"For some reason modern medicine has itself turned a corner and entered a darkness and is now committing crimes against humanity unequalled
in the history of our race."
--Dr. Mark Sircus
Alternative Cancer Treatments

1979 Around January of that year, I went home to die.   ..cont. 
I was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer, chronic bronchitis, acutely infected ovarian cysts, arthritis, sciatica, low thyroid, anemia and a heart condition. Besides that I had chronic ear infections and long-standing clinical depression. The late Dr. Harold Dick, N.D., known as a "naturopathic oncology pioneer" cured me in 5 weeks. It required the diagnosis (the Carroll Food Test) of digestive enzyme deficiency food intolerances which most people have and few know about, and it also identified the primary tissue salt deficiency, along with treatment with glandular protomorphogens to restore glandular health, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy to bring about detoxification, to stimulate blood circulation and the activity of the vital organs and to jump-start the immune system. It turned out to be the basic foundation of the most successful healing system I've ever witnessed.
1986 My 5-year-old daughter was forcibly vaccinated and immediately developed a flesh-eating infection so virulent that my husband and I became infected from contact. Naturopathic medicine brought us back from the brink.
Later that year we were introduced to escharotic cancer salves and treated a dog tumor, my husband's cirrhosis of the liver, various skin lesions, moles, fungal infections, and a lump in my thigh. It eventually helped clear up the remaining symptoms from my husband's flesh-eating infection after he was forced to submit to antibiotic treatment which made a mess of it. There was much more, gallbladder problems in 1999, adrenal deficiency 2001, injury in 2002, arthritis, diabetes, and other issues between 2003-2012, including glaucoma--cured.

This is why I research and write about alternative medicine. It's a debt.

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*Alternative treatments for cancer, chronic-degerative disease, infection, stress, harmful emotions and other disorders and conditions;
*Information about junk science and bad medicine, including unsafe and ineffective vaccines and undiagnosed medical conditions mimicking child abuse and Shaken Baby Syndrome;

Natural Healing Information
This site provides starting points. The rest of the journey must be yours.

"Truth wears no mask, seeks neither place nor applause, 
bows to no human shrine; she only asks a hearing"


"What are most vitamin and mineral supplements actually made from? Nearly all are synthesized by the same huge pharmaceutical/chemical plants that the material for drugs come from – coal tar, petroleum,
discarded animal by-products, powdered rocks and shells. Rarely are they derived from fresh raw vegetables and organic grains, carefully dried and powdered, free from the additions of such fillers as starch, lactose, soy, magnesium sulfate, etc.

What is vitamin B-12 made from? Vitamin B-12 comes from one of two sources – ground up cow’s liver which has been overloaded with steroids, antibiotics and the herbicides/pesticides in the feed the cow eats. The second source is activated sewage sludge – fecal matter. It's high in B-12 and inexpensive to obtain. All such manufacturers and their lab people consider that a vitamin is a vitamin – where it comes from is irrelevant as long as the public doesn't know and form an “emotional aversion” to it. The rest of the B vitamins are processed from coal tar and petroleum chemicals.

How are mineral supplements usually processed? Nutrient manufacturers take mineral ore and pulverize it into a fine powder. These are known as metallic minerals. 98% of it cannot be assimilated by the digestive system.
Only plant derived minerals are nutrients for the body – we can get our iron from grapes and green leafy vegetables but not from ground-up rocks!

There are deposits here and there on the planet of plant-derived minerals from ages past when lush vegetation was suddenly buried and preserved underground. The minerals in these deposits are water-soluble and that is why they are usually sold as liquid supplements. They are mostly valuable for all the many trace elements they contain rather than providing adequate supplementation of the main minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron that we need in fairly large amounts. These macro-nutrients can be gotten from a diet of plants, which also provide all of the other co-factors that enable the body to benefit from the minerals. Cofactors are enzymes, vitamins, and other minerals that must be present when the body needs certain minerals in nutrition.


Nutritional fads can also be dangerous because of the consumption of a large amount of trace elements that we need very little of, or not at all, such as the latest silver and chromium fads.

What you want is a naturally blended combination of unrefined food sources which provide you with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential trace nutrients. The key is that all of the ingredients come directly from nature and in an unprocessed form. A powerful natural, whole-food nutritional supplement will provide the foundation for any health program."

Dr. Harold Dick, N.D. considered vitamin pills to be "dangerous drugs" and vehemently advised against all use, with the occasional exception of natural vitamin C following periods of unusual stress. Vitamins are "synergistic"--they work in relationships with other naturally-occuring food elements. The process of isolating a vitamin destroys these relationships, alters the vitamin in it's activity, and can potentially throw the body out of balance. Many are produced by synthetic means--like laboratory-made ascorbic acid in place of natural vitamin C--and while synthetics share the same chemical makeup as "real" vitamins, at a deeper level the energy fields differ as proven by Kirlian* photography, and the body knows the difference.

*Kirlian photography is a photographic technique where the light from the energy field of an object is captured directly on film emulsion revealing the object's energy field. The more "alive" the object the more energy it has, and the more "dead" it is, the less energy it has. The field also reveals the congruency or "how well balanced" the energy field is.

The pictures below show Kirlian photographs of:

  1. One tablet of one of the largest selling "Natural" Multivitamins
  2. One gelatin capsule of one of the top-selling "Chelated" Multivitamin
    in a Whole food Concentrate
  3. One 100% pure vegetable capsule QUANTUM* multivitamin from a living source
    Note the significant "Body of Light"

    *A brand name for a "superfood" type supplement made from whole food sources rather than synthesized or taken from inorganic sources
Kirlian photo of regular vitamin pill Chelated pill in whole-food concentrate Whole food vitamins

http://www.strayreality.com/plants2/chemicals.htm --Kirlian photography and live/dead foods: Recommended:
Vital Nutrition Plus
from the healfree.com site--powdered green drink
Perfect Food by Garden of Life, found in most health food stores, or on the net at discount prices--powdered green drink
Daily Advantage Plus, from the drdavidwilliams.com site--combination packs
Wachters' Blend of Sea Plants or SeaSilver--internet, SeaSilver is a tasty drink that kids will like. No information about Wachter's Blend.
Any "superfood" made from organically-grown whole food sources that provide complete nutrition IngredientsVITAL NUTRITION PLUS
Organic and Wild Harvested Herbal Vitamin and Mineral Food Concentrate

This is a blend of whole foods to supply you with the vitamins,
amino-acids and trace elements that is often lacking in the Standard
American Diet. There are no man-made synthetic ingredients in this
A natural food supplement such as this is vital to any health program
to ensure the nutrients needed to build and repair body functions are
adequately present.
Let's take a look at what makes VNP so powerful and effective, and
that these are nature's nutrients, not synthetic vitamins. All
are from the richest whole food sources on the planet.

**Spirulina Blue-Green Algae**

Spirulina Organically grown in Hawaii using water pumped very
deep from the ocean. This algae supplies high amount of the B
Vitamin complex (particularly B12 as well as minerals, and a soft
cell wall so it can be digested more easily.


Chlorella is another form of algae, to give you a further concentration
of nutrition. Its cell wall is cracked to aid digestibility.

**Alfalfa, Barley and Wheat Grasses**

These grain grasses are widely famous for being very high sources
of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

**Purple Dulse Seaweed**

Sea weeds provide minerals and trace elements in abundant
supply that can be assimilated by the body. No fishy taste with this
particular sea weed.

**Beet Root and Spinach Leaf**

Together these plants provide a great source of organic iron, calcium
and vitamin K - all needed for such tasks as blood building and pH

**Rose Hips. Orange and Lemon Peels**

These provide bioflavonoids, rutin, hesperidin, pectin and minerals
needed to ensure the body can assimilate vitamin C and other nutrients.

**NON Active Saccharomyces cerevisiae Nutritional Yeast**

This yeast is completely non active and therefore safe for people
yeast free diets. It is also high as a protein source (50% protein) and
high as a source of B complex vitamins.

Two rounded tablespoons of the Vital Nutrition Plus, added to your
favorite juice or blender drink, gives you vitamins and minerals you can
assimilate easily - within 15 minutes, as a matter of fact, if taken with fresh
squeezed juice on an empty stomach. Four rounded tablespoons per day, and
practically everybody notices benefits within a few days.

"The Best Super Green Food on the Planet!"
Sweetened with Stevia

Perfect FoodTM has been awarded the Diabetes Resource Center's "Seal of Approval" as a beneficial food for diabetic consumption.

* Over 45 Nutrient Dense Superfoods
* More Green Foods per Serving than any other Super Green Food
* Nutritional Equivalent of 5-10 Servings of Vegetables
* Certified Organic Greens, Grains and Seeds
* Uses Poten-ZymeTM to dramatically increase nutrient absorption
* Contains enzyme rich "Live Foods"
* 90+ Antioxidant Complexes including Beta Carotene, Tocotrienols & Lycopene
* 100+ Minerals and Vitamins A, B, C, E and K
* Omega 3, 6, 9 Essential Fatty Acids
* No Herbs, Non-Foods, Synthetic or Isolated Vitamin and Minerals
* No Lecithin, Apple Fiber, Oat Bran, Flax Seed Meal or Rice Bran Fiber+

Perfect Food Ingredients

A Complete, Balanced Formula That’s as Close to Real, Natural Foods as Supplements Come!
#1: Essential Vitamins and Minerals
(4 capsules per packet)
• A strong, balanced foundation of 33 vitamins and minerals combined in the amounts shown by research to promote optimum health, not just prevent nutrient deficiencies
• Works synergistically to provide support for every crucial function of your body - your eyesight, memory, circulation, even your bones and joints
• Harvested from the highest quality sources worldwide

#2: Advanced Antioxidant Shield
(1 softgel per packet)
• Strengthens your body's natural defenses against free radicals generated by smog, cigarette smoke, pesticides, and ultraviolet radiation
• Promotes the health of your eyes, brain, prostate, and heart
• Boosts and recharges vitamins C and E for longer-lasting antioxidant protection

#3: Herbal Superfood Booster
(2 capsules per packet)
• Promotes peak immune system function as it shields you from toxins and stress
• Facilitates easy digestion and promotes optimum nutrient absorption
• Enhances memory and encourages clear, focused thinking

(1 softgel per packet)

Nourish your heart and brain!

Fortifies your body with the most important essential fatty acids (EFAs) in existence--omega-3s and 6s. These EFAs provide outstanding support for your cardiovascular system, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, brain function, immune system, joints, and nearly every other system in your body.

• A superior quality of heart-healthy fish oil, primarily from salmon caught in the cold, pristine waters of Norway. Salmon not only contains some of the highest levels of omega-3s in existence, but the process used to produce this virgin salmon oil gives you the least refined, freshest oil available.
• An antioxidant mix to further protect and preserve the oil, and a natural lemon flavor to ensure there's no odor or aftertaste
• The right ratio of omega-6s in the form gamma linolenic acid (GLA) from borage oil--a good, direct source of omega-6 fatty acids that your body uses efficiently

DOSAGE: Take one packet twice a day with meals.

WARNING: this product contains vitamin K and ginseng. If you use warfarin (coumadin), or other heart medications, consult a healthcare professional before taking this product.


Essential Vitamins and Minerals Complex

Amount Per Serving

Vitamin A
(as retinyl palmitate)
2,500 IU
Vitamin C
(as calcium ascorbate, ascorbic
acid, magnesium ascorbate,
manganese ascorbate)
1,000 mg
Vitamin D
(as cholecalciferol) 400 IU 100%
Vitamin K
(as phytonadione) 30 mcg 38%
Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
(as mononitrate) 25 mg 1,667%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
(as riboflavin, riboflavin
5’ phosphate) 25 mg 1,470%
(as niacinamide, niacin) 63 mg 315%
Vitamin B6
(as pyridoxine HCI,
pyridoxal 5’ phosphate) 55 mg 2,750%
Folic acid 200 mcg 50%
Vitamin B12
(as cyanocobalamin) 50 mcg 833%
Biotin 150 mcg 50%
Pantothenic Acid
(as calcium pantothenate) 75 mg 750%
(as carbonate, citrate,
malate, ascorbate) 500 mg 50%
Iodine (from kelp) 50 mcg 34%
(as oxide, aspartate, ascorbate) 250 mg 63%
Zinc (as chelate) 10 mg 67%
Selenium (as chelate) 100 mcg 143%
Copper (as chelate) 1 mg 50%
Manganese (as aspartate, ascorbate) 5 mg 250%
Chromium (as polynicotinate) 100 mcg 83%
Molybdenum (as chelate) 50 mcg 67%
(as aspartate, phosphate) 50 mg 1%
Vanadium (as chelate) 75 mcg +
Choline (as bitartrate) 50 mg +
Quercetin (as dihydrate) 25 mg +
N-acetyl cysteine 25 mg +
Trace minerals 25 mg +
Lemon Bioflavonoid complex 20 mg +
Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) 15 mg +
Inositol 50 mg +
Silica (from horsetail extract, silicon dioxide) 13 mg +
Rutin (from buckwheat) 5 mg +
Hesperidin (from citrus peel) 5 mg +
Boron (as chelate) 500 mcg +
+Daily Value (DV) not established

Other ingredients: gelatin, cellulose, magnesium stearate.

Advanced Antioxidant Shield™ Complex
Amount Per Serving
Vitamin A (as beta carotene) 7,500 IU 150%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol, mixed tocopherols) 200 IU 667%
Tocotrienols (from rice bran oil) 10 mg +
Coenzyme Q10 5 mg +
Alpha Lipoic Acid 5 mg +
Lutein (as lutein esters from marigolds) 3 mg +
Lycopene (from tomatoes) 3 mg +
+ Daily Value (DV) not established

Other ingredients: gelatin, flaxseed oil, glycerin, purified water, annatto extract, soy lecithin, beeswax, titanium dioxide.

Herbal Superfood Booster™ Complex
Amount Per Serving

Spirulina (from algae) 375 mg +
Turmeric (root) 100 mg +
L-Taurine 100 mg +
Eleuthero Root (aka Ginseng) 90 mg +
Bee Pollen 50 mg +
L-Carnitine (as tartrate) 50 mg +
Royal Jelly 25 mg +
Astragalus (root) 25 mg +
Ginger (root) 25 mg +
Gymnema Sylvestre (leaf) 25 mg +
Pancreatin (from porcine) 25 mg +
Ox bile 25 mg +
Green Tea Extract (leaf) 25 mg +
Eleuthero Root Extract (aka Siberian Ginseng) 25 mg +
Panax Ginseng Root Extract 20 mg +
Panax Ginseng Root 20 mg +
Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) 10 mg +
Ginkgo Biloba Extract (from leaf) 5 mg +
Lipase 5 mg +
Cellulase 5 mg +
Maltase 5 mg +
Protease 5 mg +
Amylase 5 mg +
+ Daily Value (DV) not established

Other ingredients: gelatin, magnesium sterate, silicon dioxide

EFA Advantage™
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
2 g
0 g 3%*
Cholesterol <5 mg
Omega-3 Fatty Acid Complex
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)
DHA (Docosahexaeonic Acid)
Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids
300 mg
100 mg
150 mg
50 mg
Gamma Linolenic Acid
(Omega-6 from borage oil) 50 mg +
* Percent Daily Value based on 2,000 calorie diet.
+ Daily Value (DV) not established

Other ingredients: gelatin, glycerin, purified water, lemon flavor, rosemary extract, ascorbyl palmitate, and natural tocopherols

The Secrets of The Wachters' Blend of Sea Plants

In 1932, a visionary scientist, Dr. Joseph Wachter, founded Wachters' Organic Sea Products Corporation, a family owned business dedicated to bringing the bounteous nutrition of sea plants to humankind. Dr. Wachters' unique "Blend of Sea Plants" attained great reputation, which spread by word of mouth, among people in many countries, making Wachters' Organic Sea Products the largest manufacturer of food supplements in a base of The Blend of Sea Plants. The Wachters' Blend of Sea Plants contains a full range of minerals, trace minerals, and essential elements.

The Blend:
1. Contains 61 or more minerals and trace minerals or elements, including all 56 minerals and trace elements that the body requires. These minerals are naturally chelated by "Nature's Laboratory".
2. Contains 25 vitamins including a large amount of Folic Acid and Vitamin B12.
3. Contains the only natural vegetable source of Vitamin D in large amounts.
4. Contains a significant amount of chlorophyll.
5. Contains natural enzymes, cell growth regulators, plant hormones and cell stimulant factors which give energy to human cells.
6. Contains antibiotic, anti viral and antibacterial properties.
7. Contains sodium alginate which removes radioactive strontium 90 from the body along with radioactive barium, radium and other radioactive isotopes. It removes from the body heavy metal poisons such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

Facts about The Wachters' Blend:
1. The Wachters' Blend is not kelp, but a wonderful blend of sea vegetables; most of which are from the Laminaria family.
2. Sea vegetation is the richest food in the world and contains the highest energy vibration.
3. Sea plants grow at the powerful rate of 2 feet or more per day.
4. The plants are harvested at peak ripeness and maturity. This is critical to the nutritional content.
5. The plants are harvested by hand and sun-dried naturally to preserve the natural enzymes and the life essence contained within the plant cells.
6. Light Energy Conversion: Sea plants gather light energy from the sun rays, convert it into electrical energy and store it as chemical energy for use by mankind.
7. Wachters' Blend can be stored for many years without losing its potency, since no oxidation occurs when the plants are dried naturally.
8. More than 70% of the oxygen in the earth's atmosphere comes from sea vegetation.
9. Man's bloodstream is ideally adapted to sea vegetation. Seaweed compound mixed with water can substitute for whole blood in transfusions. Two Japanese surgeons have used it successfully in over 100 operations.
10. Sea vegetation helps bring Man's "Inner Waters" (the emotional body) into balance.
11. The Wachters' Blend is a result of six decades of research. Wachters' Corporation is in constant exploration to find new species of sea plants and to improve their Blend.
12. The Wachters' Blend acts as a natural "binder" in the products and makes all of Wachters' Food Supplements naturally "sustained released".

Sea Vegetation is the world's most potent and beneficial food. To get the same nutritional value found in one pound of The Wachters' Blend of Sea Plants, you would have to use:

* Almost 20 pounds of Alfalfa
* Almost 10 pounds of Spirulina
* Almost 40 pounds of wheat

to get the content and variety of trace minerals, vitamins and other nutritional factors found in one pound of The Wachters' Blend of Sea Plants.

The Wachters' Blend is the foundation of Wachters' doctrine "From Sun To Sea To Cell" -natural plants from the sea, rich in

* vitamins
* minerals
* enzymes
* trace minerals
* growth factors
* cell regulating factors
* co-enzymes
* immune building factors

Seaweed outdates man by a considerable period of time and man has been using it for food since the beginning of recorded history. Seaweed was always available, for the sea never changes. Two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered with water, and marine algae constitutes most of all vegetation. The growth of the seaweed plant and its development is controlled by its very own growth regulators known as hormones which are produced by the plant itself. Sea vegetation assimilates all its nourishment from water.

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