"For some reason modern medicine has itself turned a corner and entered a darkness and is now committing crimes against humanity unequalled
in the history of our race."
--Dr. Mark Sircus
Alternative Cancer Treatments

1979 Around January of that year, I went home to die.   ..cont. 
I was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, chronic bronchitis, acutely infected ovarian cysts, arthritis, sciatica, low thyroid, anemia and a heart condition. Besides that I had chronic ear infections and long-standing clinical depression. The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., known as a "naturopathic oncology pioneer" cured me in 5 weeks. It required the diagnosis (the Carroll Food Test) of digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances which most people have and few know about, and it also identified the primary tissue salt deficiency, along with treatment with glandular protomorphogens to restore glandular health, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy to bring about detoxification, to stimulate blood circulation and the activity of the vital organs and to jump-start the immune system. It turned out to be the basic foundation of the most successful healing system I've ever witnessed.
1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

This is why I research and write about alternative medicine. It's a debt.

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Stones from liver-gallbladder flush

Some of the larger stones "captured" from a May, 2004 liver-gallbladder flush using the Dr. Clark formula, which is actually a very old one one.

The stones were soft but firm and easy to handle when first obtained, but were left in a jar of water for over a week before being photographed, and they became water-logged and fell apart when strained and laid on a paper towel to photograph.

This was about the 5th cleanse in 3 years, and the first one done in the last few months. Besides large and many more small stones, there was a whitish calcified stone that got lost in the shuffle, and a great deal of cloudy "chaff" that was flushed away. It shows as a yellow, cloudy suspension in the toilet bowl.

When I first started doing the flushes, I had been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, and as a result of that had suffered from a slowdown and congestion of many organs and processes, and had suffered miserably from giant, disfiguring hives from the top my head to the bottom of my feet for almost two years, and then I started swelling up from kidney failure. My doctor is 200 miles away, so I have to be at death's door to make the trip.

My naturopathic physician, Dr. Leticia Watrous, of Spokane, WA said among other things that I had a congested liver which caused toxins to overflow into the bloodstream, causing the hives, which led me to study up on ways to detox the liver and other organs affected by low adrenal/thyroid function (they go together).

My general health improved with the doctor's regimen: adrenal glandular protomorphogens, calcium supplementation, additional sunlight and cod liver oil for vitamin D, improved alkaline pH, vitamin B supplementation from natural nutritional yeast, superfoods, iodine from kelp, re-hydration from good water, salt (Celtic Sea Salt only, no processed salt) to correct a sodium deficiency (when the adrenals wear out the kidneys take over and become depleted of sodium), and a 3 day fast, but it took the liver-gallbladder flush to get rid of the hives completely. Life long food intolerances improved, as did skin tone, hair, and mental clarity. For a hives caused by liver congestion, which is probably the case in most situations, other than specific allergy, the flush was a kind of "miracle in a bottle" (extra virgin olive oil) along with the grapefruit, or raw lemon juice, or organic apple juice and epson salts which I intend to continue at least a couple times a year for the rest of my life.

This process just takes a day and a half, unless you choose to semi-fast for a couple of extra days, which would probably make it even better. The the instructions to fast before taking the epson salts and oil is important, because it will make you nausious more likely than not if you have food in your stomach. The epson salt drink is bitter, not salty, and tastes really bad. You just have to accept this as "bitter medicine" and do what needs to be done. Also, somewhere it suggests using light olive oil rather than extra virgin. I tried to increase the dose of heavy extra virgin oil the time before, as well as juice fasting for a couple of days, and ended up projectile vomiting the oil/juice mixture from the bedroom to the bathroom--about 8 feet. Strangely enough, when you use enzyme-rich fresh juice (not canned, bottled or frozen) and mix it with the oil in a blender, it doesn't separate and isn't too hard to drink down, but found that 3/4 cup of oil was all I could tolerate, unless the light oil goes down better. I haven't tried that kind yet.

Now if someone could explain what causes the stone formation, that would really be helpful. Some say "cooked foods" or "processed" foods.


Dianne Jacobs Thompson  Est. 2003
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The Misdiagnosis of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" --an unproven theory without scientific support, now in disrepute and wreaking legal and medical havoc world-wide
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