"For some reason modern medicine has itself turned a corner and entered a darkness and is now committing crimes against humanity unequalled
in the history of our race."
--Dr. Mark Sircus
Alternative Cancer Treatments

1979 Around January of that year, I went home to die.   ..cont. 
I was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, chronic bronchitis, acutely infected ovarian cysts, arthritis, sciatica, low thyroid, anemia and a heart condition. Besides that I had chronic ear infections and long-standing clinical depression. The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., known as a "naturopathic oncology pioneer" cured me in 5 weeks. It required the diagnosis (the Carroll Food Test) of digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances which most people have and few know about, and it also identified the primary tissue salt deficiency, along with treatment with glandular protomorphogens to restore glandular health, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy to bring about detoxification, to stimulate blood circulation and the activity of the vital organs and to jump-start the immune system. It turned out to be the basic foundation of the most successful healing system I've ever witnessed.
1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

This is why I research and write about alternative medicine. It's a debt.

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*Alternative treatments for cancer, chronic-degerative disease, infection, stress, harmful emotions and other disorders and conditions;
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"Truth wears no mask, seeks neither place nor applause, 
bows to no human shrine; she only asks a hearing"


Nitriloside:Vitamin B-17 (Laetrile)

From the National Health Federation:

" Nitriloside, a Little Known Food Factor --

We are fortunate to have available to us a second line of defense against cancer. It involves eating foods that contain a little known food factor called nitriloside. Dr. Ernst Krebs, M.D. is a pioneer in cancer research who in the 1920s discovered that nitriloside suppresses cancer cells. He demonstrated that this food factor was essential for maintaining good health, and he called it vitamin B-17. It has shown to be a kind of natural ‘chemotherapy’ because it kills cancer cells while enhancing healthy cells, and produces no negative side effects. Unfortunately, conventional medicine ignores the importance of Dr. Krebs’ findings.

Where can the food factor, nitriloside, be found? It occurs naturally in foods, and is found in greatest abundance in apricot kernels. (Although apricot kernels are hard to find, one can go online and locate companies in California that sell them). Nitriloside also occurs in lesser concentrations in a host of other whole foods, including lima beans, lentil, millet, sprouts, ginger root, turmeric, black eye peas, walnuts, avocados, blackberries, cranberries, papaya, barley, cassava, to mention a few. Unfortunately, our Western diet no longer includes very many foods like the ones just mentioned. The typical American diet is high in processed food, simple carbohydrates, refined grains, and meat and pasteurized dairy from grain fed animals. These foods are essentially devoid of nitriloside.

In Summary

Cancer arises because the first or second line of defense in the body has been broken. To fix them, one must initiate an aggressive and fundamental change in diet to largely raw fruits and vegetables, especially including foods rich in nitriloside (or vitamin B-17). This is the natural route to true cancer recovery. On the other hand, the broken cancer defense problem is not addressed by orthodox cancer treatment because it focuses only on eliminating the cancerous tumor and not on what caused it.

Cancer is a chronic metabolic disease, and no chronic metabolic disease has ever been cured without involving certain food factors found in whole natural foods.

Finally, to make the body a place where cancer cannot survive, it is vital to eat foods each day that defend the body -- foods rich in enzymes and in nitriloside capable of disrupting the cancer PROCESS.

What a blessing to know that there is something we all can do (on our own) about preventing and overcoming what is arguably the most devastating illness of our time!

Mauris Emeka is the author of Cancer’s Best Medicine, copyright 2004, and also of the book Fear Cancer No More, copyright 2002. Apollo Publishing. P. O. Box 1937. Port Orchard, WA 98366. Refer to: emekam@silverlink.net and to www.cancernomore.com.

Use this link for other interesting articles www.thenhf.com/articles.html"

Natural sources of vitamin B-17

Raw almonds have been used for cancer at least since Biblical times--since it's mentioned in the Old Testament.

"In fact, the simple rule is seeds except from citrus. So these would include nuts, beans, berries, and other seed foods. Whole grains are also seeds, so unpolished rice would be an easy source for rice eaters like us in the Philippines."--Gerry

A list is given here: http://worldwithoutcancer.org.uk/aspreventative.html

Gerry--"My family gets a regular dose of B-17 from unpolished rice, mung bean sprouts, and nuts (even peanuts has it, though in small quantities). In the process, we also get vitamin E, tocotrienol, B-complex, protein. Cassava is a frequent item, too. When I eat apples or grapes, I bite into the seeds, chew and swallow them along with the fruit. We also enjoy the numerous seeds in a jackfruit, which we eat like nuts after boiling them. Lots of choices, really."

Dianne Jacobs Thompson  Est. 2003
Also http://legaljustice4john.com
The Misdiagnosis of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" --an unproven theory without scientific support, now in disrepute and wreaking legal and medical havoc world-wide
Author publication: NEXUS MAGAZINE "Seawater--A Safe Blood Plasma Substitute?"

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