and ended the struggle.

It was a polar bear kind of winter with high snow as I packed up what I could in my aging Volkswagen when a fellow scrimshaw artist (engraved fossil ivory--my trade at the time) who had never made any personal overtures towards me in the past pulled into the driveway. I was busy preparing to abandon everything I couldn't stuff in the car and head for my family's empty house--they traveled in the winter--200 miles away where I would at least find stored food and shelter I could no longer provide on my own and told her so.

When my "colleague" of sorts learned I was ill and unable to work she began talking about health problems of her own that had been turned around by some "herb" doctor or something. I'd had a bellyful of doctoring and wanted no more but deeply ingrained rules of civility demanded politeness so I pretended to listen, thanked her, and hurried on my way with my last few dollars in the gas tank.

In a country house shrouded with fog, surrounded by snowbanks and lying in desolate silence I parked myself in a recliner in the dark for days and let sensory deprivation dull the pain in my body while my thoughts expanded and filled the room and beyond. The rat-like thing gnawing on my gut eased up some as though finally having its fill but still nibbled and made its quieter presence known.

It came to me like a specter--"stomach cancer." I might die horribly. I found that thinking a thing abstractly and facing the reality of it were two entirely different matters. Strangely, during that time period I felt less intensely ill in the quietness with simple dried or frozen foods instead of the margaritas and omelets I had taken to living on almost exclusively.

Uninvited Guest
After a time my parents arrived home unnerved to find an estranged, adult daughter had not only commandeered the house in their absence, but was too ill to evict, creating a toxic environment like the Sartre short story about 3 incompatible souls trapped in a single room in hell together. Desperation, pain and some small spark of survival instinct literally shoved me to my knees spiritually and physically (the old saying "there are no atheists in a foxhole" comes to mind) and I ranted and raved and demanded intervention from a Higher source. Strangely, a feeling of peace came over me and I got the first night of sound sleep I'd had in the last few miserable years which had seen my closest friend who was also a cousin I grew up murdered, I joined the army (after his violent death it was more accessible than the Foreign Legion) only to discover that my recruiter lied about everything to get me--his only college graduate--to sign up, and following after that, my long-time companion, a brilliant Vietnamese professor of linguistics who kept me going with acupressure and Oriental medicine after I became ill, became so obviously alcoholic (I just hadn't seen it clearly in the beginning) that I couldn't remain with him and I found myself alone in the world and desperately ill. Or so I thought.

A Different Kind of Doctor
The next morning I overheard a phone call between my mother and Laura Jones, one of her closest friends, discussing the exploratory surgery that had just been cancelled for the other woman's daughter because they found a doctor who correctly diagnosed the cause of her mysterious health problems. It was like a jolt of electricity hit--the hair on my arms stood up. I asked her to call the woman back and get the doctor's name. And of course...it was the "herb" doctor a temporary angel showed up to tell me about in the ice and snow 200 miles away. In that moment, my life "turned on a dime"...not the first nor last time that was to happen.

After being diagnosed with digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances--the foods I had become addicted to--and healed by a protocol I'd never seen before almost miraculously in 5 weeks, I went away and tried to get on with life but returned to his clinic in 1981 with a new husband and 6-mouth-old baby in tow, determined to understand the “miracle” in terms I could explain to others. A debt of gratitude burned like a fire in my belly--it needed to be quenched.

Learning About Naturopathic Healing
I spent 2 ½ years at his clinic while he mentored me as a lay person, studying his methods and naturopathic principles in general. I soon realized my focus--the laws of nature and how to work with them instead of against them, as many medical treatments do. For example, most patients want a "feel better faster" pill or potion, whom allopaths (medical doctors) accommodate by medicating to stop symptoms. In doing so, they "mask" symptoms by suppressing the immune system. That can push an acute condition into a chronic state--a stage of disease that is difficult if not impossible to treat by conventional medical treatment geared for "management," not cure.

Off To Write a Book
In 1986, I made plans to go to San Antonio, Texas, to work with a former schoolmate I'd run into at a class reunion--a computer expert with organizational skills--who was interested in my research and wanted to collaborate on a book with me. He ran the computer department on a military base, but when we arrived and contacted him, he was in the middle of something hush-hush that had him tied up. Even getting on the base where he worked was difficult, though we were military too. I put the pieces together later and realized that he was busy sending secret arms to Iran, which shipped out of that base (Kelly), so that left us at odds, with my whole purpose for being there derailed. My retired military husband agreed to the move because he found a technical school there where he could use his GI Bill and a tuition grant, so I was left to find a job and went looking to put my daughter Michelle in kindergarten so I could get something done.

The Vaccination Dilemma
My family had a history of vaccination disasters. During World War 11, my father got yellow fever from the vaccine. An infant niece had her baby shots and had a terrible reaction that continued until she was taken to Dr. Dick. My brother's wife was so stressed dealing with this constantly crying child that the skin peeled off her hands, and the family cancelled plans for another baby. A nephew got measles from a measles vaccine. And me--I had a horror of vaccinations that went beyond fearing the prick of a needle as a child. I belonged to that first cohort of 8-9 year old guinea pigs herded like sheep into mass vaccination events in our school gymnasiums. After the first or second shot, I started tearing up my parent-signed permission slips and hiding in these enclosed coat closets they used to have at the back of a classroom, or in a toilet stall standing on the seat while the other children went single-file docilely out to the gymnasium. Needles at the dentist didn't bother me but there was something about this whole scenario that provoked such horror and loathing in me that my normally shy nature was emboldened uncharacteristically at the time. I was never well after whatever shots I had, although I know the first was polio, and I remember taking the oral dose later on. Of course I was better off than the two kids in my age group at school who died of leukemia that same year. One of them was a playmate.

The Poisoned Needle
The late, great doctor Robert Mendelssohn, M.D., author of the best-selling book “Confessions of a Medical Heretic,” was in the vaccine labs at the time the Salk vaccine was in production, and described scientists there as “running around like chickens with their heads cut off” because they knew the vaccine was contaminated with a leukemia virus of animal origin. They ended up keeping their mouths shut and using it anyway, vaccinating the least susceptible age group (mine) at the tail end of a waning epidemic—the third one in the twentieth century--which was already nearly ended as such epidemics invariably do.

Before compulsory mass vaccinations around 1955, childhood leukemia was an almost unknown disease. After the mass vaccination program, leukemia became one of the top 10 killer diseases of children. And a leukemia virus wasn’t the only contaminant in the famous monkey kidney cell-based vaccine. It harbored a nightmare directory of up-and-coming microbial contaminants--SV40, Epstein-Barr, and many others. At the same time, auto-immune and neurological diseases started showing up in larger numbers.

Monkey Business
SV40 (Simian Virus 40) proved to be extra-special. It later gave birth to the entire field of recombinant virology, in which men in white coats got to play GOD and piece together all new viral tribes--Frankenviruses. That created a new era in germ warfare at the same time. Sometimes they created viral monsters for fun, "to see just how bad BAD can be" one scientist admitted. Certain confiscated documents suggest that a virus was requested that exactly matches the description of HIV, the imperfectly purified and questionably isolated virus whose primary component, genetically speaking thought to be of a 60-70% homology to a bad simian virus, came from the same monkeys used to make vaccines. However, direct infection from the monkeys (via bites, eating the meat, having sex with monkeys, etc.) was a carefully planted lie. Man and monkey co-existed since the beginning of time without transmission of SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) which supposedly evolved magically into a humanized variety. Not so. It had to be altered, added on to by recombination events, and adapted to human physiology first ...which can theoretically happen naturally in the process of vaccine production, or unnaturally in a test tube.

SV40 is called a 'naked virus." It lacks the outer coating which allows a virus to enter only those cells it has an affinity to. Instead, this nightmare entity can penetrate virtually any cell, and carry other viruses piggyback with it. Put it in a petri dish with two unlike viruses, and it allows them to recombine in whatever cells are used in the experiment, and viola!--a new tribe of viruses is created, often far more dangerous than the parent viruses. The same thing can happen inside the human cellular genome, and whole generations of children were injected with this monstrosity, may still be harboring it and passing it on. The virus was discovered in the stool of children after the polio vaccination campaigns and reported in a European medical journal, after which all references to the virus were removed from public sources. Read the fascinating story of this discovery, HIV--Immunization-Related Syndrome, by Dr. Eva Lee Sneed, M.D. in the magazine Health Freedom News.

I later wrote a 40-page report (which included 7 pages of references) based on all of the information several key researchers couldn't get published but had available, made 40 copies and sent them around the country. One copy went to Dr. Buttram, who sent me one in return. I gave the last copy to someone for safekeeping, who lost it. It was a messy job done on a manual typewriter, embarrassing to think about now, but the content was explosive! A couple of contacts responded positively, Such as the new show"60 Minutes" but my PO Box got shut down (I ran out of money), so I'll never know if they contacted back or not. Other responses were horrendous. One report, along with copies of several pieces of reference material from medical and science journals went to former First Lady Rosalyn Carter, the figurehead for the national vaccination campaign "Every Child By Two" had an unexpected result. The U.S. Secret Service made a few calls, and it turned out they weren't even told why. They thought I was a terrorist or someone "of interest" who had an FBI file with the same last name and first initials, which was how I sign the package. The final conversation with agent Neil Goodman, in my home district, was almost funny as I tried to convince him a was not the MAN in question, but entirely female, to which he responded, "Have you had a sex change operation?" --I do have a low voice. But somehow the "humor" of pushed me into a depression so dark and deep that it required 5 weeks of hypnotherapy with a psychologist before I could function again.

Another copy went to The Rev. Hanna Kroeger, RN, of Bolder, Colorado, something of a natural healing sensation in certain circles who was both a tireless researcher chasing down information world-wide, but also a mystic who put together a multi-pronged approach to healing AIDS with something that stripped the coat off of "the simian virus" and the bovine-visna virus (she ignored the HIV theory), and something else that then destroyed them, treated parasites, chemical toxins, and other components of AIDS that she saw as co-factors, including a tea that neutralized the effects of fluoridated water, which she said contributed to immune "paralysis" according to the symposium tape I had purchased of a presentation she gave.She claimed to have achieved seroconversion, and she also spoke of curing cancer patients with the Budwig protocol of seed oil mixed with sulphurated proteins to make the omega 3 oils water soluble. When she received my report, she sent me a two-page letter inviting me to come and stay with her and learn how to use the treatment for AIDS patients. I wanted desperately to go, but had an alcoholic husband, a young child, and no money to even make the trip if I found someone I could trust with Michelle. By the time I could, she had passed away.

Vaccination Adverse Effects
One of my closest friends almost died from a tetanus shot. Even the expensive family hunting dogs my dad bought one year developed tumors and cancer soon after being vaccinated, and both died in spite of surgery. I also found out later through research that the devastating animal disease epidemic of parvo started from contaminated animal vaccines although the scientific monograph I found buried deep somewhere didn't mention which one. If someone wanted to research the issue, they could take a look at when this epidemic started worldwide and find out which new vaccine had been introduced or an old one changed just prior to the simultaneous outbreak of the disease.

Part of my problems post-vaccination may have been digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances, but the general properties of vaccinations that over-stimulate and over-tax the immune system may also (or may not) have worsened the intolerances, although these are not the same as immune-mediated allergies. Low thyroid (hypothyroidism), learning disabilities, autism, behavior disorders and auto-immune diseases, in particular, link directly to the practice of vaccination, according to recent research and theories. I was indeed anemic and hypothyroid as a child, and not cured of either until Dr. Dick treated me. In fact, the treatment for anemia made me ill, and the thyroid meds I was told I had to continue for life did nothing to help the symptoms.

Too Little Information
When I started doing research, I quickly learned that the subject of vaccination dangers had a long history, little of which ever saw the light of day as far as the general public went. It was hard to find information. Dr. Dick was vehemently opposed to vaccination, but I wasn’t clear on the specifics, other than they were a source of toxic poisoning, and that the supposed immunity gained from forced antibody response didn’t work the way people thought. I followed his direction and avoided the childhood vaccination guidelines. My daughter thrived—as long as I carefully kept her on the food intolerance-free diet we all followed individually. She had such a powerful immune system that no infection even got a handle on her, no matter what she was exposed to, or what injury occurred. All around me I saw children with ear infections and ear tubes, fussy, sickly, behavior disorders, learning problems, and runny noses. With mine, super nutrition and the right foods produced a physically beautiful, healthy, highly intelligent human being—I saw Dr. Dick’s principles and practices produce splendid results in my own child.

The Rare Unvaccinated Child In Texas
Young MichelleSo, at age 5 Michelle moved with us to the state of Texas—the most pro-medical, anti “alt med” place in the country, as far as I could tell at the time, and vaccination-obsessed. I found out immediately no one in public service would take an unvaccinated child. My retired military husband couldn’t even leave her for an hour in the base daycare so we could shop alone. They were so stringent and obsessive on the base that officers came through almost hourly to make certain every child there had vaccine records on file. So, no daycare, no pre-schools, no kindergarten public or private would take her. My only hope was to find a babysitter, and we knew no one in the neighborhood.

We looked into churches, since the state did allow religious exemptions, but only from a couple of churches, and they seemed to have their own schools. We contacted them, but it required a long period before membership was even allowed, which didn't help the situation. At that time I wrote to a well-known writer/researcher in the area of naturopathic medicine, Dr. Eleanor McBean, who wrote a book VACCINATION CONDEMNED. I hoped she could give me some advice about getting my child into school without the shots.

A short time after writing, we went to the Lackland Air Force Base for groceries when daughter Michelle, being rambunctious as usual, ran ahead and jumped up on the edge of a raised flower bed "walking the plank" when she fell in and cut her neck on a raised plastic sprinkler pipe. It was just a superficial flesh wound no more than skin deep, but the way the skin on the neck stretches, it immediately made a large gaping wound so we had to rush her to the hospital, and then wait for a plastic surgeon to do the stitching.

They fired "The Shot", Like It Or Not
They cleaned and disinfected the opening, which was just the skin layer. Then they informed us they were going to give her a tetanus shot. We explained it was "against our beliefs" and they backed up a step ...until a doctor started asking me questions about our "church." He pushed until I finally felt compelled to explain that it wasn't our "religious" beliefs, but the type of medicine we followed--naturopathy, which he knew nothing about and later refereed to as "cult medicine." That's when it hit the fan and all hell broke loose!

To make matters worse, there were speakers all over the hospital transmitting the news that two people in San Antonio were down at the time with tetanus. It came out later that one or both had been vaccinated, and one of them developed lockjaw with no discernible cause--no external injury whatsoever, but that didn't help us at the time.

The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by a room full of people in white coats--they slunk in like albino hyenas and were just suddenly there it seemed, circling, attacking me from all sides about how I was risking my child's life by not allowing them to vaccinate her. I'm still not sure how it happened, but they were in my face and injecting her at the same time. Vaccine contents

Body shot
Michelle, age 5, final stage of recovery from the flesh-eating Strept A + Staph infection

Fevers, Screaming, and Skin Sores
That same evening, my child who had never had a childhood illness or even a cold or infected cut or scratch became very ill with a fever. Then the screaming started. Then the sores came on. The first blister popped out on the instep of her foot and looked like half of a striped green grape pushing through the skin. The pain was so unbearable we had to carry her screaming to the bathroom because she couldn't walk. I knew immediately that she was having a vaccine reaction. I knew just enough to recognize the symptoms that began with intermittent fever, the crying, "high-pitched cry" in babies or "screaming syndrome" in older children and skin sores were long known as the best-documented sequelae of vaccination on record. No way was I going to take her back to the hospital that forced this on her, so we were alone.

Blisters Become Rotting Flesh
Michelle broke out with a dozen blisters that opened up into necrotic abscesses in varying sizes. The sores spread out and became black, thickly crusted lesions at first, but changed in appearance over the days. More frightening, they smelled like rotten, decaying fish. After the first sore, I gave her a hydrotherapy treatment, which took away the pain by the time the treatment was over, and continued to give them, as well as making her body more alkaline with fruits and vegetables, but the decaying flesh smell terrified me, and Sore closeupthe following night I held her and railed at God, begged, pleaded and bartered for my life to be taken instead of hers, as parents have always done in times of crisis.

A single word came to me. VINEGAR. I then recalled that apple cider vinegar is approximately the same pH as healthy skin (it should have been diluted 3:1 with water, but I didn't know that much) and immediately sponged Michelle with vinegar. The smell of decay was gone overnight.

It became obvious within a short time that my daughter's illness had quickly peaked and was getting better. She still had spiking fevers every day, but for shorter periods and lower temperatures. The high-pitched screaming episodes--something would set her off and she would suddenly become uncontrollably and inconsolably hysterical--lasted for over six months, but declined in frequency. Vaccine poisons have an affinity for the outer covering of nerves in the brain (myelin sheaths), which may explain many of the mental symptoms and disorders that often follow vaccination. Other than that, her terrible sores were slowly but visibly healing. Sore with scab

Recovery and Recriminations
When she looked better, about 10 days after the vaccination, I finally took Michelle back to the hospital to show them their handiwork and to demand a medical exemption from vaccinations so there would be no repeat of what had just happened, and I could get her into school.

These photos were taken near recovery, not in the beginning when they looked far worse.

If I thought it hit the fan before, I was unprepared for the reaction when they saw my daughter. "Freaked out" best describes their reaction. We had gotten hold of Dr. Dick back home, and had been following his directions, which started out with, "Whatever you do, don't let them give her antibiotics." His first response had been "Damn shots!"

Sore before scabDangerous Treatments
Of course, they immediately wanted to put Michelle in the hospital and start a course of antibiotics. In fact, they informed me in no uncertain terms that SHE WOULD DIE without antibiotics. No two ways about it. Good thing I had already been in contact with my own doctor.

I was reminded of meeting one of Dr. Dick's former patients in the waiting room while going for my own treatments. This is hard to believe in this day and age, but the woman had come to Dr. Dick with an unusual infection that he sent to a medical lab to have cultured. She had Bubonic Plague. (I believe she had been bitten by a rat.) The health authorities panicked and sent him antibiotics to use on her, which he tossed out. He treated her his own way. She survived. He found out later she was one of 8 people who contracted the plague in Spokane during a certain period...and the only one who survived.

Antibiotics have an occasional beneficial use in a case of severe, acute, life-threatening bacterial infection, but devastate the immune system and often just suppress infections without healing them, as well as creating "super bugs." Bacteria are nature's "undertakers." They help break down clean up diseased and dead cellular material, filth and toxic materials in the body. Without bacteria, the floor of the earth would be littered with dead bodies. Their function is to break down and remove refuse. They don't exist in a place without reason, and cause problems only in that as they consume dead or dying materials, they at the same time excrete wastes that can be toxic to us, as well as containing toxic elements in their own constructs. The problem is that killing bacteria (bacterial are plant-like structures, not "bugs") resembles "swatting flies on a pile of manure" as Dr. Dick used to say. You can kill the flies, but as long as the pile of manure is there, it will breed more and continue to poison its environment. The problem originates with the manure, not the flies, although during this process bacteria can also pose a threat. Detoxify the body properly and apply scientifically sound principles of first maintaining health and then healing a sick body, and there will be no "fertile soil" in which to breed more infection or disease. Also, killing bacteria creates a second set of products when toxins are released.

On The Run
They didn't even ask us, they told us we either surrendered our daughter or they would contact the legal authorities and have her taken away from us and we would be off to jail. They sent for someone high up in pediatrics, who breezed in, assumed we had been intimidated into submission, and left to go get the room and treatment arranged. For a moment we were then left alone in the treatment room. I grabbed Shell's hand and we ran for it! The windowless hallways acted like a maze, and in the panic we ran in circles, and actually bumped right into the returning physician. I told him I was looking for my husband, who stayed in a waiting room, and that we would return with him. We finally found him and made a run for it out of the hospital. We didn't dare go home where they would obviously have the authorities waiting for us, so we drove around until midnight until exhaustion, disgust, and rebellion finally took it's toll and we went home.

Vaccination Condemned: The Book
As we neared the house, I saw a big package in the mailbox. It was a copy of Vaccination Condemned, sent as a gift by the author, along with a long letter of sympathy and suggestions. I spent the rest of the night up reading--arming myself with the kind of information that would have filled any caring parent with such horror and fear that I knew instinctively that most people would rather deny the facts than ever, ever accept the possibility that such things existed in the world of medicine. It left me shaken, but shored up with strength from some source. I knew they would be coming for us soon, and I was ready.

Dr . Mark Danney, MD
Pediatric Endocrinologist

They Come For Us: Police Escort
The police and a CPS agent arrived at 8:00am the next morning and drove us to Wilford Hall at Lackland Air Force Base Hospital. It was Saturday, but the head of pediatrics himself, Col. Mark Danney, M.D., was coming in to meet with us, to culture the sores and see what they were for certain.

What I haven't mentioned so far is that by the time we were driven to the pediatric hospital, my husband and I were both infected ourselves. We had been immune to illness and infection for so long, theHeel sore thought of being "caught" by a dangerous communicable infection hadn't even occurred to us. I was dressing Michelle's sores when our cat grabbed Ted's toe from under the bed while he was putting socks on, and he called me over to look at his "wound." Without thinking, I went straight from a weeping sore to an open scratch with my unwashed hands, just like in the disastrous days of medicine before doctors knew to wash their hands between patients. He became infected, and then spread it to every scratch, insect bite, and hangnail on his body. We were being eaten alive by texas-sized mosquitoes, so the bites were a major problem. Ted and I both had around a dozen points of infection, but our focus was on our daughter, and we saw that she was recovering, so it wasn't a big concern.

Small soreColonel Mark Danney, MD
He explained that it was necessary to culture the infection to identify it. He thought it might either be a Staph infection or the far more deadly Strept A bacterial infection, but after talking to him at great length about our background and what I was doing, including much discussion about the mechanics of the immune system, the effects of antibiotics, my contact with my own physician and much information about the dangers of vaccination, the doctor agreed that if the infection was "just Staph", he would allow us to continue the home treatment without interference, but if it was the more serious infection, he had to put Michelle into the hospital for treatment, particularly since the state authorities and police had been called in.

I could sense the good doctor's hesitation now--he had found me more Toe soresknowledgeable than expected, and my daughter far less ill than she should have been. In fact, she didn't seem ill at all now. She just had these ugly crusted sores that were no longer even red and inflamed and were obviously beginning to heal.

Memorial Day Weekend
That was at the beginning of an extended weekend for Memorial Day. The lab techs were gone and then way behind in their work so it took days for the results to come back. That was the longest wait of my life. Meanwhile, I found out later that Col. Danney had called Dr. Dick at home in Spokane and had several lengthy conversations about the situation, and about medicine in general, it turns out.

Knee soreBefore we went back in to get the results, Michelle had one last fever, and when it broke she seemed to be over the last of the most direct effects of the infection. The sores started scabbing over normally that same day, and she was so visibly on the mend that no one could have disputed the fact.

It turned out we had the absolute worst-case scenario--a combined infection--Staph and Strept A, the flesh-eating bacteria that has killed many people, including victims of vaccine poisoning who have many times succumbed to or been disfigured by the work of Strept A which evolves into Necrotising Fasciitis.

It was the worst situation both legally and medically, now complicated by the fact that my daughter had inconsiderately recovered in a matter of days with no medical intervention, and no apparent complications from the infection doctors said would kill her without antibiotics.

Col. Danney was in a predicament, because the "wheels were already in motion" as he said, and the state was just waiting along with us for the lab results to come back. At the same time, he could see she was close to a full recovery.

Dr. Danney and Dr. Dick
I asked him to cover for us long enough to get out of the state, which he agreed to do--with relief, I think--as long as we promised to go straight to Dr. Dick. Then he made an extraordinary admission. He said I was the "best informed lay person he had ever met" (I joked that he "needed to get out of the hospital more often") and that because of his conversations with Dr. Dick he "would be a better doctor." He agreed that conventional medicine was and needed to be moving in the direction of naturopathic medicine, but that "change comes slowly". After days of slowly easing animosity, we parted in peace.

Dr. Harold Dick, N.D
Oncology Pioneer"

We Flee The State In The Dark of Night
Then came the upheaval. Ted had to quit school, and later had to pay back the tuition he had covered by a grant because he didn't finish, we had to pack up in a rush, abandon furniture and everything but necessities behind, and head for Washington State at night. Dr. Dick saw Michelle, pronounced her quite well, and we tried to go back to our lives--starting from scratch--which soon bottomed out.

Ted became depressed over the ordeal and drank heavily, ignored home treatment and what he needed to do. The infection spread until he was in real trouble. He got arrested and ordered into rehab. As a retired veteran (Coast Guard) he had the option of going to the veteran's hospital, which he did, only to be thrown immediately into isolation and forced to take heavy antibiotic treatment. The infected tissues dried up, but left knotty, gnarled tissue and a lung infection--probably a fungal infection from the antibiotics. It took several years to resolve all of this, including using escharotic cancer salves, which somehow resulted in the tissues softening up and feeling normal again.

Beginning of leg infection
Spreading Sore
Leg infected and swollen
Ted had the worst health and suffered the most severe infection in the family. Strangely, we each had 12 areas of infection. His began with a cat scratch I infected and moved on to mosquito bites, a hangnail, and spread from there. One infected area involved his whole left leg which swelled up to at least 1 1/2 times its normal size, another covered most of his stomach and chest.  He went into alcohol rehab at the Veteran's hospital, they threw him into isolation/quarantine and compelled him to be treated medically. His overall health from the naturopathic regimen may be what protected him from progression into necrotising fasciitis, but the antibiotics caused horrific damage. (The strange coloring on his hand is just light through curtains.)

A Family In Crisis and "Gutting It Out"

We separated when Ted got out of the Vet's hospital--his arrest involved "domestic violence"(a threat only) and I was alone with my daughter for a long time, destitute, and had no one to give me hydrotherapy, so I had to resort to hot and cold showers, whatever food I could afford to work on alkalizing my system, and just wait it out. The pain was indescribable, but it passed in a couple of months with nothing but water treatments and alkaline-forming foods which make an inhospitable terrain for harmful bacteria, in fact, can cause them to mutate into harmless microbes (according to research done clear back in 1914 by a Dr. Rosenow who worked for what later became the Mayo clinic). I wouldn't suggest anyone else "gut it out" like that. It was a potentially life-threatening infection and under different circumstances, I would have been gratefully under my naturopathic doctor's care, but he was 200 miles away and I couldn't afford even the modest cost of his treatments and certainly not housing.

As for Michelle, we were able to get her into kindergarten in our little home town soon after returning to Washington State, which allows personal exemptions...at least in those schools in compliance with state law. However, many schools still try to bully the parents andMichelle: 2003 threaten to deny attendance to an unvaccinated child regardless of the law. We reconciled and moved to Spokane a year later, and the school nurse went ballistic and said Michelle would be removed from school in two weeks if not vaccinated by that time...in spite of state law allowing personal exemptions from vaccination. We had no resources, nor the heart to fight this, so she and I went back home to Yakima Valley, while her father stayed on in technical school, trying once again to complete a technical course without some crisis getting in the way. (He didn't finish there either. Something did come up.)

Later, when I started teaching part time, I had a teenaged male student in class required to be in sight of an attendant at all times because he was a convicted felony sex offender. The irony struck me--we were forced to tolerate a dangerous and potentially violent child molester in our midst, but my 5-year-old child was denied an education in the state of Texas and in another area of her own state because we chose not to be bullied ever again into submitting to something that was against our beliefs philosophically, medically, and even spiritually even before we experienced the kind of vaccine "injury" that can happen to anyone, at any time.

12-25-03: The Next, Better-Prepared Generation Slugs It Out
Now Michelle is back in Spokane with her own family, and her 4-year-old daughter Sierra LavertyYounger Sierra has been denied access to numerous pre-schools because of her unvaccinated status. "The state" got involved and have threatened to turn her in to CPS (Child Protection Service) for "child abuse" or whatever charge a hostile, uninformed agent can come up with--one who thinks a licensed naturopathic physician "isn't a 'real' doctor." She canceled Christmas with us this year. They just moved to Spokane and still have much to do, so they are cleaning and organizing because they know CPS may be showing up and will certainly be looking for any reason to take Sierra away from the family and forcibly vaccinate her, which could kill her. Two years ago, Sierra developed meningococcal disease of the brain and spinal cord and almost died. The attending physician (medical) admitted that the congestion in her lungs from a food allergy reaction (other relatives ignored our instructions and fed her foods that she was intolerant of) provided the breeding ground for the infection. I asked the doctor to check her pH level (with a saliva strip--litmus paper), and he looked at me like I was crazy. When I asked about checking it myself, he couldn't even tell me where to get a pH strip in the hospital, although he suggested that "maybe" the department of urology might have something. I asked because I knew that harmful bacteria can't live in a properly alkaline internal environment (terrain), but the concept of "proper acid/alkaline balance" --which affects every cell in the body--was apparently unknown to him.

http://www.explorepub.com/articles/enderlein3.html http://www.sumeria.net/dream.html

The Germ Theory of Disease vs Terrain
These kind of germs don't need to be "caught" from another person. They are commonly present in many people, but need a toxic "terrain" in which to feed and take on virulent characteristics and fester. Even Louis Pasteur on his deathbed reportedly admitted his error in the misguided "germ theory of disease" (stolen and misinterpreted from Antoine Bechamp's work) and confessed he understood that the terrain in which germs live are the deciding factor of disease, not the mere presence of ubiquitous germs.

In this case with a life-threatening bacterial infection and no time to consult with anyone else late at night we agreed to immediate conventional medical treatment (with only a moment of hesitation), which meant massive doses of antibiotics. Unfortunately, antibiotics can leave a person with a severely impaired immune system, which appears to be the case. Besides having food allergies, which if injected directly into the bloodstream by way of shots or IV solutions (some dextrose drips come from potatoes, which she is severely allergic to) could do grievous harm. Also, an immuno-compromised child should never be vaccinated and even the vaccine package inserts warn against this. We are working on raising her pH level and strengthening her immune system. That will give her far better immunity to any and all disease processes than her peer group. Vaccinations WEAKEN the immune system by forcing antibody response to specific antigens, which doesn't reliably confer immunity and statistically-speaking increases the outbreak of the disease vaccinated against, and in the process, severely over-taxes the overall defenses of the body.

Our Banned Baby Girl: Granddaughter Sierra
So ...Sierra, who was using a computer at 2 and is beginning to read and write at 4--is banned from most learning institutions regardless of state law allowing her mother the right to choose in the matter of vaccination. It's a paradox. If "they" believe that vaccinations actually confer Sierra 2004immunity from disease (in spite of statistical evidence to the contrary), what threat to others would an unvaccinated child be? If the child got sick, supposedly the other children would have nothing to fear. And if they were truly immune, why would they get sick and pose a threat to the child? In fact, the measles and whooping cough going around usually occur in vaccinated children, and such has always been the case. The same with polio. Most if not all American cases are now caused by the vaccine itself. In case of an epidemic in the school, the law demands that the unvaccinated child to be sent home until the epidemic has passed, but that would leave only vaccinated children and why would there be an epidemic among them, if they were immune? It appears no one thinks these things out.

2004 update: The Lion Roars Tonight--A Mother Protects Her Young
Michelle finally found a pre-school which agreed to take Sierra in compliance with State law--a signed vaccination exemption form (but they also wanted a note from her naturopathic physician). This fall comes the real test--kindergarten. Will there or will there not be a battle? --that's the question.

Sierra, (2007)

Also, Michelle handled the "hostile case-worker" problem by going to the supervisor and threatening legal action. The supervisor reviewed Michelle's record clear back to childhood (how, I don't know) and found in her favor. The caseworker was severely reprimanded and then replaced.

The answer seems very clear on the question of why there might be an epidemic among vaccinated children. Vaccines do not and have never insured immunity from disease, from the very beginning. A measurable antibody titer is not the same thing as proven immunity. Go to http://www.vaclib.org/news/smallpoxalert.htm for one of the best overviews of vaccine history on the internet that I have found so far. But be prepared to be shocked and horrified at how the people of this nation and the world at large have been victimized and deceived by one of the most diabolical creations of "revisionist" history ever contrived! Why? --inconceivably immense profits, of course, along with an on-going plot to hide liability and failure.

Vaccination: A Backwoods Superstition
The whole practice of modern vaccination is based on an ignorant but profitable superstition that getting cowpox from a cow used to protect milkmaids from smallpox. Cowpox was an infection often caused by milkers with syphilis, and had no relationship to smallpox. The first people vaccinated with coxpox repeatedly and experimentally died young from vaccine-related tuberculosis, including smallpox vaccinationist Edward Jenner's son. (Jenner claimed to be a physician, but actually bought his "degree" from a medical paper mill). Afterwards, the vaccine failed miserably to stop smallpox and the incidence of smallpox increased dramatically within the vaccinated population, as documented in many statistical tables, books and reports written at the time, including Dr. Edgar Crookshank's book, The History and Pathology of Vaccination, written in the 1800's during the time of the British epidemics by a renowned doctor/researcher.

Surveyors Know: Improved Sanitation, Water Supplies, Waste Disposal and Food Handling
If you want the truth about how modern childhood diseases were eradicated, ask any licensed surveyor. They know the development of modern sanitation, sewage disposal systems, and distribution of food and water--designed by surveyors and civil engineers--finally brought an end to these and other so-called contagious "filth" diseases.

All vaccines were developed at the end of an epidemic of the targeted disease, after which outbreaks of disease often increased--up to 3-400% in some states which released their records according to government sources as documented by Dr. Eleanor McBean--before they died back down, as epidemics always do. Outbreaks after mass vaccination campaigns occur primarily in vaccinated individuals, which is verified by official records. Industrialized countries without compulsory vaccination laws had far better results, according to worldwide statistical information. Epidemics came, peaked, and waned regardless of the vaccination status of any country, except that compulsory vaccination appears to have increased the incidence of disease immediately after mass vaccination programs, and did nothing to hasten the end of epidemics world-wide. See Graphs.

As old contagious childhood diseases faded away under conditions of better sanitation, auto-immune diseases, chronic-degenerative diseases, mental and emotional disorders, cancer, learning and behavior disabilities, birth defects, and a "Pandora's Box" of other "modern" afflictions have taken their place simultaneously, but not coincidentally.

2007: Granddaughter Sierra's Dad & Half-Sister "Baby Casey"--
Another Vaccination Nightmare We have Yet to Awaken From
( --separate site)  http://legaljustice4john.com    http://www.thinktwice.com/    

"Man, proud man, wrapped up in little brief authority, plays such fantastic tricks before High Heaven, as make the Angels weep."— Shakespeare

Strept A Necrotising Fasciitis: Vaccination "Adverse Events"

Smallpox vaccination

Blackwell Synergy - Int J Dermatol, Volume 46 Issue 10 Page 1050 ...
Despite the excellent adverse event profile of the DPT vaccine, adverse .... Staging of necrotising fasciitis based on the evolving cutaneous features ...

Varicella Vaccine
Adverse reactions reported in clinical trials: ... osteomyelitis was present in 4 (3.3%), necrotising fasciitis was present in 3 (2.5%), orbital cellulitis ...

Hepatitis B vaccine adverse events (journal articles)
Serious hepatitis B vaccine adverse reactions, .... [Is hepatitis B vaccination a new cause of necrotising vasculitis]? ...

Flesh Eating Group A Streptococcus
What Strept A Looks Like in Other People

The people in the following photos are lucky to be alive and most are grateful to their doctors, as well they should be since they had no other options. We are the luckier ones who did have options. The photos on this page below and the next one show the difference between flesh-eating bacterial infections treated medically and those treated with natural healing methods, at least in the case of my daughter and I, and eventually my husband. I believe his healthy diet saved him.

"There but for the grace of God go I"
Flesh Eating Group A Streptococcus
progression --necrotising fasciitis



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