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  Light of TruthDr. Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND
Cancer Regimen: from Let's Play Doctor 

*The concept of autoimmune urine treatment would be repellant to most Americans, but this form of treatment is widely known and used in other parts of the world. Dr. Wallach related this to using "urea" in the form of carbamide. I personally remember Dr. Harold Dick mentioning giving urea to a cancer patient.

Dr. Dick, along with Dr. Leo Scott--both of whom trained with the legendary Dr. O.G. Carroll--probably had the highest cancer cure rate of anyone known in the U.S. Now, naturopaths are not even allowed to treat "cancer" per se. (So they treat PATIENTS who just happen to have cancer.)

Dr. Wallach is the author of the best-known audio tape in the world, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie," has an international following, and is predicted to be a serious contender for a Nobel Prize for several discoveries in the field of medicine.

He began as a soil specialist and veterinarian, but after discovering that the diseases of animals that were curable or preventable with applied nutrition were a complete mystery to their human counterparts, Dr. Wallach went back to school and became a naturopathic physician so he could likewise cure these diseases in people.

His main concern is the mineral depletion of the commercial soils of the the world. He claims that lack of one single mineral needed by the body can give rise to any of 10 diseases, and given that the food we eat gets it's mineral content directly from the earth, bad soil equals disease and death.

Most farmers fertilize their crops, but commercial fertilizers contain 3 main ingredients needed to provide rapid growth for the plants, but lack all of the essential trace elements needed for health.

Considering that the human body is designed to live 120 years in good health before running down (and do in isolated pockets of the world), and that at best we can expect to live half that long, usually in states of illness and disease, indicates that something is very wrong with our lifestyle, diet and healthcare system, all of which Dr. Wallach maintains is the case.

Dr. Wallach has supplement packs for sale directly (I think) or through associates:

Information can be obtained easily by doing a search using his name or "majestic earth minerals." It may be a little confusing knowing what to order, but the supplements on the order page have some explanation. The main thing is to make certain to get all essential nutrients one way or another, especially the all-important minerals. (Other extreme deficiencies are EFA's --Essential Fatty Acids--and Vitamin D, from lack of sunlight, which can be supplemented with cod liver oil in particular.)

His products are reportedly superior to others in that they come from ancient organic mineral beds (in Utah, I believe) from a period of time when the composition of the earth and it's plant and animal life were different than now. For one thing, the oxygen content was higher. It has been suggested that our bodies have not adapted completely to the modern environment and that these supplements contain materials or mineral ratios that our bodies need for optimum health, which aren't available otherwise except from these prehistoric mineral beds or something like them.

These products appear to be somewhat more costly than some, but may be worth the price, and by signing as a distributor, the wholesale cost would be lower than buying retail.